#27 #Scriptors100BestFilms Aarti Devi, chooses a political career over her love and family life. Years later she rediscovers her relationships amidst a political and emotional turmoil in her life.

Based on original story by #Kamleshwar, #BhushanBanmali and #Gulzar’s screenplay for #Aandhi is considered as one of the best written screenplays of all times. Certainly this movie was contemporary yet ahead of its times.

“Is mod se jaate hain,

Kuchh sust qadam raste kuchh tez qadam raahein,

Patthar ki haveli  ko shishe ke gharaundo mein,

Tinko ke nasheman tak,

Is mod se jaate hain”

Every word of this verse is so relevant to plot of the movie. ‘Patthar ki Haveli’ refers to Parliament House, ‘Sheeshe ka gharonda’ is probably a reference to Political Background of Aarti and ‘Tinko ka nasheman’ is a reference to her family nest. A song defines the whole plot of the movie.

It is said that Aandhi was loosely based on life of a real life politician. The movie was banned hence during emergency. Beautiful #SuchitraSen played the role of Aarti Devi, which was styled like Indira Gandhi, Though Gulzar himself admitted that the role was not based on Indira Gandhi’s life, initially. The movie was released in 1975 and was given an extremely limited release, was re-released in 1977 in full vigor when Janta Party came in power in 1977. The movie was also telecast on Doordarshan during the same tenure. Even if we keep aside its share of controversies, still it happens to be one of the most well structured screenplays of all times.

#Vaijantimala was originally offered the lead in the film, who turned it down on the same grounds, for which Suchitra Sen agreed to do the role, Its resemblance with Indira Gandhi. There is even a line in the movie in which Aarti Devi accepts that her ideal in life is Indira Gandhi. #SanjeevKumar as JK, essayed the role of Aarti’s husband in the film, which he portrayed perfectly and also got a Filmfare award for the same. The Film also won Critics Award for best film, and was Nominated for 5 more #FilmfareAwards.

In the music department #Pancham’s tunes made history. Songs like ‘Tere Bina Zindagi se’ and ‘Is mod se jaate hain’ are still on most requested songs list on almost all the major radio stations. Lyrics were rendered by Gulzar himself.

Aandhi is one of the best written political dramas and thus is on #Scriptors100BestFilms list.


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