11  Beautiful Songs That Never Made It To The Movies

11 Beautiful Songs That Never Made It To The Movies

Saurabh Bharat
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Saurabh Bharat

Dentist turned Radio Jockey turned Social Activist turned New York Film Academy Graduate. Passion for telling stories in all possible forms. Writer and Editor.
Saurabh Bharat
Peak in:

There are so many beautiful tracks composed by Indian Musicians which never made it to the final cut of the movies. Some of them you may know and some you may not. One thing is for sure, No one should be devoid of a good piece of music. Here is our list.

  1. Aahista Aahista – Swades – Composed by The Mozart of Chennai – A R Rahmaan, This beautiful piece of music was edited out by an extremely long film of Ashutosh Gowariker’s cult classic of true patriotism – Swades. Though Gowarikar shot this beautiful lullaby sung bu Udit Narayan and Sadhna Sargam but it never made it to the final cut. If you are having a sleepless night, believe me, put this on loop, this gonna do the magic.

  2. Haan Maine Chhukar Dekha Hai – Black – Though the original score of Black does not have any song as such except this one which was composed by Monty and sung Gayatri Iyer. You have seen the world of Mitchelle Mcnally but this song just gives you goosebumps by taking you inside her world. Magic!

  3. Ranjha- Ranjha – Ravan – Again an amazing composition by Rahman, voices has given by Rekha Bhardwaj, Javed Ali, Anuradha Sriram but the magic was done by Gulzar with his lyrics. Though it was not completely edited from the film but only a 30-second version was used. Though the full song will leave you to crave for even more.

  4. Yaara-Yaara – Hum Tum – Listen to this song, but the melody will remind you of a different film. Yes! Fanna. Hum- Tum and Fanna both are directed by Kunal Kohli and music was given by Jatin Lalit. Sung by the magical duo of Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik, Kunal was not able to use this song in Hum Tum so later they used the same melody in the movie fanna with song – Chanda Chamke.

  5. Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hai Kahan – Veer Zaara – You may have listened to this melody by Madan Mohan from the love epic of Veer Zaara directed by Yash Chopra,  but it is quite interesting to know that they haven’t used this song in the first release of the film. They later added this in few versions. This one was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Udit Narayan.

  6. Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hai – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa –  Again a Rahmaan composition from one of the best romantic comedy of our times. Abbas Tyrewala even shot the both male and female versions of the song but later dropped them in the final edit. Female Version sung by Runa Rizwi while the male voice was given by Sukhwinder Singh.

  7.  Chalte Chalte ( Female Version )  – Mohabbatein – Aditya Chopra’s second directorial venture after Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was a landmark in terms of music because Aditya tried to launch not only new actor but also gave chances to many new voices likeShweta Pandit, Sonali Bhatawdekar, Pritha Mazumdar. This female version of Chalte Chalte is equally beautiful.

  8. Chocolate Lime Juice – Hum Aapke Hain Kaun – With 14 songs in total Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is still considered as one of the most successful musical of Bollywood. But this cute song was dropped from the initial edit of the released film but later when the movie was re-released it becomes the part of the new edit. You can easily recognize the voice of legendary Lata Mangeshkar in this song composed by Ram Laxman.

  9. Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse – Tanu Weds Manu Returns – The blockbuster romantic comedy sequel by Anand L Rai had many hits songs like – Banno and Bawari but this beautiful composition can gain your attention equally. They released this video which was not exactly the video of the song but never the less fits the feel of the song. This beautiful voice is of Dev Negi and composition is of Krshna Solo.

  10.  Main Hoon Woh Aasmaan  – Krrish – Krrish was a blockbuster in terms of box office also in terms of music. Rajesh Roshan composed some really good melodies but this one never able to made it to the film. Sung by Rafaqat Amanat Ali and Alka Yagnik is a melody that will stay with you for quite some time.

