Commando 2: The Black Money Trail

Commando 2: The Black Money Trail

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

Movie buff by passion, a medical student by profession. Got stuck with Cadavers instead of Cameras
Sidharth Sharma

Massy or Messy?

The much-awaited sequel to the sleeper hit ‘Commando’ hits the screens today. Starring Vidyut Jamwal, Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta and Freddy Daruwala in pivotal roles, this one is touted to be a full-fledged action thriller. But does it live up to the expectations? Let’s find out

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Captain Karanvir Dogra is out on a mission once again. And this time, he is supported by a team of fellow officers- Bhavna Reddy (Adah Sharma), Bhaktawar (Freddy Daruwala) and Jaffar (Sumit Gulati). Their mission is to nab Vicky Chaddha, the man responsible for siphoning off black money to Swiss accounts and bring him back to India. With just a few plot twists thrown here and there, the rest of the film follows Karan’s quest to recover the laundered black money.

Many would argue that the film is basically meant for the masses and hence, not meant to be viewed technically. Agree. But it doesn’t take much to turn from massy to ‘messy’ and same is the case with ‘Commando 2’. The main fault of the film lies with the writing, so much that the film stumbles upon itself. A lazily written screenplay, which depends more on its leading man packing a punch, is what makes the film suffer. Add to it the dialogues, which are so cheesy and cringe-worthy that it’ll make you laugh. The only thing the writers depend on is the pre-interval twist. But dude, didn’t we see that coming?

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Among the star cast, it is only Vidyut Jamwal who saves the film from drowning. He nails it in the action sequences- he packs a punch and kicks some butts with utmost ease. His well-chiselled body might make girls drool over him. But then, as he delivers a dialogue, we realize that there’s still a lot to be explored in terms of his acting potential. Adah Sharma performs well, despite a character that doesn’t go beyond the ‘Hyderabadi’ accent and dollops of forced comedy, but yes, she does entertain in certain parts.

Freddy Daruwala and Esha Gupta perhaps have the easiest task in the film- to sport the same expression throughout the film and they do it with utmost sincerity. And when they utter a dialogue, you’ll feel like burying your heads under the ground. Adil Hussain, Shefali Shah, and Satish Kaushik seem to be wasted in this film; a film which doesn’t think beyond its lead’s biceps and abs.

Watch it only if you are a die-hard Vidyut Jamwal fan or love high-octane action sequences. Otherwise, wait for its World Television Premiere.


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‘MOONLIGHT’ in ‘LA LA LAND’ – Two movies about the journey, we call life

‘MOONLIGHT’ in ‘LA LA LAND’ – Two movies about the journey, we call life

Yohaann Bhaargava
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Yohaann Bhaargava

Head - Business Development at SCRIPTORS
Movie Buff. Yohaann is a film critic with Jagran Prakashan Limited. He has been associated with Print and TV media as a branding professional. Presently he is a screenwriter trying to bring in some good scripts up for Bollywood. At Scriptors he works as a writer and handles business development.
Yohaann Bhaargava
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This year was an incredible year in terms of the variety of movies that we got to witness. Two movies sank deep inside my heart, I smiled, I laughed, I cried while I watched these two amazing movies. Both were similar and different to each other, in many ways. These two films are my recommendations to those who have not yet watched them. I am also quoting these movies, with a desire in my heart, that if in life I ever am able to make a movie, it would be either as poignant and relevant as Moonlight or as dreamy and musical as La la land…


Life is to live, and we have only one life to live...

At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you are going to be !

Moonlight is about the journey that we call life. Moonlight teaches you effortlessly the art of living. After watching Moonlight I could not leave the life and world of Chiron for several days, I was kind of lost in his world and translating his journey and drawing parallels to my life and to the people that I know or I wish to know. This is one of those movies that will make you step out of your shoes and slip into the shoes of empathy.  ‘Little’ do we know about the outcomes of our decisions when we take them, in whatever stage of life we are in.

"Running around, catching a lot of light". "In moonlight, black boys look blue". "You're blue". "That's what I'm gonna call you: 'Blue'."

“Running around, catching a lot of light”. “In moonlight, black boys look blue”. “You’re blue”. “That’s what I’m gonna call you: ‘Blue’.”

