#42 #Scriptors100BestFilms #JodhaAkbar When #AshutoshGowariker teams up with #HrithikRoshan and #AishwaryaRai to tell the unsaid tale of romance of most popular Mughal Emperor #Akbar and his hindu wife #Jodha one don’t expect anything less than a master piece. But this grandness doesn’t make it a remarkable cinema but the small things and layers takes it to another height.

Written by TV Actor #HaiderAli and #Ashutosh, #JodhaAkbar is the love story of Akbar and Jodha that actually starts after their marriage due to political reasons. Akbar falls in love with the beauty of Jodha and tries to win her heart but this process takes him on a journey that also made the foundation of him being the most popular Mughal Emperor and gives him the title – Akbar -“The Great”.

Definitely the grandeur of Mughal’s, sets, costumes and detailing were amazing about #JodhaAkbar but to me it was special because of it’s treatment. The movie treats #Akbar as a lover more than a emperor. It gives a human touch to him more than the perfection. The fragility of the character was very visible in the “Manmohana” song where Akbar notices Jodha for the first time and mesmerized by her innocent beauty. He walks through an open lawn with white curtains and gives away his crown and walks as simple mesmerized lover where the beautiful song lines were going in the back –

“Main hoon tumhari hai tumhara yeh mera jeevan,

Tumko hi dekhun main, dekhun koi darpan”

That sufi lines definitely signifies that the writer and director wants to define that Love is biggest conqueror. Bigger than any king or kingdom. Akbar as a king was definitely not a scholar but that makes him even more thirsty for knowledge and hence he stepped outside his comfort zone to find the way of winning hearts not only land and how Jodha as a beautiful princess becomes a muse and inspiration for him is beautifully depicted in this piece of art.

What was great is the subtlety of the emotions yet clear depiction of it. Whether love or whether lust. A beautiful scene where Akbar is performing his daily chore of sword practice, Jodha watches his sculpted body and feel attracted to him. Very rarely any director in indian cinema expresses the sexual feelings of a women so beautifully. Kudos to Ashutosh that he didn’t compromised at any level and hence Jodha Akbar was able to win Five Filmfare Awards including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor for Hrithik Roshan.

In the present time when every one talking about tolerance and mutual secular culture of India, Jodha Akbar beautifully gives away the message and most convincing way possible. In the climax Akbar says-

“Har mazhab ka ehtram aur bardaash karne ki chahat hi … aane waale Hindustan ko sunhera bana sakti hai”
The respect for every religion and the desire to tolerate … will make tomorrow’s India great. On that note, Jodha Akbar proudly enters in the #Scriptors100BestFilms list.
Saurabh Bharat
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Saurabh Bharat

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Saurabh Bharat
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