Best Epic War Movies

Best Epic War Movies

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“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

― G.K. Chesterton


War. What is it good for? War has been present since the beginning of human history. Likewise, war movies have been present since the movie industry began. Just like most other genres of film, war films have been created as a form of entertainment to profit the movie organization. People are willing to spend their money and time on a feeling of action, excitement, heroism, and patriotism than gruesome and horrid images of real and common human destruction.

So, today, let us take a look at some of the epic war movies ever made. Here is a list of the top 10 war movies:


  1. Saving Private Ryan

This movie is considered to be a tragic, narrow and exceptionally flawed military movie. Bookended by the most shocking, most searing battle sequences in movie history, Saving Private Ryan holds nothing back to glorify war. We are given the most shocking depiction of war ever put film. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it rivets the audience to look at the movie through the eyes of a World War II infantryman.




  1. Gladiator

Gladiator is an astounding movie which sweeps the masterful storytelling which makes it a classic movie to watch. This Hollywood movie revived the sword and sandal genre, starting the movie with an epic battle between the Romans and the barbarians. This flick portrays Russell Crowe as a fictional character of general Maximus, who is betrayed and reduced to slavery; Maximus rises through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena to avenge the murders of his family and his emperor.




  1. Braveheart.

Braveheart captures both the picturesque serenity and abject brutality of 13th-century Scotland and her quest for independence from England’s cruel pagan ruler. Mel Gibson plays the role of a vengeful 13th-century Scottish rebel and warrior who sought vengeance against an English tyrant and the fight for independence. This movie depicts tyranny, kills, torture, hackings, stabbings, throat-slitting, and arrows and spears dealing horrible death and injuries.



  1. Black Hawk Down.

This movie re-enacts the terrifying 1993 depiction of the American military operations where United States Army rope down into Somalia in Black Hawk Helicopters to capture enemies. The story revolves around the military mission undertaken by the US Army which soon becomes a deadly entanglement and pulse-pounding excitement which makes us skip a few heartbeats.



    1. Troy

Troy is based on the epic poem, The Iliad by Homer. This movie depicts the legend of the Trojan War. Although the story has been manipulated in many aspects, it is an entertaining movie with abundant visual actions and effects that blend love, war, and betrayal.



  1. Fury

Fury depicts the brutal saga of an American tank crew in Germany during the closing stages of World War II. This movie depicting Brad Pitt is tremendous in the role, a conscience detectable even in a blinkered gaze. But it’s Logan Lerman who plays the role of Norman, a young military typist, ordered to be a replacement in the tank crew, anchors the film with a shattering, unforgettable portrayal of corrupted innocence. Norman’s horror and disgust is a cracked mirror for the crew until Norman hardens just like his band of brothers. Fury captures the buried feelings of men in combat with piercing immediacy, means to grab us hard from the first scene and never let go.



  1. Hacksaw Ridge

A World War II drama based on the real-life legacy of Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, a war hero who became the first man in US history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot. Yes, without firing a single shot, he saved 75 men at The Battle of Okinawa, the bloodiest battle in the entire pacific theater. Directed by Mel Gibson, and nominated for the Oscars, his vision roars to life. The battles are staged and shot with excruciating relentlessness. We see more vividly the relationship of the soldiers to one another and the adversary that pours out of the smoke. This movie is a worthy addition to the war movie saga and is a must watch.



  1. The Platoon.

This movie depicts a group of American soldiers, who fight and die in the jungles of Vietnam showing us the horrors of The Vietnam War. Directed by Oliver Stone, this movie won the Oscars for Best Pictures. It takes on the groundbreaking bombastic and operatic touches showing us the fight between good and evil with climatic fighting footage which is beautiful and also horrific at the same time.



  1. Apocalypse Now

One of the finest Vietnam War movies ever made, exhibiting the intense action, the horrific, violence effects of war which awed the audiences in an immense way. What made this war movie stand apart from the rest was showcasing the horrors of war as it portrays murder as a sport and innocent civilians as targets. This movie was nominated for Academy awards, winning the awards for Best Sound and Best Cinematography.



