As Prasoon Joshi said – “Yeh Shehar Nahi Mehfil hai”, Dilli is always a fascinating cilli for Mumbai walla Filmmakers and hence many of the films tries to depicts the various sides of this amazing city.

No One Killed Jessica

Kaat kaleja le gayi… Dilli“. Most real and hardcore description of Delhi and people living there. How the powerful people with the political approach can easily get away with a murder in our capital as the privileged high society was not brave enough to say the truth. Raj Kumar Gupta’s thriller is derived from the true incident and shows the cruel and rebellious side of Delhi. nokj_11


2. Rang De Basanti – In this epic cinema directed by Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra takes us on the campus of Delhi University and then throw us on the road of activism which is quite prevalent around the monuments like Jantar Mantar and India Gate. The depiction of the Delhi youth is aptly mad and inspiring at the same time. It beautifully depicts the relevance of Bhagat Singh without getting over patriotic or delusional.rdb-8

3. Dilli 6 – Again a Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Film. There is a saying – “You can take a man out of his city, but you cannot take the city of a man.” Mehra’s Delhi 6 is clearly exemplifying this fact. Though it focuses majorly a particular area of Delhi called Delhi 6, it still brings out the madness and the uniqueness of this metro city. Don’t we all love and sing this song in past – “Yeh Dilli Mere Yaar, Bas Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar”. vfx2

4. Delhi Belly- A gangster, Some Diamonds, A box of shit and madness of Delhi Nights. This madcap screenplay of Akshat Verma took a long time to get picked by producers but it definitely a satirical take on Delhi’s culture. Coming closer to the “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron” ‘s humor level, Delhi Belly may not be the most realistic picture of Delhi but somewhat is definitely relatable.  1336279623

5. Khosla Ka Ghosla- This fabulous National Award winning satire written by Jaideep Sahni is no less than a masterpiece. It marvelously explores the aspirations of a middle-class family living in New Delhi and how this capital is captured by land mafias. From a great ensemble to the depiction of the city, Dibaker Banerjee nailed it in this movie. maxresdefault-1

6. Do Doni Chaar – Do you remember Duggal Sir’s scooter going around on the roads of the city of Delhi? Well if you have watched this one of the best-written films by Habib Faisal you can’t forget Duggal Family, their colony and their aspiration to get a 4 wheeler. Again the middle-class picturization of the city is perfect and entertaining in this super entertaining flick which was a comeback of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh on the cinema screen after a gap of decades.do_dooni_chaar_660_061613050437

7. Rockstar – Though this love story of a Rockstar travels many parts of the world, there is a huge part shot in Delhi and it beautifully captures the spots where lovebirds try to spend their time in this bustling city. Don’t you start singing “Ting Ling Ling” from “Katiya Karoon”.


8. Band Baja Baarat – You can’t finish talking about Delhi If are not talking about the Big Fat Wedding Functions of the city. Lights, Music, Dance, Booze and madness writer Habib Faizal picks everything of Delhi Weddings and put it in a narrative of Bittu and Shruti. From Janakpuri to Chhatarpur Gardens this film covers it all.


9. Aisha – Where most of the films cover the lower class and middle class of the capital, Aisha is a beautiful take on relationships of the upper-class society of Delhi. Aisha and her bunch of friends is a clear depiction of what city’s rich youngsters are usually up to and yes also the class theme weddings plus shopping!!!!poster7

10 . Oye Lucky Lucky Oye – Another gem by Dibaker Banerjee which captures the twisted side of Delhi through the eyes of a thief. You will not only get on the roads of Delhi but also inside the houses of Delhi along with Lucky.683

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