Chiron’s journey starts as a bullied kid, who is lost and drowned in his own life. On one hand he has a mother who is in the clutches of substance abuse and is unable to nurture and safeguard her tormented child. He has no father to look up to. Ironically he finds a father figure who he looks upto, in the drug lord, Juan who is the evidently the prime cause of her mother’s abuse. Initially it is confusing for him to decide between the right and the wrong. He slowly gains perspective. The relationship that he develops with Juan makes him a stronger person, he starts to see the world with a whole new perspective and contemplates the choices he has to make to live the kind of life that would make him happy. He eventually sees the whole world, his mother shatter in front of his young eyes. Chiron/Little survives.

Years down the line ‘Chiron’ again is caught up in a struggle of his life, this time its his sexuality. In a Man’s world, what does it take to be a man? Is being a man all about who you are doing? Tagged with the word ‘Faggot’ in his childhood, a word that Chiron didnt know what it meant back then, now has to find a meaning to it and make peace with his sexuality. Chiron in chapter two discovers what it means to be a ‘Faggot’ in the most painful possible manner. He finds tenderness and love in the only friend that he has had since his childhood. The relationship makes him a notch stronger and he moves on, to find what he wants to do with his life.

Chiron grows up. Now he is no more the feeble kid bullied by the kids around him, Now he has moved past the pain of having a crack addict mother. He is all buffed up now, strong and powerful, but caught in the fangs of the drug peddling business. He walks the same dark and dingy lanes that once he wanted to escape. Has he made the right choices? If yes then why is he still lonely? Why is his mind still not at peace…You cannot find all the answers at once…Life teaches you as and when you live it. All you have to do is live. If you are in the water, you have to swim…!


I’m me man. I ain’t trying to be nothing else.

Moonlight has a soul stirring story to tell, it has a premise that we all have been in at some point of time in our lives. Your issues may have been different, your struggles would have been different, we all have embodied Chiron in our lives. We all have fought our loneliness with music of silence at some point of time in our lives.


I want to let you know you're looking at a new man. A man who's happy to be here.

I want to let you know you’re looking at a new man. A man who’s happy to be here.

I have watched La La Land thrice already, and everytime the movie starts, with Music originating from blaring sirens from cars in a traffic jam, I think of my present condition instantly. My life is like that traffic jam, that you see in the opening sequence of the movie, its noisy and disturbing, but isnt it my own duty to make music in my life. La la land makes me think over my life ideologies again and again. It makes me ask myself a question – whose duty is it to bring happiness in my life? and with La la land, I get the answer in the simplest possible manner. Its no one else’s duty to make me happy but my own. I should be living life to do things that make me happy, and its my job and my duty towards me.

People love what other people are passionate about.

People love what other people are passionate about.

‘All the world is a stage’, the phrase may sound very Shakespearean, but holds as much meaning in our lives even in days today. We are here to play our parts, and it really matters how we play our parts. How we act in life also makes an impact on the lives of those who are a part of our lives, or are supporting our act. I have spent all my life thinking that life is a old fashioned musical which has a story to tell, my story.  The decisions that we take, the choices that we make, define our destiny. Both Mia and Sebastian are born from struggles of their lives, its so inspiring to see them singing through their struggles and hardships.

La la land transports me to the magical place where everything is musical, every frame is painted with bright colors of hope. Every moment is a moment of destiny. Everything is there for a reason. It makes me feel that everything that has happened to me in my lifetime is there because it was meant to be. Even pain is indispensable, its worth a million smiles. It holds value in life as much as happiness is important.

You can knock it off your bucket list.

You can knock it off your bucket list.

Yes, La la land, made me revisit my bucket list. A lot of things still remain on my list that have to be crossed off before I exit this stage we live on. I have to start fresh to finish my errands. You must also try and make one if you have not still made one for yourself. It can be a list of wishes as simple as a kiss, or an elaborate one like, to write a song for a musical. It can be a naughty wish or a divine one. Its very important to wish and keep wishing for yourself and for people that matter to you. Wishes keep you alive. One life to live.

P.S. : Please get soundtracks of La La Land and Moonlight and sync them into your ipods and phones. These two movies have music that will inspire you for your lifetime.





5 Reasons Why Jolly LLB 2 is a still disappoint even after huge success!

5 Reasons Why Jolly LLB 2 is a still disappoint even after huge success!

Akshita Gupta

Akshita Gupta

A mechanical Engineer who is passionate about reviewing bollywood in all forms possible. I add my own version of Wisdom to all my writings (wink!)
Akshita Gupta

Watching a movie which is on the same lines of a previous hit and not comparing it with that is a difficult job. But I guess I’ll have no problem with that because I haven’t watched the original Jolly LLB 😀 Yes, such people exist! But it is a good thing because am free from all prejudices if any, I’d have had.


