6 Bollywood Flicks That Seemed Way Too Real to Relate To!

6 Bollywood Flicks That Seemed Way Too Real to Relate To!

Amar Singh Rathore

Amar Singh Rathore

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Movies gather up a large amount in our life when it comes to recreational space. We tend to get a lot affected and/or inspired by watching cinema as we really look up to actors and their films. Though cinema is dreamy and all things glossy and glam, sometimes, a few movies bring up the reality and day-to-day life struggles & experiences onscreen perfectly. Here is a summed up list of reeled up movies which depict real life in a beautiful & subtle way.

1. Wake Up Sid : 
big1-2A girl comes to Mumbai to make a career in content writing and finds her own share of happiness & scuffles in her office as well as where she abodes. A guy who is a silver spoon kid doesn’t finds any interest in his dad’s business, leaves his home after an ugly brawl and finds shelter at his friend’s come to explore his love for photography. Relate much right? So many of us leave our home in ways good & bad to finally become independent and in this quest of standing on their own feet, we find ourselves! Wake Up Sid is one movie which almost everyone can relate to!

2. Do Doni Chaar : 
6b38770f-7f10-463c-ba06-e3db12c46912Do Doni Chaar throws light at a middle class family and their efforts to levitate their lifestyle in terms of buying a simple life-luxury like a car or a new fridge. Creating real life scenes which are highly relatable was a highlight of this movie. The director cleverly generated scenes where we can see ourselves having those conversations in our house. A dad working extra hard to fulfill his family’s wishes as he is an underpaid maths teacher, a mother being practical and managing household expenses without showing the pain behind it, children cribbing and comparing what their friends have & they don’t to their parents! These all are the sightings one can find in an Indian middle class family. Veteran actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor made it extra believable with their acting game as well.

3. Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1 and 2 : 
pyaar-ka-panchnama-g4Pyaar Ka Punchnama and it’s sequel both trace the life of three men falling to three women who and eventually failing to find love but end up becoming mere puppies. Though towards the end, they get clarity and leave the women to go back to their bachelors life. The scenes where the guys are earlier single and party in their bachelor-pad showing bromance in a very natural way followed by the stereotypical depiction of women & their ways of trying to sublime the friendships their boyfriends share was on point. The manipulative women, the goofy men and the plot-twists were so relatable that the movie became an instant hit amongst the masses. Agree?

4. 3 Idiots : 
3-idiots-movie-still-2One of the most successful movies of all time, 3 Idiots is a movie par excellence. Rarely anyone would say a word against the movie as it was loved all over. Brilliant actors like Aamir Khan, Boman Irani, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Kareena Kapoor Khan gave  memorable performances making this movie stand in a different league all together. The ragging scenes, the actor trying to meet the love of his life oh-so-secretly, the funny excerpts from the Boy’s hostel during the exams, the struggles of a student in ongoing lectures and who can forget the antics of a student who gets sloshed doing absurd things. While watching this movie and these scenes, everyone must have gone down the memory lane & reminisced their college lives while giggling away.  3 Idiots is sheer excellence in all ways and takes us back to those lovely carefree college days.

5. Lakshya : 
lakshya5Having those aimless phases in life career wise and remaining puzzled about what exactly one wants to do in their life is something everyone goes through. But what matters is eventually finding your zone & your area of interest and in finding seriousness & passion in what you do. And everyone finds that somehow and somewhat. The quarter-life crisis is something which anyone can undergo but actually so many do feel that thing which may push them a little bit extra to go for the kill. Lakshya taught us all things about life and self-evaluation not forgetting finding yourself when it is really called for!

6. Dil Chahta Hai : 
4q5u2w_1328011305_640x640Three best friends, one road trip to Goa and a hell lot of fun! Does it sound like a slice of life story to you? We are sure it does. But what happens when the same set of friends move out to different places to make a career and lose touch? They become distant, they become busy and fail to keep in touch. Happens to everyone right? The best part still remains the undying immortal bond between them which is immune from time and distance as real friends click n a second when they meet again. This movie reminds you that no matter what happens, friendships do not die that easily if you are also willing to try.

6 Movies That Inspire Your Soul

6 Movies That Inspire Your Soul

Uddipta Baruah

Uddipta Baruah

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

-Helen Keller

Inspiration is the process of infusing faith in someone to encourage him or her to do the things they are meant to do. A lot of people do things simply out of the compassion in their heart and do not realize they are inspiring others around them.

