#015 #Scriptors100BestFilms #MeraNaamJoker was a story told on cinema screen like never before and after. This was #RajKapoor’s most demanding cinema which demands your time, brain and even heart. Written by #KhwajaAhmadAbbas, the movie was a story of a guy who realises the real philosophy of the life is to make people smile by making fun of yourself, by being a joker.

Filled with metaphors, the 5 hours of the movie was the most ambitious project of #RajKapoor and he compares the life with the 3 hours of a circus show. It took him 6 years to make this movie yet somehow it didn’t do well at the box office at that time but now definitely considered as classic and ahead of time cinema.

Raj Kapoor took a sabbatical after the failure of the movie at the box office but manages to come back with #Bobby which was a blockbuster love story.

Along with winning hearts, this movie won following awards,

At #Filmfare –

Best Director

Best Music Director

Best Cinematographer

Best Sound Recordist

At #National-

Best Child Artist

Saurabh Bharat
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Saurabh Bharat

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Saurabh Bharat
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