How Luv Ranjan and Kartik Aryan are creating a new genre – Bromance Cinema!

How Luv Ranjan and Kartik Aryan are creating a new genre – Bromance Cinema!

Luv Ranjan and Kartik Aryan are back with their 4th film together-  Sonu Ke Tittu Ki Sweety. As crazy as the title sounds, the trailer looks equally whacky and hilarious. In one line, A best friend (Kartik Aryan) is trying to break the marriage of his buddy (Sunny Singh) because he wants to “Save” him from this girl (Nushrat).

When this Luv and Kartik first came together in 2012 in “Pyaar Ka Punchnama” – No one was expecting that this new director and this new face can create such magic among the boys that soon the film will gain a cult status. What actually worked there? Well, one can say hilarious dialogues and nice performances but gaining a cult status is something not in one’s control. It was actually the relatability. Each and every boy of the country who has watched the film somewhere able to connect with at least one or more male protagonists who were badly stuck in a relationship. Not only that end of the day the decoding of “Bro Code” by the director and writer Luv was a bullseye. The subtext that a brother cum friend is always standing beside you whenever you are going to face rejection or heartbreak is something that transcends to the young audience fabulously and who can forget the monologue of Kartik which was one of the most reposted and shared video among the college groups.

They tried a bit different thing from “AkaashVani” but failed. Nevertheless, even Akashvani ha a hint of Bromance Cinema a lot with the supporting characters.

Then they are back with “Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2” which became one of the most anticipated films of 2016. “Problem Kya Hai?” whenever someone says this line, one feels like starting the second monologue of Kartik in PKP2. This installment has taken the “Bromance Cinema” to another level where buddies are not only enjoying each other’s company but also standing up in each other’s thick and thin. It was an instant hit!

And now they are back with a bang. This is the time they are not subtle which I am liking it. The trailer itself says that it’s the Bromance Vs Romance. It’s a tough a fight no doubt but what makes it interesting the fact that Kartik and Nushrat are fighting over the guy which is unusual because in previous 3 films of Luv Ranjan, one thing that was constant that Kartik and Nushrat were paired together. Well, who knows maybe this time also they will end up together? Well, that may be a little predictable if that happens.

Nevertheless, This Bromance Cinema is long due in Hindi Films. We had friend’s films where 3 or 4 guys were going and having fun together but getting the nuances and peculiarities correct is now the forte of this Actor-Director couple. Being a girl it’s a bit odd to like this sort of cinema but believes me, inside their heart, every girl must be asking- How come Luv Ranjan decoded me so easily? Well, the answer must be hidden in his past. Who knows? But what we know is that we can watch this trailer a few more times. My only complaint is that Just the word “Chu**tiya” is overused. I am done with that word.

Watch the trailer here:

Biographies That Should Have Been Made In Bollywood

Biographies That Should Have Been Made In Bollywood


We all know that our Film Industry is struggling with the lack of original ideas and concepts. Even India’s official entry for the Academy Awards – Oscars for this year – Newton is facing charges of plagiarism as it has a lot of similarities with Iranian Film – The secret Ballot. In the industry where writers are at the lowest of the food chain of filmmaking, it is very difficult to find original stories but India is a country of more than a billion and if we just try to pick real stories like – “Neerja” and “Dangal” there will be enough original content to conquer the invasion of International Entertainment.

So let’s find out what we can do –

1. APJ ABDUL KALAM- The story of a Newspaper boy from Rameshwaram to the President of India is definitely is a story that needs to be told. A man, his determination, his passion and his simplicity is something that inspired and transcends to every Indian and even to the people outside India. This is one story we would love to see coming alive on the screen.  former-president-apj-abdul-kalam-5-pti21

2. SATYENDRA NATH BOSE – was an Indian physicist from Bengal specializing in theoretical physics. He is best known for his work on quantum mechanics in the early 1920s, providing the foundation for Bose-Einstein statistics and the theory of the Bose-Einstein condensate. A Fellow of the Royal Society, he was awarded India’s second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan in 1954 by the Government of India.The class of particles that obey Bose-Einstein statistics, bosons, was named after Bose by Paul Dirac. Can we expect “A beautiful mind” sort of science drama here?physics-t-shirt_feature-image-635x800

3. MAJOR DHYANCHAND – Though Shetty Sisters (Aarti & Pooja ) have acquired the rights of making the movie on this sports legend of India Major Dhyan Chand long time ago, the development of the film seems dicey and looks like it’s still a dream to see some one playing this great sports person on screen. We all know that National Sports Day is celebrated on the birthday of this forgotten hero of our country who face to face clash with Adolf Hitler was one of the most dramatic incidents of his story. We all are waiting for this story to be told soon. 600999-dhyanchand700

4. RAVI SHANKAR- World Class Musician. The face of Indian Classical Music. 2 Marriages, Failed Relationships. Father of famous world-class musicians and their rivalry. From Grammy to Bharat Ratna, Pandit Ravi Shankar’s life story is definitely a story of a true artist. But can we get the rights from his daughters?The late sitarist, composer and musical ambassador Ravi Shankar, who died Tuesday at age 92.

