Saadhna Shivdasani, the epitome of indian beauty that left us yesterday. There was a whole generation which dwelled on the dreams of a spotless beauty like Sadhna but Sadhna was definitely more than that. A fashion Icon, a strong lady, a brilliant actress and a fierce lover. Let’s remember this immortal beauty.


I remember my aunt went to watch “Mere Mehboob” (1963) and after coming back she become such a big fan of her beauty that she started saying that – “I want a daughter-in-law just like her.” Sadhna was undoubtedly the very first actress of Indian Cinema who affected the fashion of comman indian females. Her hairstyle -“Saadhna Cut” is still something that signifies that era and people use it whenever they wants to depict something of 60’s . There was only two movies where Sadhna was not in her iconic hairstyles-  Bimal Roy’s Parakh and Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Asli Naqli. Not only that Sadhna’s “Churidaar Payjamas” was also the fashion statement started by Sadhna and still quite popular among girls.


Saadhna has done a limited 30 to 34 films including an oriya film but what was a brilliant association was the music of her film. Even though her filmography was limited her hit songs are unlimited. From ” Tujhe jeevan ki dor” to “Mera Saaya”. From “Aaja Aayi Bahar” to iconic “Lag Jaa Gale”. Even if it was a mere co-incidence the music of all Sadhna’s movies were memorable.


After release of superhit suspense like “Woh Kaun Thi” ” Mera Saaya” and “Anita” Sadhna was tagged as the “Mystery Girl” of Indian Cinema. Though she has done many movies of many other genres but this tag was attached to her for long long time. Even after her illness when she decided to quit movies she maintained this mystery girl aura for long time and never appeared in public. She quoted that – she wants to be remembered the way she was. The Immortal Beauty.


Saadhna married her Love in Simla director Ram Krishna Nayyar on 7 March 1966. Their love blossomed on the film set. But as she was very young then, her parents opposed it. Later she got married even though she become quite successful and R K Nayyar was not in picture anymore. They were married for nearly thirty years, until his death in 1995 from asthma. The couple had no children. She was a great lover of cinema also. Very few people know that she had directed a movie also – Geeta Mera Naam which was a success.



Here we are compiling her best five performances. Have a look!

Saurabh Bharat
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Saurabh Bharat
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