There arises a stage in everyone’s life when all is gone and the future seems depressing. We always look for a godlike intervention that would help us in our hard times and push us towards the precise path. In my case, this godlike intervention came in the form of an inspiration when I came across these incredible movies that make me look at life in a different way:

  1. Life is Beautiful

a6Life is beautiful is an inspirational story about a father and his son in a Nazi concentration camp. It is a story of courage and faith. The spirit shown by the father, trying to make life beautiful for his little boy living in a hostile environment is remarkable and truly heart-breaking. He uses humor to shield his young son from the grim realities of war by convincing him that their time in the concentration camp is just a game.

  1. Death Poet Society

a5One of the best inspirational movies ever made but also one of my personal favorites.

The movie, starring Robin Williams, in one of his finest role as John Keating, an English teacher who encourages his students to break free from the rules and norms, go against the status quo and live defiantly.

  1. Schindler’s List.

a4Schindler’s list is a very powerful holocaust movie about a German industrialist named Oskar Schindler, who saves his Jewish employees from being prosecuted and taken into death camps. Directed by Spielberg, the movie is brilliantly acted, written, directed.

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness.

a3A simple, sentimental, inspiring movie about a broken father who tries to take care of his son after his wife leaves him when he loses all his money in a product he invested.

  1. 127 Hours.

a2  127 Hours is a thriller movie about Aron Ralston, who gets trapped in a crevice in the wilds of Utah for 5 days, with limited food and water, he takes drastic steps to survive, to see his family again. His story is a vivacious drama that offers a positive moral for survival against all the odds.

  1. Rocky.

a1  Rocky tells the story of Rocky Balboa, an uneducated but kind-hearted working class Italian-American, who gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship. The movie is an inspiration for all, it’s about a downtrodden man, finding the drive to become something more and that no matter what, there’s always a chance in life, as it shows that nothing can be achieved without hardworking and sacrifices.

6 Films That Talk of Social Change.

6 Films That Talk of Social Change.

Kartik Chopra

Kartik Chopra

I am K.C Penny (real name Kartik Chopra), student(Psychology), writer by interest and a bibliophile by passion. My experiences (whatever limited) of my life, about love and my sexuality along with empathy form the crux and substance of my writing. Psychology, helps me stretch my mind to understand emotions better and to write about the 'abnormal' power of mind. Would like to be deep in people's psyche rather than high on a list of acclaim. Swill to inspire and a desire to make my own little mark in the world of words.
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Should art be for art’s sake? Only beautiful. Or should it serve a purpose of educating us? The argument has been on since centuries, whether what (of these two) should an ideal painting, sculpture, or even ‘film’ be. And more often than not if the medium is one that requires an audience to devote time and watch it, a film becomes extraordinary by doing that ‘extra’. Here are some of those Bollywood movies that did that extra by urging societal change.

  1. Queen

queenA girl dumped by her fiance just before their wedding takes a seemingly crazy decision of going solo on her honeymoon and ends up rediscovering herself. And the fact that it was a blockbuster in the era of ‘Kick’ says a lot. The transformation of Rani’s character from a timid girl to a bombshell, her relationship with her friends in Amsterdam, the kiss and the climax all make it that movie one can learn a lot from.

  1. Aitraz

aitraazMoving from the bright to dark. Aitraz was the movie that made me hate not the character played by PC but the actress herself. Filled with quintessential Abbas Mastan drama, this one dealt boldly with the still tabooed topic of male molestation. And a wife fighting for her husband worked in driving the message home that male can be victims too.

  1. English Vinglish

english vinglishContrary to it’s name and what the promos showed, English Vinglish had much more to tell us than the tale of a lady who wants to learn English. Rather, it is about her psyche and that of everyone else’s in this country that depend on English for their share of confidence, respect and self love. And while the last scene in the flight pretty much captures the essence it is Sri Ji’s dialogue “I don’t want love, just a little respect” that resonates within the soul of mother’s and wives in every household.

  1. Barfi!

barfiClichéd. I know. But barfi, for it’s subtlety had to be in the list. Back in the theatre when we watched this film Mummy felt sorry for Ranbir and Priyanka while I for the rest of us. Take a close look at that song and you’ll realise the more amenities and pleasures we run after in life the farther it takes us from our ‘Itti si khhushi’.

  1. Arth

maxresdefaultKnown for it’s ghazals, Arth literally gave a meaning to the term independence and women empowerment when it released. Similar in its message to Queen, this one is about a woman who sees her dream home shattering when her husband leaves her for another girl. Following a series of complex events it comes to a close where she is transformed into a strong woman who neither marries her old love nor accepts her husband who has come back but chooses the life free from dependence.