  11. Ikk Kudi – Udta Punjab  – Okay, you may say that it was there in the film, yes it was but just a very small version not the full song. Later Vasan Bala directed this small video for the promotional reasons which never get attached with the movie. This is definitely a beautiful video also of the melodious composition by Amit Trivedi.
7 Weird Ways In Which Bollywood Songs Have Defined Love

7 Weird Ways In Which Bollywood Songs Have Defined Love

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

Movie buff by passion, a medical student by profession. Got stuck with Cadavers instead of Cameras
Sidharth Sharma

The definition of love has evolved over time. And so has Bollywood. Gone are those days when you would find actors singing and dancing around trees, using it as their perfect wingman. Instead, you will now find some Khan romancing a much younger Chiffon saree-clad actress in the Swiss Alps. With changing times, even music directors and lyricists have adapted themselves. Those who couldn’t, came up with their own definition of love. Here are eight weird ways in which Bollywood Songs have defined love:




There are various ways to define love, yet none is as bizarre as comparing love to chilli! It so happened that one fine day, lyricist Sanjay Chhel’s brilliance sparkled and he, alongwith Himesh Reshamiya, came up with a song that needed to be banned for the greater good of mankind! It also was the first of the plethora of awkward songs that Zayed Khan subsequently starred in. Check out the song here:





No prize for guessing this one. Although it was an instant hit at the time of release, yet one cannot ignore its lyrics, which compares love to a hookah bar! Penned by Shabbir Ahmed and composed by Himesh Reshammiya, this one defines love in the most awkward way possible. Why Himesh, why?




This is one of the many songs that shows Bollywood’s obsession for food. Written by Sameer and composed by Himesh Reshammiya (once again), this one has a desperate Dia Mirza, asking her lover to make her taste ‘Pyaar ki Chutney’. How I wish someone could decode what that actually means!




Carrying forward the legacy of food obsessed Bollywood, we have this song which was unbelievably penned down by Javed Akhtar and composed by A.R. Rahman. So, we have Prabhu Deva complimenting Kajol’s eyes by comparing it to a Strawberry! Strawberry eyes, really? This one had me in splits with its hilarious lyrics.




Even this popular North-Indian Dessert wasn’t spared by our lyricists. Penned down by Sameer, this one has Govinda calling Raveena Tandon a ‘Sonpapdi’ and in return, she calls him a ‘Sonhalwa’. Must say, sweetness overloaded!




If you thought Vodka and Sharaab songs are the pioneering work of Honey Singh, then hold on. This song by Altaf Raja will change your perception. This song, which talks of drinking ‘Ishq di Whiskey’, has some really bizarre lyrics. Check out this video-



“Caller tune baby, make me your caller tune”

It might be one of the most absurd ways of expressing love, but this song is perhaps the only saving grace of the disaster called ‘Humshakals’. It is written by Sameer and composed by Himesh Reshammiya.


Which one would you like to dedicate to your bae, this Valentine’s Day? Just kidding!

9 Bollywood Songs for Post Break Up Recovery!

9 Bollywood Songs for Post Break Up Recovery!

Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

Bhopali studying in Bangalore. Crazy at heart! Guest Blogger at Scriptors.
Shivangi Shrivastava

With love comes the heartbreaks and lets’ face it, breakup sucks, be it for good only . The hardest time is to let that person go off from your mind, heart and everywhere and that’s the time when all romantic songs make us cry even more. In the world of all romantics and sad heartbreaking songs its kind of difficult to laugh your heart out and enjoy. So with the year coming to an end, forget the bad memories with the crazy dance songs to groove on after a breakup and celebrate your decision.

  1. Move On – Tanu Weds Manu Returns- The first rule of break up is to move on. It is the hardest and most important   part. you have to let that bandage rip off and let it go. this move on mantra song from Tanu weds Manu RETURN will definitely lift up your mood.

2. Hungama Ho Gaya- Queen

This movie was all about self-liberation and how positively one should take a break up and discover oneself. This new version of Hungama Ho Gaya and drunk Rani dancing on it like a boss is much needed after someone dumps you because of their stupid ego.

3. Let’s Break Up – Dear Zindagi

This cool song from Dear Zindagi is meant for a happy break-up. yes, a happy mutual break up. Kyun ki Teri Meri Waise Bhi Patne Nahi Wali, so let’s break up oh! Meri Jaan.

4. Emotional Atyachar – Dev D

It might not be a great song, but believe me, you would love to dance on it after breaking up. Some relationships are emotional torture in every sense. They are possessive about you, they want you whenever they want, they will make you go crazy, they are indecisive and best part, they are not in for any commitment also. They think it is their right to make your life hell. They have already emotionally drained you and you just can not take it anymore. so, it’s high time to get out of such torture and shout “Tauba Tera Jalwa Tauba Tera Pyaar Tera emotional Atyachar”

5. Ja Chudail – Delhi Belly

Yes, it is a typical “dinchack” and kind of offensive Bollywood song. But if you were in a situation where they really did cheat on you despite the fact that you really loved them, Then this song makes all sense. feel good that you are out oaf such relationship, don’t pity yourself instead dance on this song, like Vir Das did because indeed she was a bitch! applicable for guys also.

