This is the first movie in a very log time which I watched without knowing anything about it ; by that I mean no trailers, no idea of the storyline. The disclaimer read that it is about child sexual abuse, I sat more stiffly in my seat, first thoughts : How are they gonna show it?


The film then began, a story based in a small village, about children and how they fall into traps. Traps sometimes, they have an idea that they are falling into but because there is no one to confide with, no one to share their insecurities and fears with, just for the sake of a temporary consolation, they choose to fall in. 


I am not very sure about the sub-heading, neither with the fact that there was a story for a general viewer nor how am I going to describe it. The villain and victim are the protagonists, the sufferers, both writhing in their own kind of pain. The molester is a victim of his corrupted mentality and an unhealthy urge which leads him to criminal doings. A girl of fifteen, who is the prey, to cast away her solitude falls for his teacher’s company who misuses his influence of which she is somewhere aware of. She chooses this path for herself without acknowledging the fact that it is molestation, not only physical, mental and emotional as well. 


Amidst this coveted comforting, two kids Kamal and Mintu, Sandhya’s classmates are interpreting things in their minds in a direction the adults know nothing about. How one thing leads to other and how one wrong information, rather incomplete knowledge about things can influence children’s thinking couldn’t have been filmed better. The kids constantly stalk their classmate, out of innocence. One dreams of marrying her and the other never stops coming up with plans to get them married. The vulnerability of their age and how they know nothing about their ill doings is very plainly (without any drama) shown. 


It is light, it is one you need to pace up with or may be slow down to, it is just perfect for a sensitive issue like this one which had been pictured with utmost perfection, which only comes with sheer skills and diligence. Director Shlok Sharma has done full justice to his work and brings a Anurag Kashyap feel to it. 


The end of this movie raises many questions, some you will be compelled to find answers to, answers to which will come with a sip of coffee or when you’re driving back home late night from office or even on a lonely evening walk to the nearby park.

But then again, the end is open to your interpretation, how do you perceive the subject, the characters, the plot and the film as a whole. For me, by the time it ended, I was not even expecting it to stop, but when it did I could accept it then and there, without any questions lingering on my mind.

Akshita Gupta

Akshita Gupta

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Akshita Gupta