It all started in in the parking lot of New York Film Academy, Abu Dhabi, where two students of filmmaking discussed many stories. “Out of such crazy discussions with actress Kanchan Kulkarni came the idea of Ek”- Saurabh Bharat told us. The idea was simple, two ladies connected by the thread of pain but have taken different paths.

Almost 6 months later, back in Mumbai, Romi Mehta joined the team and they made KrossOver Films to produce “Ek” and an another short film “I guess”.

“When people read the script somehow they discouraged us to make this film. May be they thought it’s a stale topic. But I believe that Ek is even more important film now than ever. Whatever is happening around us in present time, Ek connects to it beautifully.” -Gaurav Bharat (Writer) As the trailer of the film also says – Question your Faith!

“Production of Ek was a difficult process. We needed a space that can do justice with the story and It was difficult to find such space in Mumbai. Then the co-writer Gaurav Bharat suggested the city of Bhopal” – Romi Mehta.

After a single visit, the team decides to shoot the film in Bhopal, but we needed actors from Bhopal only so that they can look familiar with the place and hence started a search for actors with ends up with Prashansa Shrivastava and Aniket Khare. Though they were non-actors, the makers go with their gut to cast them and did only a few workshops with them before they started shooting.

The lead Kanchan Kulkarni remembers that It started raining heavily in Bhopal just a day before shooting and It was kind of impossible to shoot but somehow we managed. 8 days of rigorous day and night of shooting make Ek possible.

2 months of post production of Ek at B R Studios was not a usual thing for any short film production but makers do not want to treat it like that. The film started it’s journey with a Premiere Screening at Cinemax, Bandra in the presence of eminent film personalities on 17th Dec 2012. Vancouver Asian Film Festival. It was the only Indian film to be selected in the edition of the prestigious festival. Afterward, Ek was unstoppable. In Oklahoma, it won 5 nominations and 3 wins including Best Supporting Actress (Prashansa Shrivastava), Best Foreign Language and Best of the festival. Later if gets another official selection at DCIFF Washington.


“This is the first Indian festival for us, but nothing like this as we always wanted to tell this story to our people. Though it’s just a shortlist so far but we are pretty excited.” – Kanchan told us proudly.

Ek has been selected for the Shortlist Large Short Film category of JioMAMI festival of this year.


Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

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Shivangi Shrivastava