6. Where is the party tonight ?  – Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

so, when you are done realizing that it’s done for good and they were really not worth of your love and you have shed enough tears, it’s time to be back in action, party hard and enjoy yourself. Tune into for “sapno ke din hain sapno ki raatein where is the party tonight?” song. cherish and celebrate your life.

7. Tumhi Ho Bandhu – Cocktail

“tum hi din chade, tum hi din dhale tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi ho”

Breakups make us realize the worth of our friend. It was them only who got us through that hard after break up period. they were ready with chocolates, weekend gateways , and everything to make us feel good. so, it is a must to express our love for them. Do a pajama party with your friends and tell them they mean the world to you.

8. The Break Up Song – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

This one tops the list. when after whining for months you finally took the decision. you finally did break up with him and that feels so good. This “saadhe chaar minute long” song literally works on your “dard-e-dil” ki feelings. It was hard for you, but you know how to move on and you are going to ace it while dancing on this song.

9. Chor Bazari – Love Aaj Kal

Some times post break up you realizes that you can’t be in a relationship with that person but you can be a great friend to him. Without any pretense you can be a yourself. This number is dedicated for such friend couples.


10 Bollywood Songs To Rejuvenate Winter Romance

10 Bollywood Songs To Rejuvenate Winter Romance

Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

Bhopali studying in Bangalore. Crazy at heart! Guest Blogger at Scriptors.
Shivangi Shrivastava

November marks the beginning of the winter. And at this time of the year, romancing to the tunes of Bollywood is indeed a bliss. Romance is in the blood of the Hindi cinema.
Our cinema is all about music and so are the people of this country. From Mohammad Rafi to Arijit Singh, we all have our personal musical collections which can make us dance, cry or forget the world anytime we want.
We are presenting here the most romantic songs of the past 6 years which sparked the romantic feeling in us. They might not be on your top 10 list right now but they are sure to bring back the same magic.

1. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
A mismatch Jodi of Prem-Sandhya got its voice through Papon. This song explains how we fall for people . The insecurity, the attraction, the initial feelings of love, the internal conflicts. Varun Grover penned down all these emotions for us and also won National Award for the same song.
My best line from the songs is ” Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage Tere Ungliyoon Se Ja uljhe” – I just got attracted to you, fell for you and was in love with you, without even knowing about it.

2. Raabta
“kehte hain khuda ne is jahan main sabhi  liye kisi na kisi ko banaya hain kisi ke liye” the song is about finding your soulmate, the connection, the raabta you find with someone. The song is just breathtaking. It’s the most beautiful thing in the whole movie. Please listen to its other versions too. The visual of this particular song is quite ironical as violence is quite prevalent on screen but technically it’s a unique as it’s a single shot song. Watch it carefully.

3. Saibo
The name of the movie was “shor in the city”, but it was the most peaceful song of the year. It’s a song about how people slowly fall in love and that phase of the relationship when you are accepting your feelings.  The music starts with this small beats and then Shreya’s and Tochi Raina’s voice begin the magic.  My favorite lines are:-
”Man Yeh   Saheb Ji Jaane Hain Sab Ji, Phir Bhi Banaye Bahane”

4. Agar Tum Saath Saath Ho
This was one of the best songs of 2015. We just can’t thank Alka Yagnik, Arjiit Singh, A. R Rahman and Imtiaz Ali enough for giving us this song. It just strikes at the heart, doesn’t it? It narrates the pain of being left alone in love through its lyrics and music. It has so much meaning in it, The whole concept of how a person is fighting for his love to come back and how life will be easy if he is there. The lines sung by Arijit does bring tears to our eyes. ‘be dard thi zindagi be adard hain”.
And its picturization just sinks our heart. Generally, visuals distract us from music, but not this one. Deepika and Ranbir gave their best performances here. The way she tries to stop him and the tears they share, it made us all cry. Through this song, Imtiaz simply shows that no one captures the pain of love more beautifully than him.

