The definition of love has evolved over time. And so has Bollywood. Gone are those days when you would find actors singing and dancing around trees, using it as their perfect wingman. Instead, you will now find some Khan romancing a much younger Chiffon saree-clad actress in the Swiss Alps. With changing times, even music directors and lyricists have adapted themselves. Those who couldn’t, came up with their own definition of love. Here are eight weird ways in which Bollywood Songs have defined love:




There are various ways to define love, yet none is as bizarre as comparing love to chilli! It so happened that one fine day, lyricist Sanjay Chhel’s brilliance sparkled and he, alongwith Himesh Reshamiya, came up with a song that needed to be banned for the greater good of mankind! It also was the first of the plethora of awkward songs that Zayed Khan subsequently starred in. Check out the song here:





No prize for guessing this one. Although it was an instant hit at the time of release, yet one cannot ignore its lyrics, which compares love to a hookah bar! Penned by Shabbir Ahmed and composed by Himesh Reshammiya, this one defines love in the most awkward way possible. Why Himesh, why?




This is one of the many songs that shows Bollywood’s obsession for food. Written by Sameer and composed by Himesh Reshammiya (once again), this one has a desperate Dia Mirza, asking her lover to make her taste ‘Pyaar ki Chutney’. How I wish someone could decode what that actually means!




Carrying forward the legacy of food obsessed Bollywood, we have this song which was unbelievably penned down by Javed Akhtar and composed by A.R. Rahman. So, we have Prabhu Deva complimenting Kajol’s eyes by comparing it to a Strawberry! Strawberry eyes, really? This one had me in splits with its hilarious lyrics.




Even this popular North-Indian Dessert wasn’t spared by our lyricists. Penned down by Sameer, this one has Govinda calling Raveena Tandon a ‘Sonpapdi’ and in return, she calls him a ‘Sonhalwa’. Must say, sweetness overloaded!




If you thought Vodka and Sharaab songs are the pioneering work of Honey Singh, then hold on. This song by Altaf Raja will change your perception. This song, which talks of drinking ‘Ishq di Whiskey’, has some really bizarre lyrics. Check out this video-



“Caller tune baby, make me your caller tune”

It might be one of the most absurd ways of expressing love, but this song is perhaps the only saving grace of the disaster called ‘Humshakals’. It is written by Sameer and composed by Himesh Reshammiya.


Which one would you like to dedicate to your bae, this Valentine’s Day? Just kidding!

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

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