  1. Lone Survivor.

Based on the book of the same name, Lone Survivor dramatizes the unsuccessful United States Navy SEALs mission, during which a four-man SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance team were tasked to track down and assassinate a Taliban leader. The movie dramatizes the intense, grueling and brutal fights between the two sides of combat, showing an impressive focus on the revulsions and exaltation of war.


2016 – A Year of Great Child Performances

2016 – A Year of Great Child Performances

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And it’s that time of the year again, where Bollywood gurus start converting the critics into listicles.

Edging 2017, we grab our hopes tight to welcome the volcanic eruption of upcoming Bollywood movies. Amidst some remarkable debuts and heart-wrenching performances, what 2016 also gave us are some extremely talented little stars.

Gone are those times when child actors’ only purpose was to either carry forward a character’s journey or cascade the innocence & emotional quotient of a movie. Forthcoming is a phase in Indian Cinema, where specific roles will be penned down for them. Last year, we witnessed some memorable performances by child actors, where not only were they an integral part of the plot but gave a sublime effect to the whole storytelling.

What is a dessert without a sweet and mouth watering effect? That sugar was the performance by Lehar Khan (Janki) in ‘Parched’, Ria Shukla (Apeksha) in ‘Nil Battey Sannatta’ or Soham Maitra (Santu) in ‘Chauranga’ to name a few. While Neel Sethi resurfaced our childhood memories as lovable Mowgli in the American film ‘The Jungle Book’, British child artist Abigail Eames swept our hearts away as little adorable Gaura in the action-packed Bollywood thriller ‘Shivaay’. A cinematic salute to these well deserved wonderful children. Their acts truly signal a change to question our thoughts on age and art delivery of an artist.


Here is a list of such talents to reckon with in Indian cinema whose performances assure a glorious future of Bollywood.

  1. Lehar Khan as Janki in Parched

Already a recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke award for her brilliant act in Jalpari – The Desert Mermaid, 14-year-old Lehar Khan puts her soul into the character of child bride Janki in critically acclaimed movie Parched. She has held the grip of the audience, despite the presence of such powerful actresses such as Tannishtha Chatterjee, Radhika Apte & Surveen Chawla.


  1. Ria Shukla as Apeksha in Nil Battey Sannatta

Having already shown her talent in TV’s reality shows like ‘D.I.D’ and ‘India Ke Hunarbaaz’, this 17-year-old girl makes her debut with comedy drama movie, Nil Battey Sannatta. With her excellent portrayal of the daughter of a household help who is uninterested in education, she sure sets a foot closer to making her dreams true in Bollywood.



  1. Soham Maitra as Santu in Chauranga

Set in the rural village backdrop, this story tugs at viewers’ heart with sensitivity. Also known for his key roles in movies like ‘Chaplin’ and ‘Ghuri’, this appealing boy imbibes enough intensity in the movie to moist your eyes as a 14-year-old Dalit (low caste) boy, who gets killed for writing a love letter.



  1. Zaira Wasim & Suhani Bhatnagar as Geeta Phogat & Babita Phogat in Dangal

What more you could ask for in a sports movie than such dedicated and charming child artists to display the initial struggle of a sportsperson. 16-year-old Zaira and 12-year-old Suhani makes your heart skip a beat with their attitude when they enter the ring & wrestle in this brilliantly crafted biopic. While Zaira already has ‘Secret Superstar’ in her kitty, these girls already proved that they are here to stay long in Bollywood.



  1. Hetal Gada & Krrish Chhabria as Pari & Chotu in Dhanak

A simple story made delightful by superb performances of kids who are the soul of this movie. These two adorable children charm their way directly in our hearts as a girl who sets on a journey with her visually impaired brother to meet Shahrukh Khan and fulfill her promise to get his vision back.



