I am one of those people who want to talk about Trump’s policies, corruption in the country, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ban, philosophy of life, FRIENDS series, my relationship issues, who is hot, what to do in life, animal care etc. Basically, everything on this earth.

I’m very ambivalent. So, sometimes, during all those talks there is a flow of emotions also. But the biggest issue for people like us is “Sunega koun?” aur bhai “Kab tak sunega?”. Life lies in between these two lines. 

Finally, I found something I could relate with- the trailer of SUNCHOD. It was so surreal for me. I mean everyone wants to be heard, but who is there to listen? Who is ready to listen to all our backchodi? Every single character, every clip mirrored my life’s reality. And I was like–Oh! This is me. I loved how everyone was cribbing out their life be it a bahu, who has issues with her mother -in law, or a poor doctor, who doesn’t know whether he is a fuddu or a laloo or both.

I’m pretty sure many of us sound like them only when we let our frustration burst out.

But what really caught my mind and left me astonished in the trailer was- How one person can have so much patience to listen to all our backchodi? And does sunchodi will be able to compensate our backchodi?

So, let the sunchodi begin because “bakchod to bhare pade hai”.

Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

Bhopali studying in Bangalore. Crazy at heart! Guest Blogger at Scriptors.
Shivangi Shrivastava