We all know her as one of the most versatile and bold female actor who made her mark among critics and boxoffice especially in patriarchal Industry. She carries the capability to make a hit on her own shoulder without any “Khan” or “Kapoor”. She just need a great story and amazing character to play on screen and she will amaze you like never before. VIDYA BALAN. Lets talk about some of her “Out of the Box” Characters played by her.

Vidya- Kahaani

Vidya Bagchi or whatever her real name was, she was the real meaning of durga in the movie. She came like an innocent pregnant woman who was searching for her husband and later she came out as the real box of secrets. Only vidya knows how to handle a character with so many layers.

Vidya- Paa

She decides not to be a victim when she got pregnant. She decides to give birth to her baby without getting married. She decides to complete her studies while she was pregnant. She decides to take care of her child independently. She is the face of modern Indian women, who doesn’t need any man to complete her.

Reshma- The Dirty Picture

In this whole pretentious world, if you are asked to play a character who says whatever going through her mind then it become something so bold that cannot be carry on screen without killing your all inhibitions. Vidya while playing Silk was so fierce that it was very difficult for so-called broad minded males to accept this character. Standing Ovation for Vidya to Play something that no actress ever dared to play on screen.

Sabrina- No One Killed Jessica

Playing real-life character on screen is always challenging as it will always be compared with real one. But Vidya knows how to get into the skin of the character. If you watch this movie again then pay yours to vidya’s body language, her walking gait, her silent expressions and especially her dialogue delivery. That’s the sign of a classic actor to create a character on screen.

Sulochna – Tumhari Sulu

“Main Kar Sakti Hai” Definitely only Vidya can do that. Playing a fat, married, uneducated, housewife and still, we all are hooked into her story. Tumhari sulu was all about the sulu which brought to life by Vidya. The most entertaining character played by her on screen.

Meenakshi- Guru

Ya that was not a lead role but playing a character who is handicapped but still have her own vision, ambitions, desire and especially perspective is a tricky thing. On the very initial time of her career, she chooses an unattractive supporting character to play but didn’t we loved her in this movie?


Krishna- Ishqiya

This was the most layered character she played on screen. Krishna seemed to be sympathetic but actually having secondary motives. A window who was horny at times. Sarcastic and fearless. She knows how to play with peoples emotions. Vidya played Krishna as like no one can do it better than her. Unapologetically.

Gaurav Bharat

Gaurav Bharat

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