  1. Vishal Bansal as Rohan in Madaari

He has been active on Indian Television for quite some time in shows like Mahadev, Beintehaa, Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon etc, but popularly known for playing young Karna in Surya Putra Karna & young Buddha in Buddha. Also featured in the movie Bombay Talkies, he made a mark by playing a smart kid who gets kidnapped in the socio-thriller movie Madaari that released this year.



  1. Prabhjyot Singh as Balli in Udta Punjab

Gaining outright popularity as a doped teenager in his debut film, Udta Punjab, this 16-year-old actor has a great potential to mark his presence felt amongst an ensemble cast. Having done a theater play from where he was picked up for the audition, he has also featured in a Hotstar ad for IPL.



  1. Naisha Khanna as Minnie Dewan in Kahaani 2

Remember the cute and enchanting girl from the movie Brothers. This 7-year-old girl who has been a part of many Tv commercials and serials wins huge applause for the portrayal of a victim of child molestation in the latest thriller Kahaani 2.



  1. Diya Chalwad as Naomi in Rocky Handsome

The pain of a left out child who gets abducted by a drug mafia couldn’t be more felt if this 8-year-old endearing girl didn’t plunge that effect in the action thriller movie Rocky Handsome. Also was a part of Disney show Oye Jassie, her chemistry with John Abraham in the movie is something to praise for.


#ScriptorsYearBest  : The Best Actors of 2016

#ScriptorsYearBest : The Best Actors of 2016

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Yohaann Bhaargava

Head - Business Development at SCRIPTORS
Movie Buff. Yohaann is a film critic with Jagran Prakashan Limited. He has been associated with Print and TV media as a branding professional. Presently he is a screenwriter trying to bring in some good scripts up for Bollywood. At Scriptors he works as a writer and handles business development.
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This year may not have been the best year of Bollywood in terms of hit movies we had, but we did see some really rocking performances from some actors. So here are the actors that stunned us with their knockout performances. The list is in no particular order or ranking.

Aamir Khan as Mahaveer Phogat


Aamir is a perfectionist and its hard to find a character that he cannot fit into. May it be a college going student from 3 idiots, A business tycoon in Ghajini or an old and out of shape father of two grownup girls in Dangal. With Dangal he just notched one more scale up from his previous performance. I have no doubt in quoting that noone else could have lived the role of Mahaveer Phogat as seamlessly as Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan during his exercise regime for Dangal

Aamir Khan during his exercise regime for Dangal


    Shahid Kapoor as Tommy Singh

    (Udta Punjab)

    Crack addict, reckless, spoilt brat Popstar Tommy Singh which loosely resembled Honey Singh was one of the most difficult characters to play. The shades of gray and shades of brilliance were distinctly visible in the role played by Shasha, our own power player lad, who last year had amazed us in Haider with his amazing act. Yet again he proved that he is very much ahead of the pack, of actors who have restricted themselves to a genre or two.

    Shahid Kapoor in Udta Punjab

    Shahid Kapoor in Udta Punjab

    Ranbir Kapoor as Ayaan

    (Aye dil hai mushkil)

    When it comes to playing boy next door, I guess no one can play it as good as Ranbir Kapoor. This year he again did go typecasted in a role that was probably written for him, he again played it very aptly. A little bit of Rockstar, a pinch of Ye Jawaani hai Deewani with bits of Anjaana Anjaani made Ayaan, but we liked him in all those films and so did we like him in this one. Though we are now eagerly waiting for his next, Jagga Jasoos.

    His eyes do all the talking in this movie

    His eyes do all the talking in this movie

      Shahrukh Khan as Jug

      (Dear Zindagi)

      Shahrukh did not play a loverboy in the film. Thank God, he didnt ! We also thank Shahrukh that he played someone his age and magnitude because what he did subtly with the character of a psychotherapist Jahangir Khan aka Jug was simply applause worthy. The subtle portrayal amazed us, and also we think that it was one of the landmark performance of his career. We would like to see more of this Shahrukh Khan in coming years.

