An artist has no religion. It is the art that he loves, worships and believes in. Sadly, some of the pseudo-patriots of India aren’t able to realise this fact. Freedom of expression is degrading when it has to flourish the most.

For the recent unfortunate event, I feel sad about how the people in Bollywood Industry are targeted just for some political edge or an agenda. Talking about the recent happenings developed due to banning of ADHM (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) by COAEI(Cinema Owners Exhibitors Association of India) announcing that no films with Pakistani actors will be screened in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Gujrat as repercussions of Uri attack. We saw two reactions on it.

One where Anurag Kashyap took over the twitter by sarcastically telling PM Modi to apologise for his trip to Pakistan in December, comparing him with Karan Johar, who was shooting the film with a Pakistani actor during the same time. To this, the always-ready-to-give-an-opinion twitter users were two fingers away to shame him for his rant on PM. Second was the video posted by Karan Johar justifying his love for the country, affirming that he won’t engage with talents from the neighbouring countries, given the circumstances.

It is true that the nation should be the priority but blaming everything on movies will not help. Why it is that only the filmmakers are held responsible for the society? Why people like Karan Johar are termed as ‘anti-national’ but riots erupted in ‘Cauvery treaty’ and violence during ‘JatAndolan’ isn’t awarded with the same term? Why don’t we make an appeal to the industrialists to stop any type of business exchange with Pakistan? Why does the government even approve the visas of Pakistanis?

I know this is not how it works. But targeting the film industry every time won’t serve the purpose either. 


Aditya Mandloi

Aditya Mandloi

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