Dangal was a much awaited picture of 2016, scheduled to be released in the month of December, with everyone of us having a few common reasons to watch it. Be it Aamir’s perfectionist cachet or comparing it with Salman’s similar genre movie Sultan. We bring you some more and are sure that a few of them would strike a cord with each one of our readers.

1. The Broken Dream – Dangal is about the story of two girls and their coach, none other than their father training them to excel in a male dominated sport. It can be said that one unfulfilled dream led to another wishful thought. When the father, who is a wrestler himself, had to give up his job because of family responsibilities because the meaning of sports in India revolves more or less around cricket and other talented players are not provided enough facilities to carry on their career. Those of us working in a so called unconventional work field surely know how it feels.

2. The Disappointment Daughter – The apparent sorrow of not having four daughters but of not being able to have a son who’d clinch gold in wrestling for our country forms a dominant part of the movie. Although things change later but it might have pricked some of us girls who were considered any less than their male siblings. But we are sure proving everyone wrong, you came out with flying colors ☺

3. The Making – Starting from scratch, in a play area which you haven’t seen or heard of anyone entering into but you, gives you the heebie-jeebies. And more difficult it becomes when one has to go through not only physical pain, but also emotional and mental stress as the girls undergo when they start wearing shorts, keep short hair and practice with boys. All the successful people know this right?
4. The Early Age Fame – Success at a young age is not only a boom but a bane as well. The gut to digest it is something most people lack and that is the time when we forget that we climbed the mountain first for reaching the mountain top. And then things slip out of hand, the arrogance , the ego it just takes over and there is only one way to go – downwards.

5. The Struggle – There are times when no one supports us but our family. Our parents and siblings are the only people who have full faith in us in spite of our numerous failures. We all must have gone through that phase in our lives and are thankful to God for giving us the wonderful family we have who trusted in our success against all odds.

6. The Victory – The good and bad, the harsh and soft, the criticism and sarcasm, nonr of it matters once we reach where we wanted to. Victory is like that ointment which soothes away all the pain of the long, tedious journey. This feeling has been one of the central idea of the movie and I cannot help but mentioning Aamir’s famous dialog before her daughters match, “ Dooji aayi toh aaj nahi toh kaal log bhool javenge, aur je jeet gi toh misaal ban jaevgi aur beta misaale di jati hai, bhooli nahi jati”
We hope you watch many more movies this year and find your own life in smaller or bigger parts on the box office! Wishing all the readers a Happy New Year.

Akshita Gupta

Akshita Gupta

A mechanical Engineer who is passionate about reviewing bollywood in all forms possible. I add my own version of Wisdom to all my writings (wink!)
Akshita Gupta