      Jug Jug Jiyo !

      Jug Jug Jiyo !

      Akshay Kumar as Rustom


      Indeed its hard to decide between Airlift and Rustom so as to which performance was better this year for Akshay Kumar. We decided to go with Rustom, for a long time we have seen Akshay do a lot of stunts in his films, where here was a film where he had to sit in half the film and yet deliver a knockout performance in one of the most decent biopics and courtroom dramas made this year. Akshay delivered a very convincing performance as a navel officer on trial for a murder. He did it in the most apt way required, hence Rustom scores over Airlift and makes to our list.

      Akshay Kumar in Rustom

      Akshay Kumar in Rustom

        Amitabh Bacchan as Deepak Sehgal


        This year Amitabh gave us three solid performances first one in Wazir, then in t3en and then he gave the best performance of his life in my opinion in Pink. He is an institution in himself and portrayed role of a lawyer with sheer brilliance in ‘Pink’. Indeed this was the best performance of the year and will be considered as landmark acts for years to come. Incredible is the only word.

        Shehenshah of performances in Pink

        Shehenshah of performances in Pink

        Now lets talk about the leading ladies…

        Alia Bhatt as Pinky , Tia and Kaira

        (Udta Punjab, Kapoor n Sons and Dear Zindagi)

        Its an impossible task to decide which performance is Alia’s best of the year. She played a carefree, bubbly, Charming and Happy go Lucky girl in Kapoor n Sons, A rural Bhojpuri speaking hockey player  in Udta Punjab and a cinematographer suffering from a bipolar disorder in ‘Dear Zindagi’.  Its hard to believe that she is the same girl who made her debut in ‘Student of the year’. Alia today is one actress that is more versatile than any other of her age. She has come a long a long way in such a short time and will go a long way. We wish she does.

        Alia is indeed the best performer of 2016

        Alia is indeed the best performer of 2016

          Sonam Kapoor as Neerja Bhanot


          Surprised ?! So are we. Since her debut Sonam has been tagged as a poster perfect print model who isn’t as good an actress. This year Sonam slapped all her Critics by delivering a knockout performance by playing title lead in Neerja. She indeed fitted into the role like hand in a glove. Her most commendable performance till date.

          She proved herself with Neerja

          She proved herself with Neerja

          Fatima Sana Shiekh as Geeta Phogat


          Do you remember Kamal Hassan’s daughter in Chachi 420? The girl who played daughter grew up to become a charming lady who got rejected by several production houses for playing a lead role for years. Then she was not only cast as a lead, but a lead in an Aamir Khan production. Dangal became a launchpad for Fatima Sana Sheikh and launched her as a Star. She not only did justice to her role but also delivered a rocking performance. Hats off to her sheer dedication and hardwork that she shone like a diamond in the most lackluster non glamorous look. She stands a fair chance of getting nominated for best actress and best debut this year. We wish best of luck for her future.

          The girl who lived the character of 'Geeta Phogat'

          The girl who lived the character of ‘Geeta Phogat’

          This is our list for best performances this year that amazed us…

            We also have some honorable mentions, that were amazing.

            Salman Khan for Sultan

            Sushant Singh Rajput for M.S. Dhoni

            R Madhavan for Sala Khadoos

            Farhan Akhtar for Wazir

            Anushka Sharma for Sultan and Aye Dil Hai Mushkil

            Ritika Singh for Saala Khadoos

            Tapsee Pannu for Pink

            Priyanka Chopra for Jai Gangajal



Most Outstanding Performances of 2016

Most Outstanding Performances of 2016

Yohaann Bhaargava
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Yohaann Bhaargava

Head - Business Development at SCRIPTORS
Movie Buff. Yohaann is a film critic with Jagran Prakashan Limited. He has been associated with Print and TV media as a branding professional. Presently he is a screenwriter trying to bring in some good scripts up for Bollywood. At Scriptors he works as a writer and handles business development.
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Either the films did not work or these roles were not the lead roles but these actors gave us some of the most memorable performances of the year 2016. Here are some actors who shone like gems in these movies and proved that good performances never go unnoticed. Here are some of the ladies and gentlemen whose performance are hard to forget in 2016.