5. Zehenseeb
“Tere Sang Beete Har Lamhe Pe Hume Naaz Hain, Tere Saath Jo Na Beete Uspe Aitraz” it’s a beautiful song in every sense. The music, lyrics and the cuteness of Parineeti and Siddharth just make it more delightful. When you love someone unconditionally you can’t stop yourself from humming this song.

6. Sawaar Lo
Probably for the first time the bubbly and dhinchak actors of Bollywood- Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh gave a poise performance through this song. The music really did justice to the 1950’s setup. When you listen to the song you feel you are listening to an old romantic song.

7. Phir Le Aya Dil
The voice of Arijit Singh with the classical touch against the backdrop of Calcutta, I couldn’t have asked for more. This song defines how our heart tries to go back to our love.  Sometimes we are back to square one, but this time the person is not same anymore. The Rekha Bharadwaj version is equally good.
So, if all thoughts of your loved ones  are coming back to your mind then this song is relatable.

8. Ranjhaana
As always A.R  Rahman surprises us, this time it was Ranjhaana. The title track ‘Ranjhaana Hua Main Tera” defines the whole movie itself. How love can never be bound, it is selfless and it always will be and how your life is dedicated to that one person.

9. Tum Ho
This song is still played on the loop. ‘Tum Ho Saath Mere Pass Mere” don’t we all want to be in love and sing this song? Mohit Chauhan’s voice, Nargis- Ranbir romance and A.R. Rahman’s music– this song in all sense is one of the most romantic songs of the decade.

10. Iktara

The song that bring the breeze of love right through your window into your room and you will start feeling estatic. The voice of Kavita Seth will melt even the stone-hearted people. Wake Up Sid and Wake up every one and listen to this melody.

So, feel romantic this season and listen to these songs with your loved ones.

Anu Malik-The Unsung Music Director of Bollywood

Anu Malik-The Unsung Music Director of Bollywood

Aditya Mandloi

Aditya Mandloi

Gypsy soul. Unapologetic.
Flowing like a river
Being one with mountains.
Aditya Mandloi

It is easy to stereotype artists but so difficult for them to break the chains and find their own version of versatility. Especially when one is defined by the ‘pop’ and strives to become ‘soulful’. There was a time when the only Anu Malik songs I knew were ‘Oonchi Hai Building’, ‘Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali Ho’ and ‘Gori Gori Gori Gori’. But that perception changed soon. His unique yet prolific line of work, which not many know of,are a few of his best contributions to Bollywood music. Remember ‘Panchi Nadiya Pawan ke jhonke, koi sarhad na inhe roke’? This beautiful poem of Javed Akhtar found it’s life in Anu Malik’s music. On his birthday today, let’s look at  a few more profound, melodious and timeless songs by the popular Ek-Garam-Chai-ki-Pyali musician which are etched in our memories forever.

Sandese Aate Hain

This song from the Border has the power to move everybody listening to it. From the crops in the field to the arms of the lover, lamenting the arrival of a soldier. I am sure people in the armed forces and their families relate to this more than the rest of us can.

Panchi Nadiya Pawan Ke Jhonke


Listening to this makes me wonder that a life as a bird, a brook or a soothing wind would have been much freer than this- living as a human with unnecessary boundaries and constraints. These curtailments restrict us to explore the liberal world we are born in.

Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

It was surprising to find out that Anu Malik is still composing songs. This one talks about the threads of enchantment which entangle two people when they shred their walls of judgement. There is some peaceful vibe in the melody and in no time it became everyone’s favourite.

Roshni Se Bhare Bhare

Well, every song of Asoka was a chunk of art but this one ruled the numbers. It has this unusual feeling of sensuousness and lusciousness attached to it. You tend to play it when you’re up for a titillating evening (wink!).

Tere Darr par sanam Chale Aaye

I am sure people in love with 90s music are already smiling reading this one. The song from the movie Phir teri Kahani Yaad Aaye is a typical Kumar Sanu song yielding the intensity of passion in love.

Sau Dard Hai

With Gulzar’s words and Sonu Nigam’s voice, Anu malik did justice to the song by composing it. It brings out the pain of an unfulfilled love. This song will help one slip into a forgotten memory lane.

Woh Lamhe

How can one forget this song ever!From the radio of autowalas to the music systems of sophisticated cars, it was played on a repeat from one destination to another.

Anu malik is generally downed by the listeners as a not-so-serious music composer and also has been accused of stealing tunes. But there have great melodies which one cannot deny. No matter what people said, Anu Malik continued making his music speak for him.