#26 #Pyaasa #Scriptors100BestFilms “Mujhe Shikaayat hai, samaaj ke is dhaanche se, Jo insaan se uski insaaniyat chheen leta hai”

This year an Indian film was restored frame by frame by experts to be showcased at #VeniceFilmFestival along with 20 other restored classics as an entry for prestigious #VeniceClassicsAward, A movie that happens to be also listed in #TimesMagazine as one of the 100 best movies ever made.

Yes, Today we are talking about #GuruDutt’s, #Pyaasa, a timeless cult classic starring #GuruDutt, #WaheedaRehman, #Rahman and #MalaSinha which tells story of a poet Vijay, who fights materialistic world and chooses love over worldly fame. It is said that the original casting for this film was #DilipKumar, #Madhubala and #Nargis. Its also said that both the actresses opted to play Gulabo, (the role later played by Waheeda) or none.

Originally titled Kash-m-Kash and then Pyaas, this film was so inspiring for other Indian filmmakers, that this film was remade in Tamil, Telegu, Malyalam and Kannada

Dense with ideas of social change, and scathing commentary on the incumbent malice and stigmas of society, ‘Pyaasa’ not only epitomized the golden age of Indian cinema but also was a reflection of Indian bourgeois itself. ‘Pyaasa’ has a subtle quality about itself, where all of the brazen truths and harsh realities of society are simmering under the surface beneath waiting to be explored and extrapolated by the mindful audiences. ‘Pyaasa’ is a timeless classic not without reasons. Even more than 55 years of its release, it still remains relevant in the modern times, because India continues to be plagued by the same societal curses– corruption, misogyny, materialism — that Pyaasa directly or indirectly addresses.

‘Pyaasa’ also has the one of best moments ever witnessed on Indian cinema-screen. A presumably dead poet rises from his grave, and emerges out of the shadows to witness unimaginative effect his poems have created among the people, though, that hardly makes him shout in exultation, rather the afflicted neglect he suffered from the same people infuses him with melancholic sadness filled with anger. Through his song ” Yeh Duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya”  he conveys the sad state of the times we live in. But the real moment of extreme significance comes afterward when at a function to honor him, Vijay becomes sick of all the hypocrisy in the world around him and declares he is not Vijay denouncing the corrupt and materialistic world.brothers, neither his past lover. Undone by his near and dear ones, and so called honory citizens, he finds solace in a women outcast by society.  When the actor of the film, commonly referred as hero in Hindi films, turns down the opportunity to become a hero, and decides to leave the city with a prostitute, it’s apparent that this choice mustn’t have been easy for  Guru Dutt — but he still persisted with it. And the outcome of that decision of his is that cinephiles are to this day intrigued, enthused and invigorated by a this eternal masterpiece, in true sense of the word, called ‘Pyaasa’.

The music of this film was rendered by S D Burman and has been in our hearts and soul for decades now. It was indeed a complete score. On one hand it has playful ‘Jaane kya tune kahi’ in voice of #GeetaDutt, Funny ‘Sar jo tera chakraae’, Insanely romantic ‘Hum aapki aankhon mein’, A song for the nation ‘Jinhe naaz hai Hind pe’ and Plot relavant ‘Ye duniya agar’ and ‘Jaane wo kaise’.

Talking about this movie would be incomplete if we dont talk about Extraordinary writing by #AbraarAlvi and Lyrics penned by #SahirLudhianvi. Some say that the story of this extraordinary poet was real life story of Sahir himself told by #Gurudutt through this film.

This is not a film. Its a gem in the crown of Indian Cinema.

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