7 “Out of The Box” Characters Played By Vidya Balan

7 “Out of The Box” Characters Played By Vidya Balan

We all know her as one of the most versatile and bold female actor who made her mark among critics and boxoffice especially in patriarchal Industry. She carries the capability to make a hit on her own shoulder without any “Khan” or “Kapoor”. She just need a great story and amazing character to play on screen and she will amaze you like never before. VIDYA BALAN. Lets talk about some of her “Out of the Box” Characters played by her.

Vidya- Kahaani

Vidya Bagchi or whatever her real name was, she was the real meaning of durga in the movie. She came like an innocent pregnant woman who was searching for her husband and later she came out as the real box of secrets. Only vidya knows how to handle a character with so many layers.

Vidya- Paa

She decides not to be a victim when she got pregnant. She decides to give birth to her baby without getting married. She decides to complete her studies while she was pregnant. She decides to take care of her child independently. She is the face of modern Indian women, who doesn’t need any man to complete her.

Reshma- The Dirty Picture

In this whole pretentious world, if you are asked to play a character who says whatever going through her mind then it become something so bold that cannot be carry on screen without killing your all inhibitions. Vidya while playing Silk was so fierce that it was very difficult for so-called broad minded males to accept this character. Standing Ovation for Vidya to Play something that no actress ever dared to play on screen.

Sabrina- No One Killed Jessica

Playing real-life character on screen is always challenging as it will always be compared with real one. But Vidya knows how to get into the skin of the character. If you watch this movie again then pay yours to vidya’s body language, her walking gait, her silent expressions and especially her dialogue delivery. That’s the sign of a classic actor to create a character on screen.

Sulochna – Tumhari Sulu

“Main Kar Sakti Hai” Definitely only Vidya can do that. Playing a fat, married, uneducated, housewife and still, we all are hooked into her story. Tumhari sulu was all about the sulu which brought to life by Vidya. The most entertaining character played by her on screen.

Meenakshi- Guru

Ya that was not a lead role but playing a character who is handicapped but still have her own vision, ambitions, desire and especially perspective is a tricky thing. On the very initial time of her career, she chooses an unattractive supporting character to play but didn’t we loved her in this movie?


Krishna- Ishqiya

This was the most layered character she played on screen. Krishna seemed to be sympathetic but actually having secondary motives. A window who was horny at times. Sarcastic and fearless. She knows how to play with peoples emotions. Vidya played Krishna as like no one can do it better than her. Unapologetically.

5 reasons why Phillauri will be a must watch!!

5 reasons why Phillauri will be a must watch!!

After NH10, Anushka Sharma is back as a daring producer with “Phillauri”.  It’s an unusual story of a Ghost get married to a living person. Directed by Debutant Director Anshai Lal. The trailer is out and we all are thrilled and waiting for the movie to get released.

Here are 5 reasons because of which it is on our watchlist.

1. Indian Myths & Traditions:

We all know an old Indian myth that ghost generally lives on peepal tree. There is a ritual of getting married to trees or animals. Coming up with an idea of getting married to a ghost living on a tree is quite innovative and creating curiosity.

2. Anushka As Ghost:

We have seen Anushka as a lover, reporter, wrestler and much more. This time she is playing and friendly beautiful Ghost who got married to a living person. This comic yet emotional character played by Anushka will be interesting to watch on Silver screen.

3. Diljat Dosanjh as Punjabi Folk Singer.

You all have seen his marvelous performance in Udta Punjab for which he won Filmfare’s Best Debut Actor Award.  His looks as Folk Singer and his chemistry with Anushka seems like USP of ‘Phillauri”

4. Suraj Sharma’s Cuteness

You might not recall but you all have seen him as the lead in “Life of Pie”. But this time he is playing a damn cute Indian boy who is getting married but land up with a Ghost.

5. Punjabi Folk Music

The trailer is filled with many amazing tracks which we all are waiting for. Debutant Music Director Shashwat Sachdev will definitely go to impress us with his amazing talent.

We all are looking forward to  “Phillauri”

Let’s Watch the trailer Again!!

10 Songs Of 2016 That Will Remain With Us Forever

10 Songs Of 2016 That Will Remain With Us Forever

As the year is approaching towards the end, let’s go back and see the songs Bollywood gave us this year which will stay with us for a longer time. Definitely, you made some more additions to list. Don’t forget to mention those in the comment section.

  1. Ik Kudi – Udta Punjab – Song sung by Shahid Mallya gives chills in bones every time. Lyrics  by Late Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi brings the pain and agony of being lost. But at the same time it gives undying hope.

2. Jeete Hain Chal: Song starts with Mahamrityunjay mantra, and that itselfs gives goose bumps. Hope and meaning of life put in one of the best motivational hindi song of all time. Dynamic trio of Prasson Joshi, Kavita Seth and Vishal brought us the magic of music through this song.

3. Channa MereyaM  So one more reason to keep loving Arjit Singh is “Channa Mereya”. Pain of one-sided immortal love and separation will remain with us forever with this song.

4. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan: We all might not love this movie but everyone one was in love with the music of “Baar Baar Dekho”. Jasleen Royal & Prateek Kuhad, the rising talent prove their presence with the innocence of love in this song.

5. Love You Zindagi: Amit Trivedi always comes with a new breeze and freshness in his music. Love you zindagi gives a nice message without even being preachy. Jasleen’s voice soothes our ear and mind.

6. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: One more fabulous track by Arjit and Pritam. The sufism of this song touched the agony of every lover. I am quite sure that this song is still in everyone’s playlist. Why not listen it again.

