November marks the beginning of the winter. And at this time of the year, romancing to the tunes of Bollywood is indeed a bliss. Romance is in the blood of the Hindi cinema.
Our cinema is all about music and so are the people of this country. From Mohammad Rafi to Arijit Singh, we all have our personal musical collections which can make us dance, cry or forget the world anytime we want.
We are presenting here the most romantic songs of the past 6 years which sparked the romantic feeling in us. They might not be on your top 10 list right now but they are sure to bring back the same magic.

1. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
A mismatch Jodi of Prem-Sandhya got its voice through Papon. This song explains how we fall for people . The insecurity, the attraction, the initial feelings of love, the internal conflicts. Varun Grover penned down all these emotions for us and also won National Award for the same song.
My best line from the songs is ” Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage Tere Ungliyoon Se Ja uljhe” – I just got attracted to you, fell for you and was in love with you, without even knowing about it.

2. Raabta
“kehte hain khuda ne is jahan main sabhi  liye kisi na kisi ko banaya hain kisi ke liye” the song is about finding your soulmate, the connection, the raabta you find with someone. The song is just breathtaking. It’s the most beautiful thing in the whole movie. Please listen to its other versions too. The visual of this particular song is quite ironical as violence is quite prevalent on screen but technically it’s a unique as it’s a single shot song. Watch it carefully.

3. Saibo
The name of the movie was “shor in the city”, but it was the most peaceful song of the year. It’s a song about how people slowly fall in love and that phase of the relationship when you are accepting your feelings.  The music starts with this small beats and then Shreya’s and Tochi Raina’s voice begin the magic.  My favorite lines are:-
”Man Yeh   Saheb Ji Jaane Hain Sab Ji, Phir Bhi Banaye Bahane”

4. Agar Tum Saath Saath Ho
This was one of the best songs of 2015. We just can’t thank Alka Yagnik, Arjiit Singh, A. R Rahman and Imtiaz Ali enough for giving us this song. It just strikes at the heart, doesn’t it? It narrates the pain of being left alone in love through its lyrics and music. It has so much meaning in it, The whole concept of how a person is fighting for his love to come back and how life will be easy if he is there. The lines sung by Arijit does bring tears to our eyes. ‘be dard thi zindagi be adard hain”.
And its picturization just sinks our heart. Generally, visuals distract us from music, but not this one. Deepika and Ranbir gave their best performances here. The way she tries to stop him and the tears they share, it made us all cry. Through this song, Imtiaz simply shows that no one captures the pain of love more beautifully than him.

5. Zehenseeb
“Tere Sang Beete Har Lamhe Pe Hume Naaz Hain, Tere Saath Jo Na Beete Uspe Aitraz” it’s a beautiful song in every sense. The music, lyrics and the cuteness of Parineeti and Siddharth just make it more delightful. When you love someone unconditionally you can’t stop yourself from humming this song.

6. Sawaar Lo
Probably for the first time the bubbly and dhinchak actors of Bollywood- Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh gave a poise performance through this song. The music really did justice to the 1950’s setup. When you listen to the song you feel you are listening to an old romantic song.

7. Phir Le Aya Dil
The voice of Arijit Singh with the classical touch against the backdrop of Calcutta, I couldn’t have asked for more. This song defines how our heart tries to go back to our love.  Sometimes we are back to square one, but this time the person is not same anymore. The Rekha Bharadwaj version is equally good.
So, if all thoughts of your loved ones  are coming back to your mind then this song is relatable.

8. Ranjhaana
As always A.R  Rahman surprises us, this time it was Ranjhaana. The title track ‘Ranjhaana Hua Main Tera” defines the whole movie itself. How love can never be bound, it is selfless and it always will be and how your life is dedicated to that one person.

9. Tum Ho
This song is still played on the loop. ‘Tum Ho Saath Mere Pass Mere” don’t we all want to be in love and sing this song? Mohit Chauhan’s voice, Nargis- Ranbir romance and A.R. Rahman’s music– this song in all sense is one of the most romantic songs of the decade.

10. Iktara

The song that bring the breeze of love right through your window into your room and you will start feeling estatic. The voice of Kavita Seth will melt even the stone-hearted people. Wake Up Sid and Wake up every one and listen to this melody.

So, feel romantic this season and listen to these songs with your loved ones.

Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

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Shivangi Shrivastava