It is very much predictable, Akshay Kumar as the protagonist, a lawyer named Jolly fighting against the whole system, leaving no stone unturned to get justice for his client. In opposition, is the rich and corrupt, devil’s lawyer Mr. Pramod Mathur played by Anu Kapoor who is hell bound to prove his client innocent. Other characters just revolve around.


All throughout the span of the movie, I had the feeling that there was no real problem. A problem has been intentionally created to weave a story around it. And in places where the story seemed strong, the execution has been very vague and weak.


Within the first ten minutes of the story, I had the impression that this is going to be a tough thing, sitting in the theater and trying to relate to the story. One thing happens and then the other, a problem comes and out of the blues it is resolved. For a film which shows the judicial process and the flaws in it, it could have been much more organized.


This is one movie which makes you realize that even in Bollywood, movies can be made without songs. Songs, which were here deliberately, placed added no value to the story. Neither did they connect the scattered fragments of the story nor were they a much-needed break from the hustle bustle of the film.

jolly-llb-2-song-759THE SOCIAL RELEVANCE

Many viewers agree that we need more movies which bring out the social malice spread in our country. But that does not mean crafting up a miserable situation and overpowering it in a superhero manner. With some hypothetical situations demanded by a story, there is always much room for a practical and believable solution to it. This film did just that, relying on the misery of everyone and suddenly bam! Everything sorted.

Overall, the film was a very average one, not meeting up the expectations which it proclaimed to meet.


The 89th Academy Awards- Predicting the Winners

The 89th Academy Awards- Predicting the Winners

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

Movie buff by passion, a medical student by profession. Got stuck with Cadavers instead of Cameras
Sidharth Sharma

Lights, Camera, Action! The stage is set and the countdown has begun. With just a few days left for the most coveted award ceremony to be held at the Dolby Theatre, the anticipation seems to be at its peak. So we, at Scriptors, decided to come out with our own list of expected winners. Read more to find out:

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The nominations for the best picture are:

  • Arrival
  • Fences
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Hell or High Water
  • Hidden Figures
  • La La Land
  • Lion
  • Manchester by the Sea
  • Moonlight

The three magical words making its way in almost all the award functions this year- Damien Chazelle’s audacious musical romance ‘La La Land’ should perhaps emerge as the winner in the ‘Best Picture’ category. With a whooping 14 nominations, La La Land seems to be the strongest contender at the Oscars this year. After bagging the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Critic’s Choice Award, ‘La La Land’ has its eyes all set on the golden Oscar Statuette. But things might not be as easy as it seems to be. La La Land is receiving stiff competition from Ted Melfi’s ‘Hidden Figures’ (which received the SAG-Best Ensemble) and Barry Jenkin’s ‘Moonlight’ (which received the Golden Globe- Best drama).


Expected Winner: La La Land

Challengers: Hidden Figures and Moonlight

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The nominations for the best actor are:

  • Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)
  • Denzel Washington (Fences)
  • Ryan Gosling (La La Land)
  • Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge)
  • Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic)

2Our prediction

Anyone who has watched ‘Manchester by the Sea’ would agree that Casey Affleck’s portrayal of Lee Chandler was inarguably the performance of the year. And with the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Critic’s Choice award in his kitty, the possibility of Affleck winning the Oscar seems to be very high. But the recent sexual harassment suit might somewhat affect the judgement. Also the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards might prove to be a game-changer. With Denzel Washington bagging the SAG awards for his outstanding performance in ‘Fences’, there is now a neck-to-neck competition between the two. Ofcourse, the Oscars are not based on the Golden Globe, the BAFTA or the SAG. But there is generally some overlap between the jury of the SAG and the Academy Awards. So, Denzel Washington might just emerge victorious this time! Also, there is Ryan Gosling competing for the best actor award for his film ‘La La Land’. He might not have won any major award till now but given the hype surrounding ‘La La Land’, I would not be surprised if he gets lucky this time!

mbts_27111Expected Winner: Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)

Closest Challenger: Denzel Washington (Fences)

Other Challenger: Ryan Gosling (La La Land)

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The nominations for the best actress are:

  • Emma Stone (La La Land)
  • Natalie Portman (Jackie)
  • Isabelle Huppert (Elle)
  • Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins)
  • Ruth Negga (Loving)

