On this Teacher’s Day, let’s explore a few films of Bollywood, which explores various aspects of teacher-student relationships.
PS: Nostalgia guaranteed.

1. Mohabbatein (2000)


This romantic drama directed by Aditya Chopra sets up in an educational institute that is commonly known as “Gurukul” run by extreme disciplinarian Narayan Shankar played by Amitabh Bachchan. “Parampara, Pratishtha, Anushasan” (Traditions, Honor, and Discipline ) were three major beliefs of Gurukul until Raj Aryan (ShahRukh Khan) enters. Music teacher Raj believes in music and love. Soon he creates a chaos inside the Gurukul which leads to a musical rebel.

Due to its rebellious nature and grand music, Mohabbatein becomes a rage among youngsters especially school going kids at that time though it also evokes the debate long due.

The movie depicts an open war between love and discipline. By the climax of the movie Love wins over fear but may be logically we may not agree with the scenario in the real life. Though undoubtedly the makers want to emphasize on the fact that while running for career and success we are not teaching our kids about two very important things – Happiness and Love. Though it was considered in our society that discipline is something we learn from our teachers, Mohabbatein takes a step ahead and bravely tries to tell that spreading love is also a teacher’s responsibility.



2. Munnabhai MBBS (2003)


Nobody can forget the “Jadu ki Jhappi” given by Munna Bhai, Which can cure “almost” everything and bring a smile to our face.

The movie targets the relation between humanity and the noble profession of a doctor.
Due a series of event, golden hearted goon Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) now wants to be a doctor so that he can reconcile with his parents. Along with his best buddy Circuit (Arshad Warsi) he tries to survive in a medical college but his lifestyle becomes something that the dean of the college Mr. Asthana (Boman Irani) can’t tolerate.
A teacher’s role is not just to teach a student but make sure they understand what they are doing and what are their real responsibilities. Doctors are considered next to god. They are expected to be strict and that’s what the medical school is about? isn’t it? In the whole movie, a bunch of intelligent people fails to teach Munna to become a doctor but Munna teaches them to become more humane in their approach. He teaches the hospital people to spread love, understand the importance of life, and respect fellow human beings irrespective of their job. It would be correct to put that in the end, it was Munna Bhai who became the teacher in the college. The movie also reminds all of us of that one teacher who is very strict and questions people’s capability on marks and degrees but still keeps his calm. That person here is Dean Asthana. Everybody in the movie carries a substantial role and teaches us a lesson.
The movie is an accurate example which tells, us that we don’t need to learn everything for professional degrees. Humanity, love, and mamugiri(spreading love) are above all. What we need is Munna and circuit friendship, bauji ki maar, Maa ka pyaar, Ashthana ki hassi and Jaddu ki Jhappi.




3. Chillar Party (2011)review chillar-party-wallpaper-04-12x9.tif
Isn’t self learning the most important thing? Aren’t we are our own teachers? There are instances in lives when we have to learn and execute it all by ourselves. The perfect example of such situation is the movie Chillar Party. When we look back at our childhood what comes to our mind? Serene moments, honesty, enjoyment etc.
The kids of a particular society in Mumbai are enjoying the same moments where they are living a life full of dreams unless they became friends with Bhidu, the dog, and Fatka. Their friendship with a dog and a poor child teaches them more about love for all beings and how they should not be judgmental. The situation gets worse when a political leader tries to get revenge back on Bhidu for biting him, by announcing a new rule in which all stray dogs will be caught.
This upsets the children and the dog owner Fatka who then try their level best to make Bhidu stay in the colony. At this point one realize how important is to execute what we actually learn in our education, it is not just about facts and figures. It is about being compassionate, respectful and a good human being. We all had moral science classes, but in reality how many times we use it in our real life? It was these children who really wanted all those lessons to be applied in their real life too.
That’s why they worked so hard on getting signatures in the colony to their famous chaddi march to raise the issue. This movie shows how sometimes in our life we are our own teachers and we have to make choices by becoming our own guide.




