Movies gather up a large amount in our life when it comes to recreational space. We tend to get a lot affected and/or inspired by watching cinema as we really look up to actors and their films. Though cinema is dreamy and all things glossy and glam, sometimes, a few movies bring up the reality and day-to-day life struggles & experiences onscreen perfectly. Here is a summed up list of reeled up movies which depict real life in a beautiful & subtle way.

1. Wake Up Sid : 
big1-2A girl comes to Mumbai to make a career in content writing and finds her own share of happiness & scuffles in her office as well as where she abodes. A guy who is a silver spoon kid doesn’t finds any interest in his dad’s business, leaves his home after an ugly brawl and finds shelter at his friend’s come to explore his love for photography. Relate much right? So many of us leave our home in ways good & bad to finally become independent and in this quest of standing on their own feet, we find ourselves! Wake Up Sid is one movie which almost everyone can relate to!

2. Do Doni Chaar : 
6b38770f-7f10-463c-ba06-e3db12c46912Do Doni Chaar throws light at a middle class family and their efforts to levitate their lifestyle in terms of buying a simple life-luxury like a car or a new fridge. Creating real life scenes which are highly relatable was a highlight of this movie. The director cleverly generated scenes where we can see ourselves having those conversations in our house. A dad working extra hard to fulfill his family’s wishes as he is an underpaid maths teacher, a mother being practical and managing household expenses without showing the pain behind it, children cribbing and comparing what their friends have & they don’t to their parents! These all are the sightings one can find in an Indian middle class family. Veteran actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor made it extra believable with their acting game as well.

3. Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1 and 2 : 
pyaar-ka-panchnama-g4Pyaar Ka Punchnama and it’s sequel both trace the life of three men falling to three women who and eventually failing to find love but end up becoming mere puppies. Though towards the end, they get clarity and leave the women to go back to their bachelors life. The scenes where the guys are earlier single and party in their bachelor-pad showing bromance in a very natural way followed by the stereotypical depiction of women & their ways of trying to sublime the friendships their boyfriends share was on point. The manipulative women, the goofy men and the plot-twists were so relatable that the movie became an instant hit amongst the masses. Agree?

4. 3 Idiots : 
3-idiots-movie-still-2One of the most successful movies of all time, 3 Idiots is a movie par excellence. Rarely anyone would say a word against the movie as it was loved all over. Brilliant actors like Aamir Khan, Boman Irani, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Kareena Kapoor Khan gave  memorable performances making this movie stand in a different league all together. The ragging scenes, the actor trying to meet the love of his life oh-so-secretly, the funny excerpts from the Boy’s hostel during the exams, the struggles of a student in ongoing lectures and who can forget the antics of a student who gets sloshed doing absurd things. While watching this movie and these scenes, everyone must have gone down the memory lane & reminisced their college lives while giggling away.  3 Idiots is sheer excellence in all ways and takes us back to those lovely carefree college days.

5. Lakshya : 
lakshya5Having those aimless phases in life career wise and remaining puzzled about what exactly one wants to do in their life is something everyone goes through. But what matters is eventually finding your zone & your area of interest and in finding seriousness & passion in what you do. And everyone finds that somehow and somewhat. The quarter-life crisis is something which anyone can undergo but actually so many do feel that thing which may push them a little bit extra to go for the kill. Lakshya taught us all things about life and self-evaluation not forgetting finding yourself when it is really called for!

6. Dil Chahta Hai : 
4q5u2w_1328011305_640x640Three best friends, one road trip to Goa and a hell lot of fun! Does it sound like a slice of life story to you? We are sure it does. But what happens when the same set of friends move out to different places to make a career and lose touch? They become distant, they become busy and fail to keep in touch. Happens to everyone right? The best part still remains the undying immortal bond between them which is immune from time and distance as real friends click n a second when they meet again. This movie reminds you that no matter what happens, friendships do not die that easily if you are also willing to try.

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