5. ISMAT CHUGTAI- Ismat Chugtai popularly known as Ismat Aapa was a fierce Urdu writer who was not afraid to talk about female sexuality at the repressed times. Surrounded by the controversies of her writings, Ismat Aapa was never apologetic about her work. We all know the famous case of “Lihaaf” and the proceedings of it. This liberal Muslim woman was a voice that definitely needs to tell again on the screen. ismat-large

6. GURU DUTT- We all say that screen is inspired by the real life, but in case of Guru Dutt, his life imitates his own film “Kagaz Ke Phool” and “Pyaasa”. The legendary filmmaker had a successful career but failed love life and he finally ends up his own life. What leads to that? Why he also said -“Yeh Duniya Agar Mil bhi Jaye toh kya hai?” Aren’t we all still curious about him?gurudutt

  1. 7. SANJIV KUMAR – Very fewer people know this fact that this brilliant actor was in love with Hema Malini and even proposed her but after a period of time Hema has chosen Dharmendra over him and he lived rest of his life unmarried. Though he played a lot of old aged characters on screen he himself died young. This one-sided love story of a great actor is definitely something to look for. sanjeev-kapoor

8. CHAVI RAJAWAT – You may not be heard of her but her story is no less. After doing MBA Chavi left her job and came back to her roots, her village Soda in Rajasthan and fought the election to become the youngest sarpanch ever without getting affiliated to any political party.  The development work that she has done on the grass root level is really inspirational. Can we see this as a “Swades 2” but this time with a female lead? 


9. RANI KARNAVATI – Again a story very few people know. This brave queen of Gharwal region fiercely protects her kingdom from the invasion of Mughals. It was pretty famous that she used to cut the nose of anyone who used to intrude. Her folklore is pretty famous in Uttrakhand. Sanjay Leela Bhansali / Kangana Ranaut – Are you guys thinking for a collaboration? This might be the best. nak-kati-rani

10. KISHORE KUMAR – A singer, A comedian, an accidental Actor, a flamboyant personality, romantic and extremely moody, quirky and talented. Kishore Kumar was a true artist but an amazing human being. Her relationships and friendships were always talks of the tinsel town. Last we heard that Anurag Basu wants to make this biopic with Ranbir Kapoor. We just hope that Jagga won’t disturbs this collaboration. kishore-kumar-eccentric

Om Puri –  From Ardhsatya to Hera Pheri – His Memorable Roles.

Om Puri – From Ardhsatya to Hera Pheri – His Memorable Roles.

Today, Indian cinema has lost one of the finest actors in the industry. He was a director’s actor, he had no comfort zone, and he had the caliber to make every zone a comfortable and natural one for him.
From being a student at the national school of drama to the Padma Shri award winner his journey in Bollywood is filled with different characters, genres and great acting. He proved that ultimately acting skills are the most important thing in the industry and there is no replacement for it.
Comedy, antagonist, lover, father, ardent and youngster you name it and he has done all kind of roles giving us the best movies ever.
Here, are some of his favorite’s characters on screen.

Anant Walenkar – ArdhSatya


The potrayal of a helpless but honest Police Inspector fighting against the fragile system and his own demons, makes this movie a Master Class for the Actors. That cry in the end can make you feel sink.

Ahuja- Jaane Bhi do Yaaro

The drunk contractor from the classic cult comedy movie, his acting skills and comedy timings and the Punjabi accent added charm to the movie.

Abu Miyan- Mirch masala

The person, who stood against the British raj and society to protect the dignity of a woman. He played the role of a much older person and justified it to every bit.

Durgaprasad Bharadwaj- Chachi 420

We all loved this funny wannabe detective, who despite his all failed attempts wanted to solve the mystery of Chachi.

Sanathan- Maachis

a victim of communal and political violence who has taken up a different way now to restore basic civil rights and dignity of common people in the country. He was intense at the same time emotional in the movie. This was one of his best performances in Bollywood.

Khadak Singh- Hera Pheri

He can be zealous on screen but humor is his right hand’s work. We all loved how this Sardar will always come after Shyam and every time will return empty hand, his dialogue delivery made this movie a fun ride for us.

Bagheera- Jungle book

He just gave his voice for Bagheera. But, it was not like any other dubbing, he made it more special for us because of the love and warmth he had in the voice.
These few memorable characters just show how versatile he was as an actor and indeed Indian cinema has lost a veteran actor today.

9 Bollywood Songs for Post Break Up Recovery!

9 Bollywood Songs for Post Break Up Recovery!

With love comes the heartbreaks and lets’ face it, breakup sucks, be it for good only . The hardest time is to let that person go off from your mind, heart and everywhere and that’s the time when all romantic songs make us cry even more. In the world of all romantics and sad heartbreaking songs its kind of difficult to laugh your heart out and enjoy. So with the year coming to an end, forget the bad memories with the crazy dance songs to groove on after a breakup and celebrate your decision.

  1. Move On – Tanu Weds Manu Returns- The first rule of break up is to move on. It is the hardest and most important   part. you have to let that bandage rip off and let it go. this move on mantra song from Tanu weds Manu RETURN will definitely lift up your mood.

