To get into the skin of a character is one of the most difficult challenges for any actor. Tabu excels in this art and that’s why she is considered as one of the finest actresses Bollywood has ever had. With her versatility and portrayal of characters, she is undoubtedly an Institute of acting for upcoming generations of actors. Let’s take a look at her 8 finest performances.


She plays a victim of riots which followed Indira Gandhi’s assassination. This Gulzar film brought her First National award for Best actress and established her among the talented league of artists.


Going the unglamorous way was always seen as a challenge for Indian actress but this wasn’t the case for Tabu. The role of an innocent village girl, Gehna, and her unconditional love is still fresh in our memories. Deservingly, this won her a Filmfare Best actress critics award that year.

Hu Tu Tu

A daughter who seeks justice and revenge from her politically ambitious mother. Something which was very difficult to relate to, right? But again Gulzar justified the character of Panna through one and only Tabu and she went to winning another Filmfare Best actress critics trophy


A housewife who commits adultery and get pregnant! A story that Indian society is still not ready for. Playing such a daring character has always been Tabu’s cup of tea and this cup always brought her a trophy in her favorite category – Filmfare Best actress-critics.

Chandni Bar

A tragic story of a girl who becomes a bar dancer, marries a gangster for an escape but eventually comes back to the same world after her husband’s death to protect her children. Madhur Bhandarkar’s classic brought Tabu her second National Award for Best Actress.


Here she portrays a Shakespeare’s character. Nimmi is slutty and cunning to provoke a crime like murder and then dies with guilt. This was an excellent role for an actress like Tabu. This was one of the masterpieces by Vishal Bharadwaj and one of the finest roles played by Tabu.

Cheeni Kum

A mid-aged woman falls in love with a guy older than her father. This sarcy film by Balki was too unusual for any lead actress but Tabu brought great charm to this character of a strong headed women.


This adaptation of a Shakespeare work by Vishal Bharadwaj brought up delicious challenging characters for Indian actors. Tabu as Ghazala Meer, a half-widow, a mother experiencing a cocktail of feelings like frustration, love, guilt and redemption. This is a role which is every actor’s dream.

We are not done with Tabu and will never be.We are wholeheartedly waiting for some more tremendous performances by this woman institute called TABU.

Gaurav Bharat

Gaurav Bharat

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Gaurav Bharat