3Our prediction

Emma Stone has been bagging almost all the awards for her bitter-sweet, love-affirming performance in ‘La La Land’. There has been a lot of appreciation from the Academy that what she made look effortless, demanded real talent and precision. Does it mean that she should start preparing her acceptance speech well in advance? Well, not exactly. Her closest challenger, Natalie Portman’s searing anguish in ‘Jackie’ makes her the biggest threat for Stone (Portman was the Critic’s Choice this year). Also giving stiff competition to Stone is Isabelle Huppert, who won the Golden Globe- Best Actress (Drama) for her dark, morally murky role in ‘Elle’. Ruth Negga’s commendable performance in ‘Loving’ might not have won her any award but that doesn’t mean that she is totally out the race for the Oscar.

maxresdefaultExpected Winner: Emma Stone (La La Land)

Closest Challenger: Natalie Portman (Jackie)

Other Challenger: Isabelle Huppert (Elle)

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The nominations for the best supporting actor are:

  • Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)
  • Dev Patel (Lion)
  • Jeff Bridges (Hell or High Water)
  • Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea)
  • Michael Shannon (Nocturnal Animals)

4Our prediction

With a strong screen presence, Mahershala Ali infuses life into the character of Juan in the movie ‘Moonlight’ and he totally deserves to win the golden statuette. His SAG and Critics Choice win only strengthens his chances of winning the Oscar. His closest competitor, Dev Patel delivers a riveting performance in ‘Lion’ and could pose a threat to Ali’s Oscar dream. Among the other challengers, Michael Shannon was phenomenal but his chances of lifting the trophy are quite feeble.

moonlight1Expected Winner: Mahershala Ali

Closest Challenger: Dev Patel


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The nominations for the best supporting actress are:

  • Viola Davis (Fences)
  • Naomie Harris (Moonlight)
  • Nicole Kidman (Lion)
  • Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures)
  • Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea)

5Our prediction:

Viola Davis must have been tired of receiving awards for her pathbreaking performance in ‘Fences’, but we guess the trend will continue this time as well! Her portrayal of Rose Maxson has garnered her huge critical acclaim and we are pretty sure that she is going to bag the golden statue as well. Other challengers in this category include Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) and Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea).

ht_viola_davis_fences_jef_160927_12x5_1600Expected Winner: Viola Davis (Fences)

Other Challengers: Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) and Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea)

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The nominations for best director are:

  • Damien Chazelle (La La Land)
  • Denis Villeneuve (Arrival)
  • Mel Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge)
  • Barry Jenkins (Moonlight)
  • Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester by the Sea)

6Our prediction

The strongest contenders for the best director category would undoubtedly be Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins. Damien Chazelle’s visual storytelling prowess, the simplicity and beauty of the narrative and the grounded emotional moments make him worthy of the best director award. But hold on. Barry Jenkins’ rich and restrained direction in ‘Moonlight’ might pose huge threat to Chazelle. If Damien Chazelle wins this award, he would become the youngest recipient of this award ever!

LLL d 10_1990.NEF

Expected Winner: Damien Chazelle (La La Land)

Closest Challenger: Barry Jenkins (Moonlight)

Other Challenger: Mel Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge)


P.S: This article is just a prediction. Actual results may vary considerably.

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The State v/s JollyLLB2 – Scriptors Angle

The State v/s JollyLLB2 – Scriptors Angle

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

Movie buff by passion, a medical student by profession. Got stuck with Cadavers instead of Cameras
Sidharth Sharma

“Sharam nahi aati, vakil hoon”- this final exchange between our lead and a random bystander boils down the potpourri of emotions one is subjected to, during the run time of this uproarious courtroom drama. Being a sequel to the sleeper hit, ‘Jolly LL.B’ (which had a much smaller star and a modest budget), comparisons are inevitable. But does it actually live up to its expectations? In most parts, yes but for a few parts, the answer is a no!

Okay, let me get straight to the point. Jagdishwar Mishra a.k.a Jolly (Akshay) is a lawyer who wants to make it big in his life. When he is not flattering his boss or roaming around aimlessly amidst the ‘pan-stained walls’ of the courtroom, he is seen helping students cheat openly in their exams (referring to the sullen state of many state educational boards). However, things change when Jolly takes up a case against a powerful cop, who alongwith his lawyer Mathur (Annu Kapoor) will turn all tables to prove his innocence. The circumstances which compel Jolly to take up the case and the subsequent events that follow makes up for a roller coaster ride- high on emotions, chucklesome situations and one-liners and some applause-worthy messages.

Revealing more would get me labeled as a ‘spoilsport’; so check out other sites if you are in the mood of getting some spoilers.

