Everybody loves a great movie with a great story, action and a superb ending. But is it really satisfactory? Isn’t it exciting that every once in a while a movie comes alongside that completely twists up your intellect? You may be confused, you may be annoyed or, utterly enthralled but nevertheless, you get the excitement to watch the flick again just so you can fully grasp it.

These 6 movies are the impeccable examples of films that you may have got an idea of when you first watched but never understood it.

  1. Fight Club.

q1One of my favourite movies and certainly needs to be re-watched. This movie portrays Ed Norton as an insomniac, desk worker who befriends a charismatic, intellectual, fighting artist. But once we get to know the truth about his friend, we certainly need to rewind the movie again as to where it all started to go wrong for Norton. This movie offers a great performance, an enthralling story and is an overall classic.

  1. Shutter Island


Shutter Island is a neo-noir psychological thriller, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. A sensational movie with flair, done with flawless direction as it portrays DiCaprio as Edward Daniels, a US Marshall and Mark Ruffalo as Chuck Aule, his partner, who is sent to a psychiatric facility on a remote island to investigate about a missing patient. The movie is a deep puzzle and everything falls of the hook as we learn about the truth about Edward Daniels.

  1. Inception.


Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan, tries as hard as it can to lose the audience. The movie, starring DiCaprio, as Dominic Cobb and his team is hired to use their experimental technology to enter their targets dream. Although, the initial conception can make your brain twist, this film profoundly relies on the concept of dream within dreams and plays with the stream of time and leaves you guesstimating at the end.

  1. Birdman.


Birdman, starring Michael Keaton as a former superhero, who’s now a washed up after trying to reclaim his former glory by writing, directing and starring in a Raymond Carver performance on Broadway. A high wire acting done by Keaton, while battling with himself, with unfathomable storyline, making the audience visualizes it is being taken in one shot.

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey


The movie, directed by Stanley Kurbick, changed sci-fi movies forever. From the bold opening scenes of primeval man’s first encounter with unearthly intelligence, to the iconic final image of man reborn into some kind of ultra-evolved space infant, 2001 will forever stand as one of the most fascinating but baffling cinematic experiences. If you like sci-fi movies with depth grabbing stories, 2001: A Space Odyssey is required viewing.

  1. Primer


One of the most engrossing and confusing time travels, sci-fi drama movies ever made. The movie reaches a whole new level of possibilities by having an almost documentary like theme. The movie develops into a baffling model of causality loops and overlapping timelines which no human brain can possibly hope to comprehend after a single view. Made with a budget of only $7000, Primer won the Grand Jury Prize.

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