Free to fly high,  unworried about following the heart and most importantly being  jolly are the attributes that define youth. The term ‘youth’ isn’t constrained by the age factor. It’s an experience. In fact a person can be youthful all his life. It is the state of mind, the freshness, the vigour and enthusiasm, the spontaneity and the uninhibited nature make them so. The most significant stage in one’s life caters the experiences that are imperishable. Here are the movies that touch upon  this particular strand of life.


  1. Rang De Basanti

“Zindagi jeene ke do hi tareeke hote hai, ek jo ho raha hai hone do, bardasht karte jao…ya fir zimmedari uthao use badalne ki”

This one is closest to my heart. I haven’t met a person who hasn’t seen this piece of art. Almost everyone, I know, relates to a particular character in this film. RDB depicts the ideal college life that an individual yearns for. A journey of how a typical “cool” college gang seeing no future of the country evolves to take the leadership to address the injustice and corruption in the country. Simultaneously acknowledging the efforts made by freedom fighters of India to make it what it is now–free.


2) Dil chahta Hai

“Dil Chahta Hai, Kabhi Naa Beete Chamkeele Din. Dil Chahta Hai, Hum Na Rahe Kabhi Yaaro Ke Bin”…I feel like writing the whole song here.

These lines describe the perpetual dichotomy of a person swinging between his present life and nostalgia for of the crazy time he had with his friends. Dil  Chahta Hai brings out the latter. It is essentially a story of three close knitted friends getting through various stages of life. First half of the movie is totally chilled out while the other half brings out the acute emotions of the characters. I inferred the following after watching this movie. In a period of lifetime a person goes through a lot of things like love, break-up, switching the careers, shifting between the cities and what not. But the one thing that remains constant is friendship.


3) Udaan

It is a story of liberation. Thinking of  Udaan gets me a step closer to flying. An adolescent taking the control of circumstances after a long period of agony and apprehension by his father.  The free spirited nature of a being is analogous to that of nature. Disciplined but without limitations. Dream fearlessly and imaginatively, even if your legs are haltered by chain, even if you’re put behind the bars. Open you your wings like birds to touch the sky.

4) Yuva

Yuva, which is the Hindi word for youth, marks the entry of young, educated and selfless people to join politics. It challenges the way country is run by today’s so-called leaders. Though the script favours idealism before realism, it manages to bring out its central idea. A clichéd but important message- “We don’t have a problem with you, but with how dishonestly the system functions”. And this could only be altered by being a part of it.

5) Shaitaan

Meeting random people and feeling powerful just by being a part of something.‘Shaitaan shows how the energy of a youth if not channelized in a proper way can lead to disastrous consequences. Youngsters on the verge of reaching 20 sometimes fail to get hold of the untamed devil nurturing inside them. Moreover, it brings in the denial to accept and take responsibility of the occurrences happening due to their wild nature. In contrast to the above-discussed films, it sketches the dark side of youth.

6) Wake Up Sid

Youth by general consensus is a phase between childhood and adulthood. You’re either considered too young or too mature to deal with a situation. This leaves you in a dilemma between being truly an adult and shed the innocence of a child or the other way round. I believe we can have best of both worlds and so does the movie. Furthermore, Wake Up Sid lucidly states that you can’t live in a bubble and expect the things to work out for you. You need to get out of your comfort zone and do something for it.  

7) Udta Punjab

Another intense movie like Shaitaan that depicts the shady side of the young generation today. It’s a very sensitive topic to talk about, but more than  any other film on the list, I would recommend Udta Punjab; so that, one  is aware of  the menace of drugs. The ostentatious culture of  heroin abuse has swept the whole generation of Punjab. And that’s why Udta Punjab is the best example of ruining the most treasured state of life.

8) Queen

This movie compels you to see the world before ranting  about any of the happenings you’ve  encountered and  blame it on others. It leaves your wondering how falsely we preconceive the notion of ourselves being inadequate in several manners. Unlike the flicks discussed above, Queen significantly celebrates individuality. The freshness and chirpiness in you will strike only when you’ll be yourself.  As a matter of fact, the last song of the film says “Khud Hi Toh Hain Hum Kinaare”(the shore is where we are, we are the shore).

Aditya Mandloi

Aditya Mandloi

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