The opening sequence itself takes the movie to its peak, something which stays as long as we are into the first half of the half. With a laugh riot and some heart-wrenching emotional sequences (coming from Jolly and the powerhouse of acting, Sayami Gupta), the first half is something no one would love to hate. With the second half approaching, the writers seemed to have ignored the fine margin between reality and fiction and that’s what makes the film slightly unbelievable. If you are willing to turn a blind eye to these flaws, you will certainly fall in love with Jolly and his antics.

With some hilarious one-liners, the movie seems to be a fun-filled affair. The emotional scenes too work in its favour. What it lacks is the simplicity of its prequel, which can be easily seen in certain scenes. Overall, the movie is a delight to watch.

Akshay Kumar, as Jolly, is a treat to watch on screen. His antics and his body language will make you fall in love with him. The best part about Akshay is that he doesn’t let his stardom overpower the simplicity of his character, something which is rarely seen with A-listers these days.However, it is Annu Kapoor who steals the show with his commendable performance as the overconfident lawyer, Mathur.

Be it the ‘Gulabo’ dance or correcting his daughter’s wedding card, Saurabh Shukla makes sure to leave the audience in splits in every scene. With an effortless performance, he is simply spot-on. And so is Huma Qureshi, who plays the role of Jolly’s wife. Despite the lesser screen space, she makes sure to leave a lasting impression and yes, she grabs the opportunity with her hands wide open!

With additional support from the highly talented supporting cast, director Subhash Kapoor weaves a beautiful narrative. How I wish the story would have been more believable in certain parts!

5 Real Life Stories We Would Love To Watch On Silver Screen

5 Real Life Stories We Would Love To Watch On Silver Screen

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

Movie buff by passion, a medical student by profession. Got stuck with Cadavers instead of Cameras
Sidharth Sharma

Movies are a reflection of the society. Not only do they portray the grim reality of the society, they also provide a clearer picture of the real life incidents on screen- be it in the form of Biopics, Controversial Incidents or any other happenings. The plentitude of biopics (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Sarbjit, Mary Kom) and real-life incidents (Talvar, Not a Love Story) which have flocked the theatres recently is a clear intimation that these films are gaining mass acceptance. So, let us take a look at some of the real-life stories that definitely deserve to be made into a movie:

1) The Vyapam Scam:

The Vyapam Scam, which involved bribery to gain better positions in entrance exams conducted by Vyapam (MP Examination Board), led to some 23-40 unnatural daunting deaths. The facts and figures pertaining to this case make it no less than an intense Bollywood Thriller. A tale of Murder and Deceit amidst the backdrop of Corruption, involving people of varied strata- from Politicians to Government Officials, has the potential to be made into a fine Political Thriller! Filmmakers, are you listening?


2) Sheena Bora Murder Case:

One of the most sensational murder mysteries in the history of India, Sheena Bora Murder Case has all the ingredients needed for a typical Bollywood Thriller. Such was the complexity of the case, that it could put even ACP Pradyuman to shame! A second wife of her third husband is charged along with her third husband for killing her daughter from her first husband, who was having an affair with her third husband’s son from his first wife. Puzzled? Well, every mortal being would be! If the plot summary itself is so complicated, the movie would certainly be intriguing as hell.



3) UPSC topper Tina Dabi’s Love Story-

Move over thrillers, it’s time to see some romance on the silver screen. UPSC topper Tina Dabi and her affair with the 2nd rank holder, Athar Aamir-ul Shafi Khan hogged all the limelight in almost all the social media platforms for quite a few days. Their journey to success, how they fell for each other and how they broke past the barriers of communalism would make for a picture-perfect romantic drama. Don’t you think so?



4) Surgical strikes in PoK:

India’s befitting reply to the ghastly Uri Attacks, in the form of Surgical strikes, is something we could only imagine of. A classic tale of valor and heroism, where Indian Army Commandos dismantled seven terror camps and killed around 50 terrorists, it is something that even our future generation should know and be proud of. And what’s better than making a film out of it?



5) A biopic on Anuradha Koirala:

Not many people may know her, but her work is reminiscent of the fact that humanity still exists in this world. Anuradha Koirala is the founder of a Non-Profit Organization, ‘Maiti Ghar’ in Kathmandu, Nepal, that has rescued thousands of victims of Sex Trafficking and provided rehabilitation to many of them. She is a proud recipient of the CNN Heroes Awards (2010), Mother Teresa Awards (2014) and Padma Shri (2017). Her journey has not been a cakewalk, but despite all the difficulties, Koirala has been actively doing her work for the last 20-25 years. Such a great soul definitely deserves a biopic as a tribute to her selfless service!


Did we miss out on something? Let us know in the comments section below.