  1. Rishi Kapoor as Amarjeet Kapoor

Kapoor and Sons- Since 1982

Remember Mr. Kapoor from Kapoor and Sons, for many viewers they did not realize that it was Rishi Kapoor until they saw credits of the movie. Rishi Kapoor as jolly and loving ‘Dadu’ who smoked a joint with his grandsons, flirted shamelessly with women around but cared for his family more than anyone else in the family, win A character that we loved and cared all year long and will stay in our memory forever.



2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Raman/Raghav

Raman Raghav 2.0

The movie may feel an uncomfortable ride for a lot of people but Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s complex character of a psychopathic killer was a winner performance all through the film. The film to me was a mere showreel of extraordinary Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It was his best performance of the year.



3. Randeep Hooda as Sarabjeet


The movie did not turn out as good as we had expected it to be, but one thing which stood out and made the movie watchable was Randeep Hooda’s performance in the title role of Sarabjeet. It was indeed his year’s best performance better than his role in Sultan and Do Lafzon ki Kahaani. Though Sarabjit could not survive but his performance made Sarabjeet immortal. It’s only Randeep Hooda after Aamir Khan who can physically transform himself into a character and we lost the Randeep on the screen.




4. Diljeet Dosanjh as Sartaj Singh

Udta Punjab

It was his debut in Hindi Cinema, in a role was for him. Role fitted Diljeet like a hand in a glove. Not only did he prove that it was for his performance that he was crowned as the superstar of Punjabi Cinema but also stood at par in a pack of actors who delivered their life’s best performances in the same film, namely Shahid and Alia. Diljit is an actor to look forward to.



5. Manoj Baajpai as Siras


Manoj Bajpai had three releases this year. Traffic was forgetful, but his roles in Budhiya Singh-Born to run and Aligarh was commendable. Especially in a grounded and dense character of Siras from the movie Aligarh, he became the strongest reason to watch the movie. The film may not have garnered all accolades and awards if you remove Mr. Bajpaai’s disappearing act where he literally becomes the synonym of loneliness and Pain as Dr. Siras.



6. Fawad Khan as Rahul Kapoor

Kapoor and Sons – Since 1982

This was the time when Pakistani actors were doing Indian movies, and back then Fawad Khan stepped into a very unusual role probably that would have been rejected by many actors. This role was a gay writer who is elder son of the family. Not only did Fawad did this character but his pleasant persona made this role the most likable character in the movie. It needs a noticeable talent to stand out in the crowd of such great actors. (PS – You can hate us for putting him into this list, but we can’t help apart from being honest.)



7. Krishh Chhabariya as Chhotu


A diehard fan of Salman, daredevil brat, and hero of the sweet movie Dhanak. You will surely recall Krish who played the role of a blind 9-year-old chhotu if you have watched Dhanak. Krish Chhabaria is definitely the best male child acts of the year 2016. He along with Hetal mounted a Nagesh Kokoonoor film on his shoulders and made it a treat to watch.



8. Aparshakti Khurana as Omkar/k2j2


And at last is Omkar, ‘Cloj kajin of Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat’ who the girls mocked upon as K2J2. In a tense atmosphere Aparshakti Khurana who also is the brother of Ayushman Khurana gave one of the most likable performances of the year. In a star cast of all competent actors, he stood as good as the rest and provided much needed comic relief to the movie when it needed it the most.





And here are the ladies…

  1. Tabu as Begum


Fitoor was one of the colossal failures of 2016. Two elements of this movie were outstanding one was its storybook-like the feel and other was Begum. Soon as you say that name, you are bound to get goosebumps. Begum was the only character in an otherwise disappointing film that remained with us all year long. Last year Tabu did it with Haider and this year she proved it yet again that whatever you cast her into she will make that role worth watching out for.



