A true sign of an absolute Bollywood movie is that it reminds you of other Bollywood movies. A Seen-before visual viagra tone, felt-before energy levels, a heard-before soundtrack and before this turns into a read-before review, I am going to end this ‘before’ series and change the track.

Aditya Chopra usually makes one film in five years. But this time, it took him 10 years to make his directorial comeback. His most honest & carefree film’s trailer is out, which looks like a pure mainstream film with characters who do not want to be mainstream. They are high on love and totally uninhibited about sex but don’t want to repeat the same relationship mistakes. Well, we can guess where this might lead to.

Wonder why they tell us the stories we know? Because we like to be told the same stories. Also, our lives aren’t much different. We all want the same things. Anyway, if this film turns out to explore the complexities of Vaani’s character, as it promises to do, then it will be worth our time and a few hundred bucks.

A month ago, YRF put out ‘Labon Ka Karobaar’ to tune us to Aditya’s treatment of the film. The trailer shows a lot of kissing, love making and taking off clothes with the utmost passion. Wonder what will happen to Aditya Chopra’s loyal family audience? In the last 10 years, I am sure they all have grown older, their kids might have got married or even divorced (Tauba Tauba!). It’s time we see kissing as love and not as sex, and what is wrong even if it is sex!

In the times when smart filmmakers are making biographies in order to make a different film, Aditya Chopra makes a true Yash Raj film giving us a refined version of the same message he told us in 1995- Go fall in love, but this time do it fearlessly.

Mujeer Pasha

Mujeer Pasha

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