Great comic timing and distinctive acting have become synonymous to Boman Irani. He just owns the character he plays. Relishing his effortless performance every time on the celluloid is simply invigorating. He’s blessed with a natural talent of captivating the audience as long he’s on the screen. On the top of that, he started his film career at the age of 42 when a lot of people tend to retire from it. So, after spreading awareness of AIDS yesterday let’s revive and savor some playful yet artistic works of the Boman Irani on December the second, his birthday.

Viru Sahastrabuddhe – 3 Idiots
“Life is a race” (in his accent) sounded more like a punch than a warning. Viru Sahastrabuddhe’s conventional ways of teaching and being adamant about it, his constant terror in the premises and an epic dressing sense makes the character unforgettable. He was equally competent with the questions showered to him by Rancho. I personally loved him more than Rancho. Virus’s journey from being stubborn and indifferent to his students’ needs to melting like wax for appreciating their work moved me.



Dr. Asthana – Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.
Dr. Asthana unknowingly gave a great message in the movie, which is to laugh whenever you get angry or upset. This would surely result in a healthier world. Coming to the character, Dr. Asthana again is cunning and disciplined dean of a medical college (khadoos). He has been mocked the most in the film but kept bouncing back at every situation. In the last scene, you’ll be convinced to hate him and that’s how strong Boman’s acting is.



Natu Bhai – Waqt
“ye toh kuch bhi nahi hai” (followed by an exaggerated comparison) would be Natu Bhai’s reply on every talk he is subjected to. His typically humorous and overstating analogies have the ability to make you giggle even the seventh time you hear it. However, there will be a crisp logic to those parallelisms. And that is the beauty of this person.



Advocate Rajpal – Jolly LLB
Advocate Rajpal is a cynical legal hawk who is purely influential in his state of the profession. Indifferent to the literal truth behind the case but particularly concerned about winning (also profits). His wicked and unscrupulous nature come out when a small town novice (Jolly) tries to disturb his game. The means he uses are more foul than fair. Certainly, he delivers a very dominating and powerful performance throughout the film.


Kishan Khurana – Khosla ka Ghosla
I haven’t met a lot of property brokers but if they are a bit similar to Kishan Khurana, then I guess they are fun. He’s an amusing land mafia who possess sufficiently enough power to influence cops and create fake property papers. A Cruel and strangely funny real estate shark who slyly takes hold of a common man’s property. It’s his clever acting ability that you fail to imagine anyone else whenever you hear about a plot or an estate agent.


Many a time Boman Irani’s roles would be short like in Waqt, Dostana, Bhootnath or goal but never insignificant. He would do justice to every character given to him. A former photographer and theater artist, this Parsi Dikhra has certainly carved his niche in Bollywood through his ethereal acting and generous expressions.

Aditya Mandloi

Aditya Mandloi

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