2. Anjali Patil as Zeenat


Well, the movie was slow and flopped badly at box office. It was the second biggest flop of 2016. The biggest flop being Mohen Jo Daro. But one girl shown in this lackluster film and everyone talked about her in the end. The audience may not feel pain on the death of Monish or Shuchi in the film but they did shed tears when Zeenat died on screen. Reason – Sheer Brilliant performance.



3. Swara Bhaaskar as Chanda Sahay

Nil Battey Sannata

After watching Nil Battey Sannata you start to wish that Swara must get more poignant characters to play. The subtle performance and intensity she gave to the character of Chanda Sahay in the beautiful movie Nil Battey Sannata are worth a standing ovation. She is the Hero of the film and Heroine too, and she does both the jobs perfectly. It was one of the best acts of the year.



4. Ratna Pathak Shah as Sunita Kapoor

Kapoor and Sons – Since 1932

She reminded us of our moms. Everything that she did, the way she acted is such a real-time performance. Her apt portrayal of a housewife was good that she should be definitely one of the prime contenders of the best-supporting actress trophies. Even if she doesn’t, it doesn’t matter to the audience, For audience she is one of the best.




5. Hetal Gada as Pari


Pari is the leading lady of Dhanak. As we said earlier Hetal Gada is one of the rare kids who are able to pull off a Nagesh Kukoonoor film on her shoulders. Her intense portrayal of a loving sister is this year’s best child acts, worth watching out for.



6. Shabana Azmi as Rama Bhanot


‘She is just like my mother’, I heard many people say after they were finished watching Neerja. I do not know why and how does Shabana ji do it every time. Every time she plays a mother, it makes us feel as if she is just like our own mother, May it is Masoom or Lori or the recent Neerja. She is an amazing performer and yet again this year she proved it.



7. Sanya Malhotra as Babita Phogat and Zaira Wasim as Geeta Phogat


Dangal may have given stardom to Fatima Sana Sheikh as she played the lead along with Aamir Khan in the major part of the film, but the other girls were equally fabulous with whatever screen time they had in the movie. Sanya Malhotra has all the quality to be next poster girl of the Bollywood. Whereas Zaira Wasim has already got next movie as a lead in Aamir Khan’s Production named as “Secret Superstar”.




5 Most Underrated Films of 2016

5 Most Underrated Films of 2016

Yohaann Bhaargava
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Yohaann Bhaargava

Head - Business Development at SCRIPTORS
Movie Buff. Yohaann is a film critic with Jagran Prakashan Limited. He has been associated with Print and TV media as a branding professional. Presently he is a screenwriter trying to bring in some good scripts up for Bollywood. At Scriptors he works as a writer and handles business development.
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This year we must talk about some films that may not have been potboilers on Box Office, yet they garnered applause by those who watched these films

  1. Dhanak – Jeene se bhi zyada jiye


Director: Nagesh Kukoonoor

Cast: Krish Chhabaria and Hetal Gada

Many called this film a convenient screenplay. But in my opinion, this was a simple film, which made you happy throughout its complete length.

Story :

A blind boy and his kin, his sister embark upon an incredible journey to meet superstar Shahrukh Khan, through deserts of Rajasthan. In the journey, they meet people, make friends and learn valuable lessons of life. In the end, the journey comes the happy destination and boy gets to see Dhanak (Rainbow) amidst the darkness of his Blindness.

Why was Dhanak an amazing watch?

