Tvf tripling with tiago

This time, tvf came up with something new, well not exactly new because the relationship, the theme they showed was very common but something we have been ignoring also.  It is about siblings, cousins and family. And the idea was definitely unique, a road trip with your siblings.

We all abide by the fact family is the most important thing in our world, but how much we actually mean that? We might love our family, our little brother/sister still is the best in the whole world for us but are we in touch with them? Is the communication good between us?

The best part of the show according to me is their dialogue “crisis ke time main pe toh family kaam ati hain” true, isn’t it? I mean you can have the world’s best friends, colleagues but “ghar to ghar hota hain” when you are just done with everything you want to run to your family and be with them.

In today’s time, distances have grown within families, we might not always celebrate Diwali , rakhi with them, the cousin clan is just a mere WhatsApp group for most of us.

It is ironic that we don’t chat with our brothers and sisters that often but turn to them only when we need to get some advice, help, and love or just want someone to listen to us. I guess that is why it is said: “there is nothing like home”.

I feel the reason why some of us feel not connected to family members these days and don’t talk to them on a regular basis is because we   have created a wall between us and them, We don’t try to be ourselves in front of them and that’s what the show tries to tell us, to enjoy, be your true version with your family members and enjoy with them like how we do in front of our friends.

Remember how when we were small and wanted to grow up so we can spend time with our siblings, cousins. It hardly happens now.

If we can keep in touch with our school friends through WhatsApp, Fb, hangout then why not with our siblings and cousins.

The story of chandan, chitvan and chanchal can be felt by a lot of siblings and cousins.

I loved the fact that despite being unaware of what’s happening in each other’s life they stood for each other. And that is so relatable, remember the times’ anybody said anything about your brother or sister and you just thrashed that person without even knowing the whole story? Same they were not in touch each other for a long time but they were there for each other during the trip.

While watching the series I was just feeling what if in future I’m not that in contact with my brother and cousins? Or it is happening now only unknowingly? this thought provokes me to have better relations with my sibling, cousins and it is actually memory down the lane where I remember all the vacations we went for, ever marriage we danced for and every late night conversation all of us had.

Yes, we all will move in our life. Live in different places but when we will be alone we can talk to them to feel home because that is the one place which will be there for you always.

The best takeaway for me is from the last episode when Chandan feels cold and his dad asks him to cover himself in a shawl and then he says “this was simple”.


It shows how sometimes we complicate stuff simply, life is very simple and we should live in the moment and be ourselves.

Our siblings, cousins were our first best friends, we have so many memories with them, and it will be good to have those memories again because we can always talk to them, ease our tensions and live life with more comfort.



Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

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Shivangi Shrivastava