4. 3 idiots (2009)

“Beta kabal bano kamyabi jahk marke peeche aayegi”
“Become rightly able, Success will follow”
It is a movie which showed that doctors and engineers are not everything. We should follow our heart when it comes to choosing our career.
The movie is and about the teachers, students, marks and the education system and how badly students are trapped in this cycle. The system has become so monotonous and rigid in nature that it doesn’t allow creativity. Competition is what rings the bell. You topped means you are good. If you fail meant you are of no good. But is it the only criteria by which we should judge the students? Are marks really that important?
It is a story of three friends Raju, Farhan, and rancho who are studying in the top engineer college under Dean “ virus”. It targets the education system which is just producing robots, secondly the career choices which we make in our life under the societal pressure. The society has created an image that if you are a doctor or an engineer you will be successful and that’s why many a times people fail to do what they really want to do in their life. It brutally shows how students just study for the sake of marks, not for learning. It was rancho who was not happy with the system and always stood up to make changes, even in his friends’ life. Farhan wanted to became a wildlife photographer and Raju was so scared by the society that in the end both of them were failing miserably. A situation we all have faced once.
The system has become so rigid that nobody really cares what they are studying; it all comes down to marks and marks. And if you fail even for once you are good for nothing.
But is this really true? No, it is not. And that what the movie is about, no matter what we are doing we should give it our 100cent, put creativity in it, we should do it for the purpose of learning not achieving. Our career should be the one which we want not what society wants us to do.
It is one movie which should be watched by every individual, it really can’t be expressed in words.



5. Tare Zameen Par (2007)

Another great movie which questions the competitiveness and importance of marks in our education system?
It brought tears to everyone’s eye. A teacher-student relationship is one of the most beautiful ones we can have in our life. They are the one who influence us, support us, provide us with knowledge makes us capable of becoming something. But sometimes there are certain teachers who work a little extra and fight a little harder for the students. Such was Nikumbh, the teacher of Ishaan in his new school where he was left alone because he was not a good student and his dad thought Ishaan has no place in this competitive world.
Ishaan was always looked down by his teachers, friends because he was not a good student, was constantly even compared to his elder brother who was good at studies and sports. He was criticized by everyone because of his behavior and anger. What everyone failed to see was seen by Nikumbh that he was a talented painter and is actually suffering dyslexia which makes it difficult for him to understand. On knowing this, Nikumbh tried to come in touch with parents, authorities just to help Ishan and showcase his talent to the world. There are many Ishan out there who are struggling with the system, competition and are losing their childhood and innocence in it. But luckily we have some teachers like Nikumbh who helps Ishaan to cope up with hard times and learn and never give up.
This movie is a tribute to the teachers who didn’t give up on us, no matter what.


6. Parichay (1972)


The movie is set in 70s era and show relationship between a disciplined grandfather and his grandchildren. It throws light on children’s behavior. Due to some family issues, the children doesn’t like their grandfather including the eldest Rama, the distance kept growing and growing on unless Ravi, the teacher came in their lives. Unlike other teachers he just doesn’t want them to teach but understand them too and he believes in discipline but at the same time also believe that children need joy, love, and care too. Only books can’t teach them. In a very simple yet powerful manner, the movie covers the emotions. The emotion of the orphan children, who felt disconnected back with their grandfather, the grandfather who didn’t know how to make them feel home, in addition, kept disciplining his priority , the romantic emotion between Rama and Ravi.

After our parents it’s the teacher whom we listen to so, it totally depends on the teacher as well how he conducts himself. How much importance he gives to this relationship or just considers it as a job.
Parichay as a movie from the point of view of the teacher is about those teachers who didn’t take up the easy route of shouting and being just strict, the one who came up with those small activities and learnings to help us grow and understand.

7. Chak de India (2007)

“Sattar minute hain tumhare pass, shayad tumhare zindagi ki sabse khas sattar minute……..cheen lo apne yeh sattar minute”
Remember the times when we had a problem in our groups? Was nobody working accordingly? When you lose trust in yourself? And there comes the teacher who will set everything right.
The one who will show you the correct path, The one who will put more blood and sweat than you, The one for whom his students are the most important.
That is coach Kabir Khan for you in this movie.
In a country obsessed with cricketers, an ex-hockey player (who was alleged as traitor back then) takes up the job to coach Indian women hockey team. More than the team he wants to show the world that Indian women are no less when it comes to hockey. His struggle from day one to the finals of the world cup is tremendous. From getting all girls together as a team, then training them and constantly reducing their differences, making them believe in themselves and simultaneously fighting with the authorities all of this is done by him for his team and country. Kabir Khan here portrays one of those teachers who make our dreams as their, their real victory is happiness on our face.
He motivated them at every point. He wanted them to play not just win, to give their best on the court irrespective of the fact that who is playing against them, will he be happy with their performance or not? He just wanted them to give their best and evolve as a true sportsperson in every sense.

Watch these gems with your teacher’s! Happy Teacher’s Day from Scriptors!

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