It made me revisit the era of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, when films were not complicated. Every film was simple enough to be understood and appreciated by everyone who watched it. This film rested upon strong shoulders of two of the most amazing child actors I have seen in some time. They made Dhanak a lovable watch. The cinematography of this film was breathtaking. This film was like a fairytale that I would want to read out to children. This film gives a message that life is a journey if you stop the journey will end. So come what may the journey must be taken and life must be lived, after all, that is what we are born for. This film also had some amazing music straight from the musical state of Rajasthan and gave us ‘Dam a Dam mast kalandar’, a chartbuster song of this year. This film was almost as good as Nagesh Kukoonoor’s Dor, minus the dark theme. Dhanak was colored with seven colors of sheer delight.


2.  Nil Battey Sannata – Gareeb Wo Hain, Jinke Paas Sapne Nahin Hote


Director : Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Cast : Swara Bhaaskar, Riya Shukla and Ratna Pathak Shah


In the city of Agra, there lived a household help, Chanda who works several jobs to support the education of her daughter Apeksha. Apeksha seems to be uninterested in education and believes that she one day like her mother will have to take up her mother’s profession. To teach her daughter a valuable lesson of life, Chanda decides to enroll in school herself and ends up changing Apeksha’s life forever in addition to her own.

Why was Nil Battey Sannata an incredible film?

Much like ‘Dhanak’, this film also had a simplistic narrative and Hrishida style of movie making. This film was a story of a downtrodden mother having a positive outlook towards life. This film was about dreams and aspirations. Also, this film was about understanding the value of dreams. In the end of the movie Chanda tells Apeksha, that It’s not a bad thing to fail, bad is not to try and give up. She adds, ‘Your dream is only yours, many will laugh at your dreams, don’t bother, don’t let your dream die, not all will understand your dreams but those who do keep them, close to you, they will support your win’. She ends the movie saying that we will face problems but if we have our dream in front of us, we will succeed, therefore we never let our dream out of our sight, No one can take away our dream from us.


3. Chauranga – Dark Colors of Castism


Director : Bikas Mishra

Cast : Delzad Hiwale, Riddhi Sen, Tanishtha Chatterjii and Sanjay Suri

This was the first release of the year 2016. It sank without a trace, but prior to its release, it got applauded for its rooted story and narrative.

Story :

In a land where lower caste has to live under the soles of a tyrant landlord, two lower cast boys fight it out.

Why was Chauranga special?

Charanga was written and directed by debutante Writer and Director Bikash Misra. The story was treated in the most realistic possible manner and why I liked it because each and every performance in the film was beyond words, May it be Riddhi and Delzad who played the young boys from pig farmers of Bihar or may it be Tannishtha Chatterjee and Sanjay Suri. This film is Sanjay Suri’s life’s best performance on par with his performance in My brother Nikhil. The narrative, the cinematography and everything else in the film was par excellence. Its difficult to appreciate films like these because of their low publicity and grounded themes but if you get a chance to watch this movie do go for it, I am very sure you will surely feel the pain of characters specially the mother of the children from lower caste who has to sleep around with Landlord so that at least one of her son can be sent to school. The story has multiple layers and is stark naked truth of Rural society and caste system that still rules the Rural India


4. Saala Khadoos – Powerpunch of Entertainment


Director: Sudha K Prasad

Cast: Ritika Singh and R Madhavan

We all are aware of cinematic sensibilities of Rajkumar Hirani. There must have been sheer entertainment value in the Tamil hit ‘Irudhi Suttru’, that he decide to remake this into a Hindi film. Though this movie may not have been a commercial hit but it was a true delight to watch.

Story :

Adi is a boxer/athlete discarded by the association due to sports politics, he finds an amazing boxer in a fisherwoman Madhi and takes her success and his own glory.

Why was Saala Khadoos a knockout punch of Entertainment?

This movie is a truly entertaining film. It has a truly well-written screenplay, it’s edgy and very enticing. From start to finish of the film it’s a true adrenaline rush. The movie reminds of sports movies like Chak De India. Not only is this a good sports film but also a film that talks about feminism in the best possible manner without being preachy. It’s ideally a kind of movie that should be watched on a teacher’s day with your teachers. You really have to watch this movie if you haven’t yet.


