Watching a movie which is on the same lines of a previous hit and not comparing it with that is a difficult job. But I guess I’ll have no problem with that because I haven’t watched the original Jolly LLB 😀 Yes, such people exist! But it is a good thing because am free from all prejudices if any, I’d have had.


It is very much predictable, Akshay Kumar as the protagonist, a lawyer named Jolly fighting against the whole system, leaving no stone unturned to get justice for his client. In opposition, is the rich and corrupt, devil’s lawyer Mr. Pramod Mathur played by Anu Kapoor who is hell bound to prove his client innocent. Other characters just revolve around.


All throughout the span of the movie, I had the feeling that there was no real problem. A problem has been intentionally created to weave a story around it. And in places where the story seemed strong, the execution has been very vague and weak.


Within the first ten minutes of the story, I had the impression that this is going to be a tough thing, sitting in the theater and trying to relate to the story. One thing happens and then the other, a problem comes and out of the blues it is resolved. For a film which shows the judicial process and the flaws in it, it could have been much more organized.


This is one movie which makes you realize that even in Bollywood, movies can be made without songs. Songs, which were here deliberately, placed added no value to the story. Neither did they connect the scattered fragments of the story nor were they a much-needed break from the hustle bustle of the film.

jolly-llb-2-song-759THE SOCIAL RELEVANCE

Many viewers agree that we need more movies which bring out the social malice spread in our country. But that does not mean crafting up a miserable situation and overpowering it in a superhero manner. With some hypothetical situations demanded by a story, there is always much room for a practical and believable solution to it. This film did just that, relying on the misery of everyone and suddenly bam! Everything sorted.

Overall, the film was a very average one, not meeting up the expectations which it proclaimed to meet.


Akshita Gupta

Akshita Gupta

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Akshita Gupta