SRK – the Stardom Redefining Khan, who, after Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, and Amitabh Bachchan, added the fourth dimension to the Indian glitterati, and the Hindi cinema showed us what Romance, in its most fashionably intense form, could be like – SRK standing like a larger-than-life statue and spreading arms wide with a slight tilt to his shoulders and exhuming the warm expressions, which can only be compared with honeydew dipped rose petals, through his inviting eyes. This ‘standing romance’ didn’t make only the on-screen heroines fall for him, but also made other gazillion girls (and boys) across the country go weak in their knees.

Since his ‘inception’ as an actor on the Indian screen through ‘Fauji’ he never ‘even once’ came across as ‘also ran’, but always as the ‘frontrunner’. SRK is still running and we still hold our breath in awe every time he takes a new step. Today he is taking a milestone step by crossing 50 years of his age – an occasion to look back on his five most memorable and trendsetting performances.

Baazigar: Not many young actors who want to establish themselves as a ‘Hero’ on Indian screens can dare to take up this (and the one that immediately followed, Darr) role of a cold-bloodedly plotting and revenge-stricken anti-hero. But when you are SRK, you don’t follow the trends, you set them, and you set them so well that the anti-hero still wins your heart.

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa: Who can forget that obsessive and yet adorable liar, named Sunil, whose attempts to win the heart of the love of his life couldn’t materialize on the screen, but he sure did win ours.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: This is what I call a trendsetting SRK film, not only because it broke all the records, but also because it wrote a new chapter in the book of ‘Indian On-Screen Romance’, which many others are trying to study in vain, but it takes only the king to master it.

Swades: This film revealed that ‘SRK – the Star’ is also an actor, and a fine one too. His skillfully controlled portrayal of an NRI NASA scientist who comes to India, probably one last time, to bring back his last surviving Indian connection, but ends up integrating into the Indian soil like he was never away from it.

Chak De! India: This was the film to prove that Swades was not just a fluke. SRK repeated the history of his seasoned acting skills yet again. This is the film that has carved a definite impression on all our hearts that will last forever.


There is only one way of wishing the king.

“Long Live, your highness!”

Gaurav Bharat

Gaurav Bharat

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Gaurav Bharat