  1. Ijaazat

ijaazatRemember that song ‘Mera Kuch Saman’? Well, the movie is equally beautiful. Based on a Bengali story, directed by Gulzar and an art house production, Ijaazat has a lot in its kitty. But what often goes unnoticed in the complex plot is that the film, however briefly, talks of a man living with his mistress of 7 years without marriage. Yes, a live in relationship, a subject still not discussed openly in Bollywood. And while it all ends in tragedy the mere portrayal of this unique relationship in 1980’s make it a wonder enough.

Brilliant, right? And what’s more amazing is that these aren’t the only such films. So while this article ends here, I know your own list of such gems would keep on churning in your mind.

7 Weird Ways In Which Bollywood Songs Have Defined Love

7 Weird Ways In Which Bollywood Songs Have Defined Love

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

Movie buff by passion, a medical student by profession. Got stuck with Cadavers instead of Cameras
Sidharth Sharma

The definition of love has evolved over time. And so has Bollywood. Gone are those days when you would find actors singing and dancing around trees, using it as their perfect wingman. Instead, you will now find some Khan romancing a much younger Chiffon saree-clad actress in the Swiss Alps. With changing times, even music directors and lyricists have adapted themselves. Those who couldn’t, came up with their own definition of love. Here are eight weird ways in which Bollywood Songs have defined love:




There are various ways to define love, yet none is as bizarre as comparing love to chilli! It so happened that one fine day, lyricist Sanjay Chhel’s brilliance sparkled and he, alongwith Himesh Reshamiya, came up with a song that needed to be banned for the greater good of mankind! It also was the first of the plethora of awkward songs that Zayed Khan subsequently starred in. Check out the song here:





No prize for guessing this one. Although it was an instant hit at the time of release, yet one cannot ignore its lyrics, which compares love to a hookah bar! Penned by Shabbir Ahmed and composed by Himesh Reshammiya, this one defines love in the most awkward way possible. Why Himesh, why?




This is one of the many songs that shows Bollywood’s obsession for food. Written by Sameer and composed by Himesh Reshammiya (once again), this one has a desperate Dia Mirza, asking her lover to make her taste ‘Pyaar ki Chutney’. How I wish someone could decode what that actually means!




Carrying forward the legacy of food obsessed Bollywood, we have this song which was unbelievably penned down by Javed Akhtar and composed by A.R. Rahman. So, we have Prabhu Deva complimenting Kajol’s eyes by comparing it to a Strawberry! Strawberry eyes, really? This one had me in splits with its hilarious lyrics.




Even this popular North-Indian Dessert wasn’t spared by our lyricists. Penned down by Sameer, this one has Govinda calling Raveena Tandon a ‘Sonpapdi’ and in return, she calls him a ‘Sonhalwa’. Must say, sweetness overloaded!




If you thought Vodka and Sharaab songs are the pioneering work of Honey Singh, then hold on. This song by Altaf Raja will change your perception. This song, which talks of drinking ‘Ishq di Whiskey’, has some really bizarre lyrics. Check out this video-



“Caller tune baby, make me your caller tune”

It might be one of the most absurd ways of expressing love, but this song is perhaps the only saving grace of the disaster called ‘Humshakals’. It is written by Sameer and composed by Himesh Reshammiya.


Which one would you like to dedicate to your bae, this Valentine’s Day? Just kidding!

6 Reasons why Dangal is not just a Blockbuster

6 Reasons why Dangal is not just a Blockbuster

Akshita Gupta

Akshita Gupta

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Akshita Gupta

Dangal was a much awaited picture of 2016, scheduled to be released in the month of December, with everyone of us having a few common reasons to watch it. Be it Aamir’s perfectionist cachet or comparing it with Salman’s similar genre movie Sultan. We bring you some more and are sure that a few of them would strike a cord with each one of our readers.

1. The Broken Dream – Dangal is about the story of two girls and their coach, none other than their father training them to excel in a male dominated sport. It can be said that one unfulfilled dream led to another wishful thought. When the father, who is a wrestler himself, had to give up his job because of family responsibilities because the meaning of sports in India revolves more or less around cricket and other talented players are not provided enough facilities to carry on their career. Those of us working in a so called unconventional work field surely know how it feels.

2. The Disappointment Daughter – The apparent sorrow of not having four daughters but of not being able to have a son who’d clinch gold in wrestling for our country forms a dominant part of the movie. Although things change later but it might have pricked some of us girls who were considered any less than their male siblings. But we are sure proving everyone wrong, you came out with flying colors ☺

3. The Making – Starting from scratch, in a play area which you haven’t seen or heard of anyone entering into but you, gives you the heebie-jeebies. And more difficult it becomes when one has to go through not only physical pain, but also emotional and mental stress as the girls undergo when they start wearing shorts, keep short hair and practice with boys. All the successful people know this right?
4. The Early Age Fame – Success at a young age is not only a boom but a bane as well. The gut to digest it is something most people lack and that is the time when we forget that we climbed the mountain first for reaching the mountain top. And then things slip out of hand, the arrogance , the ego it just takes over and there is only one way to go – downwards.