7. Bolna: B Loved by everyone, ‘Kapoor and sons’ is one of our favorite movie this year. Though it was a family drama still all the tracks especially ‘Bolna’ counted as most melodious romantic track of the year. Arjit and Asees voices are soothing and pleasure for ears.

8. Soch Na Sake: This song from one of the most critically acclaimed movie ‘Airlift’ clicked to all romantic song lovers. Voice of Arjit again created magic for ears and we all love to keep this in our playlist for long.

9. Aave Re Hitchki – ‘Mirziya’ one of the best music album of the year. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy proved once again that they are still very much in the game. Though all the songs of this movie were awesome but ‘Hitchki’ remain stuck in the tongue of every music lover.

10 Dangal : At last the title track of Dangal. A movie that is giving chills in whole nation having a strong support of its music. Voice of Daler Mehndi brought the determination and strength to the dreams of Characters in the movie. You can feel the rush every time song played in the movie.

Special Mention- Sairat Zaala Ji- Sairat:  Though its not a hindi song but needs to mention amongs the most memorable film of the year – ‘SAIRAT’ a marathi film which broke all the borders of language and become biggest earner of Marathi Cinema ever. Enjoy the faboulos track by Ajay-Atul (Agneepath fame). I am quite sure you all win enjoy this track and all other song of this movie.

Tabu- 8 Films That Prove Her As Institite Of Acting

Tabu- 8 Films That Prove Her As Institite Of Acting

To get into the skin of a character is one of the most difficult challenges for any actor. Tabu excels in this art and that’s why she is considered as one of the finest actresses Bollywood has ever had. With her versatility and portrayal of characters, she is undoubtedly an Institute of acting for upcoming generations of actors. Let’s take a look at her 8 finest performances.


She plays a victim of riots which followed Indira Gandhi’s assassination. This Gulzar film brought her First National award for Best actress and established her among the talented league of artists.


Going the unglamorous way was always seen as a challenge for Indian actress but this wasn’t the case for Tabu. The role of an innocent village girl, Gehna, and her unconditional love is still fresh in our memories. Deservingly, this won her a Filmfare Best actress critics award that year.

Hu Tu Tu

A daughter who seeks justice and revenge from her politically ambitious mother. Something which was very difficult to relate to, right? But again Gulzar justified the character of Panna through one and only Tabu and she went to winning another Filmfare Best actress critics trophy


A housewife who commits adultery and get pregnant! A story that Indian society is still not ready for. Playing such a daring character has always been Tabu’s cup of tea and this cup always brought her a trophy in her favorite category – Filmfare Best actress-critics.

Chandni Bar

A tragic story of a girl who becomes a bar dancer, marries a gangster for an escape but eventually comes back to the same world after her husband’s death to protect her children. Madhur Bhandarkar’s classic brought Tabu her second National Award for Best Actress.


Here she portrays a Shakespeare’s character. Nimmi is slutty and cunning to provoke a crime like murder and then dies with guilt. This was an excellent role for an actress like Tabu. This was one of the masterpieces by Vishal Bharadwaj and one of the finest roles played by Tabu.

Cheeni Kum

A mid-aged woman falls in love with a guy older than her father. This sarcy film by Balki was too unusual for any lead actress but Tabu brought great charm to this character of a strong headed women.


This adaptation of a Shakespeare work by Vishal Bharadwaj brought up delicious challenging characters for Indian actors. Tabu as Ghazala Meer, a half-widow, a mother experiencing a cocktail of feelings like frustration, love, guilt and redemption. This is a role which is every actor’s dream.

We are not done with Tabu and will never be.We are wholeheartedly waiting for some more tremendous performances by this woman institute called TABU.

Shahrukh Khan – A Daring Producer

Shahrukh Khan – A Daring Producer

We all know Shahrukh Khan as a great actor and the king of romance. But in a league of actor-turn-producers (Amir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan et al.) he stands out completely. His daring act as a producer has been proved by the kind of stories he has picked. A money-minded-producer might never choose such stories and also such directors to bring them alive on the celluloid. Let’s take a look at the brief journey of Shahrukh Badshaan Khan as a daring Producer.



A historic movie is always a risk for its heavy production cost and the fact that the audience might not relate to it. Despite this understanding, Shahrukh said yes to Santosh Sivan (Cinematographer-turn-Director ) for bringing the story of the Great King Asoka shine on screen. 

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani


Media always plays an important role in promoting or demoting the career of an actor or the fate of a movie. Making a movie against media and making fun of reporters was very risky. But along with Juhi Chawla and Aziz Mirza he took that risk.



A rare Rajasthani folk story with just a few commercial elements enticed Shahrukh Khan. Yet again, he nodded yes to Amol Palekar (actor-turn-director) to bring an odd love story of a woman and a ghost on screen.



Making a Sci-fi in a country like India is all about burning your money. A fight between a bad robot and a good robot sounds very terminator types. But Anubhav Sinha (of Tum Bin fame) tried to bring it as a collation between the gaming world and the real world. This was Shahrukh’s most ambitious project, but just like his other experimental productions, this too failed at the box office.

Billu Barber

Billu Barber

This is a story of a barber (Irfan Khan) who is a childhood friend of a famous Bollywood star. Shahrukh did a cameo role in this comedy film directed by Priyadarshan. 

My Name is Khan


Playing an autistic character called Rizwaan Khan was itself out of the box for Shahrukh
and then he opted to produce it with his bestie Karan Johar. It was definitely one his best performance as an actor.