5. Waiting – Truly urban, Truly emotional, Very Mature film


Director : Anu Menon

Cast : Naseer Uddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin

These are some movies that do not carry the illogical drama. Waiting is one of them. It just is about living life and drama it offers to us.

Story :

Tara and Shiv meet at a Hospital, waiting while their loved ones are healing and help and support each other in times emotional need.

Why did we like waiting?

Shiv and Tara both are on the same page. Both their partners are in Coma. Both of them are waiting for their life to come back to normal, but both of them have the different outlook towards life. Life is a drama in itself. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and the biggest truth is life itself. Waiting is a subtle film about tender relationships. It talks about all the aspects of relationships, the ones that we are gifted with and ones that we choose to make. Are matches made in heaven, and what happens when these magical heavenly alliances break before the life ends and push you to an eternal waiting. If you want to discuss all of this, they please rent a DVD and watch waiting. It’s no longer in cinema halls.


10 Songs Of 2016 That Will Remain With Us Forever

10 Songs Of 2016 That Will Remain With Us Forever

Gaurav Bharat

Gaurav Bharat

Writer, with more thoughts and fewer words, still exploring the amazing thing called "LIFE" in a nonjudgemental way.
Gaurav Bharat

As the year is approaching towards the end, let’s go back and see the songs Bollywood gave us this year which will stay with us for a longer time. Definitely, you made some more additions to list. Don’t forget to mention those in the comment section.

  1. Ik Kudi – Udta Punjab – Song sung by Shahid Mallya gives chills in bones every time. Lyrics  by Late Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi brings the pain and agony of being lost. But at the same time it gives undying hope.

2. Jeete Hain Chal: Song starts with Mahamrityunjay mantra, and that itselfs gives goose bumps. Hope and meaning of life put in one of the best motivational hindi song of all time. Dynamic trio of Prasson Joshi, Kavita Seth and Vishal brought us the magic of music through this song.

3. Channa MereyaM  So one more reason to keep loving Arjit Singh is “Channa Mereya”. Pain of one-sided immortal love and separation will remain with us forever with this song.

4. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan: We all might not love this movie but everyone one was in love with the music of “Baar Baar Dekho”. Jasleen Royal & Prateek Kuhad, the rising talent prove their presence with the innocence of love in this song.

5. Love You Zindagi: Amit Trivedi always comes with a new breeze and freshness in his music. Love you zindagi gives a nice message without even being preachy. Jasleen’s voice soothes our ear and mind.

6. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: One more fabulous track by Arjit and Pritam. The sufism of this song touched the agony of every lover. I am quite sure that this song is still in everyone’s playlist. Why not listen it again.

7. Bolna: B Loved by everyone, ‘Kapoor and sons’ is one of our favorite movie this year. Though it was a family drama still all the tracks especially ‘Bolna’ counted as most melodious romantic track of the year. Arjit and Asees voices are soothing and pleasure for ears.

8. Soch Na Sake: This song from one of the most critically acclaimed movie ‘Airlift’ clicked to all romantic song lovers. Voice of Arjit again created magic for ears and we all love to keep this in our playlist for long.

9. Aave Re Hitchki – ‘Mirziya’ one of the best music album of the year. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy proved once again that they are still very much in the game. Though all the songs of this movie were awesome but ‘Hitchki’ remain stuck in the tongue of every music lover.

10 Dangal : At last the title track of Dangal. A movie that is giving chills in whole nation having a strong support of its music. Voice of Daler Mehndi brought the determination and strength to the dreams of Characters in the movie. You can feel the rush every time song played in the movie.

Special Mention- Sairat Zaala Ji- Sairat:  Though its not a hindi song but needs to mention amongs the most memorable film of the year – ‘SAIRAT’ a marathi film which broke all the borders of language and become biggest earner of Marathi Cinema ever. Enjoy the faboulos track by Ajay-Atul (Agneepath fame). I am quite sure you all win enjoy this track and all other song of this movie.