2. Hungama Ho Gaya- Queen

This movie was all about self-liberation and how positively one should take a break up and discover oneself. This new version of Hungama Ho Gaya and drunk Rani dancing on it like a boss is much needed after someone dumps you because of their stupid ego.

3. Let’s Break Up – Dear Zindagi

This cool song from Dear Zindagi is meant for a happy break-up. yes, a happy mutual break up. Kyun ki Teri Meri Waise Bhi Patne Nahi Wali, so let’s break up oh! Meri Jaan.

4. Emotional Atyachar – Dev D

It might not be a great song, but believe me, you would love to dance on it after breaking up. Some relationships are emotional torture in every sense. They are possessive about you, they want you whenever they want, they will make you go crazy, they are indecisive and best part, they are not in for any commitment also. They think it is their right to make your life hell. They have already emotionally drained you and you just can not take it anymore. so, it’s high time to get out of such torture and shout “Tauba Tera Jalwa Tauba Tera Pyaar Tera emotional Atyachar”

5. Ja Chudail – Delhi Belly

Yes, it is a typical “dinchack” and kind of offensive Bollywood song. But if you were in a situation where they really did cheat on you despite the fact that you really loved them, Then this song makes all sense. feel good that you are out oaf such relationship, don’t pity yourself instead dance on this song, like Vir Das did because indeed she was a bitch! applicable for guys also.

6. Where is the party tonight ?  – Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

so, when you are done realizing that it’s done for good and they were really not worth of your love and you have shed enough tears, it’s time to be back in action, party hard and enjoy yourself. Tune into for “sapno ke din hain sapno ki raatein where is the party tonight?” song. cherish and celebrate your life.

7. Tumhi Ho Bandhu – Cocktail

“tum hi din chade, tum hi din dhale tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi ho”

Breakups make us realize the worth of our friend. It was them only who got us through that hard after break up period. they were ready with chocolates, weekend gateways , and everything to make us feel good. so, it is a must to express our love for them. Do a pajama party with your friends and tell them they mean the world to you.

8. The Break Up Song – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

This one tops the list. when after whining for months you finally took the decision. you finally did break up with him and that feels so good. This “saadhe chaar minute long” song literally works on your “dard-e-dil” ki feelings. It was hard for you, but you know how to move on and you are going to ace it while dancing on this song.

9. Chor Bazari – Love Aaj Kal

Some times post break up you realizes that you can’t be in a relationship with that person but you can be a great friend to him. Without any pretense you can be a yourself. This number is dedicated for such friend couples.


Happy Birthday To The Creator of Munna Bhai and Phunshuk Wangdu

Happy Birthday To The Creator of Munna Bhai and Phunshuk Wangdu

A movie is a vision of its director. He is the soul and heart of the movie.

There are different kinds of Director, everyone has their own limitations and comfort zone. some shows relationships conflicts, some show reality, bring changes, represents the society, some make people laugh and then there are directors who are beyond limitations, they very beautifully shows every above element along with a social message to its audience.

That one such director in our industry is Rajkumar Hirani. Over more than a decade he has directed just 4 films. But those four films have changed the way movies are made and had a huge impact on our society.

Munnabhai M.B.B.S

In a very cult comical way, he gave us Munnabhai M.B.B.S the movie told us about the very basic things in our life and how often we neglect them. How a degree is not the only way to save a life. Ultimately it is love which we need, to be alive. It was the first installment of Munna Bhai and Circuit and they just stamped our hearts with their chemistry. We are still waiting for third installment – “MunnaBhai Chale Amrika”



Lage Raho Munnabhai

Who would have thought where in the country of India where most of the youth started hating the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi due impractical nature of it, A director will take chance to revive it through a new twist to it. His next venture made us go back to the time and understand the real meaning of Gandhism and how today we have forgotten its relevance in today’s time and yes, there is nothing which non-violence cannot solve. Humanity, respect for all human being is above all. The best part of the film was the moment when Munna realizes that Gandhi is not real but it’s his imagination. At this very moment, Raju Hirani brilliantly establishes the fact that we don’t need magic or miracles, we just need to understand Gandhi and his philosophy and adapt it to the modern times.



3 Idiots

His third directorial was 3 idiots, it is not just a movie, it is a lesson, it is life in itself. A movie which showed the problem of the young Indian generation, the loopholes in the education system and how we perceive engineer and doctors to be everything. Teacher, students, and parents of all generations should not dare to miss this.




His last movie as a director was pk, again a widely acclaimed and a controversial movie. It told how in name of the religion we have divided ourselves and have allowed some people to rule us, make it as a business. The movie made us realize that it is high time we should use logic and question our faith before we have faith on it.



From “Jaddu Ki Jhappi” to “Gandhigiri”. From “All is well” to “yeh wrong number hai”, Rajkumar Hirani movies gave us the life fundas in the most entertaining yet impressive ways . They have everything, a story with a social message, music, and great characters. Munna Bhai, Circuit, Rancho and PK. There are very few people who have the art to showcase everything in 3 hours and even help us ponder, change ourselves for better us.

Thank You Mr. Hirani for providing Bollywood classical cinema. Happy Birthday sir!