The most pleasant and cheerful personality on the Indian screen, an effortless actress, and famously nicknamed ‘the bubbly girl’, Juhi Chawla celebrates her 47th birthday today.

There are very few beautiful girls who naturally exhume an aura of ‘friendliness’ and make you feel that they are attainable – but they are not. Juhi is one of those girls, who made a lot of guys in the 90’s think they could have a chance with her. Juhi represents those girls who are hot enough to raise ‘your’ value if they stood next to you and homely enough to make you want to take them home and introduce to your parents.

A natural beauty, a natural actress, and as it appears off late an equally natural singer, Juhi has done it all and done it stunningly well. Let’s take a glance at her top five natural performances:

  1. Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke: An absolute delight of a film, and Juhi was at her delightest! Juhi played a rich Tamil ‘Iyar’ girl who runs away from her father to take a refuge at a house with the help of three naughty kids and then falls in love with their uncle. As bizarre and as cute as anything gets!
  2. One Two Ka Four: Juhi played a loud Haryanvi working class woman, who’s actually an undercover cop. Just imagine the widest possible platform for Juhi to rock!
  3. My Brother Nikhil: A completely different from her usual on-screen persona, Juhi played a sensitive, loving, and fiercely supportive sister to a gay brother suffering from AIDS. Juhi is what you take home in your mind after watching this film.
  4. Luck By Chance: A role that would resemble the one in ‘One Two Ka Four’ and, had it not been for Juhi’s intricate grasp of the characters, could be labeled as the copy. Juhi played a loudmouth yet good hearted Sindhi woman. A very small role, but worth remembering and definitely worth adding in this list.
  5. Gulab Gang: In so many ways a groundbreaking film. The first time Juhi starred alongside her lifelong competitor, another gorgeous diva-Madhuri Dixit, and not only paralleled but also surpassed Madhuri’s performance. Raved by the critic as the ‘best performance of the year’ Juhi still continues to spread her cheerfulness on the screen.

May the fairy, the princess, the cuteness personified live a long and giggling life ahead!

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