5. The Struggle – There are times when no one supports us but our family. Our parents and siblings are the only people who have full faith in us in spite of our numerous failures. We all must have gone through that phase in our lives and are thankful to God for giving us the wonderful family we have who trusted in our success against all odds.

6. The Victory – The good and bad, the harsh and soft, the criticism and sarcasm, nonr of it matters once we reach where we wanted to. Victory is like that ointment which soothes away all the pain of the long, tedious journey. This feeling has been one of the central idea of the movie and I cannot help but mentioning Aamir’s famous dialog before her daughters match, “ Dooji aayi toh aaj nahi toh kaal log bhool javenge, aur je jeet gi toh misaal ban jaevgi aur beta misaale di jati hai, bhooli nahi jati”
We hope you watch many more movies this year and find your own life in smaller or bigger parts on the box office! Wishing all the readers a Happy New Year.

5 Most Underrated Films of 2016

5 Most Underrated Films of 2016

Yohaann Bhaargava
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Yohaann Bhaargava

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Movie Buff. Yohaann is a film critic with Jagran Prakashan Limited. He has been associated with Print and TV media as a branding professional. Presently he is a screenwriter trying to bring in some good scripts up for Bollywood. At Scriptors he works as a writer and handles business development.
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This year we must talk about some films that may not have been potboilers on Box Office, yet they garnered applause by those who watched these films

  1. Dhanak – Jeene se bhi zyada jiye


Director: Nagesh Kukoonoor

Cast: Krish Chhabaria and Hetal Gada

Many called this film a convenient screenplay. But in my opinion, this was a simple film, which made you happy throughout its complete length.

Story :

A blind boy and his kin, his sister embark upon an incredible journey to meet superstar Shahrukh Khan, through deserts of Rajasthan. In the journey, they meet people, make friends and learn valuable lessons of life. In the end, the journey comes the happy destination and boy gets to see Dhanak (Rainbow) amidst the darkness of his Blindness.

Why was Dhanak an amazing watch?

It made me revisit the era of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, when films were not complicated. Every film was simple enough to be understood and appreciated by everyone who watched it. This film rested upon strong shoulders of two of the most amazing child actors I have seen in some time. They made Dhanak a lovable watch. The cinematography of this film was breathtaking. This film was like a fairytale that I would want to read out to children. This film gives a message that life is a journey if you stop the journey will end. So come what may the journey must be taken and life must be lived, after all, that is what we are born for. This film also had some amazing music straight from the musical state of Rajasthan and gave us ‘Dam a Dam mast kalandar’, a chartbuster song of this year. This film was almost as good as Nagesh Kukoonoor’s Dor, minus the dark theme. Dhanak was colored with seven colors of sheer delight.


2.  Nil Battey Sannata – Gareeb Wo Hain, Jinke Paas Sapne Nahin Hote


Director : Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Cast : Swara Bhaaskar, Riya Shukla and Ratna Pathak Shah


In the city of Agra, there lived a household help, Chanda who works several jobs to support the education of her daughter Apeksha. Apeksha seems to be uninterested in education and believes that she one day like her mother will have to take up her mother’s profession. To teach her daughter a valuable lesson of life, Chanda decides to enroll in school herself and ends up changing Apeksha’s life forever in addition to her own.

Why was Nil Battey Sannata an incredible film?

Much like ‘Dhanak’, this film also had a simplistic narrative and Hrishida style of movie making. This film was a story of a downtrodden mother having a positive outlook towards life. This film was about dreams and aspirations. Also, this film was about understanding the value of dreams. In the end of the movie Chanda tells Apeksha, that It’s not a bad thing to fail, bad is not to try and give up. She adds, ‘Your dream is only yours, many will laugh at your dreams, don’t bother, don’t let your dream die, not all will understand your dreams but those who do keep them, close to you, they will support your win’. She ends the movie saying that we will face problems but if we have our dream in front of us, we will succeed, therefore we never let our dream out of our sight, No one can take away our dream from us.


3. Chauranga – Dark Colors of Castism


Director : Bikas Mishra

Cast : Delzad Hiwale, Riddhi Sen, Tanishtha Chatterjii and Sanjay Suri

This was the first release of the year 2016. It sank without a trace, but prior to its release, it got applauded for its rooted story and narrative.

Story :

In a land where lower caste has to live under the soles of a tyrant landlord, two lower cast boys fight it out.

Why was Chauranga special?

Charanga was written and directed by debutante Writer and Director Bikash Misra. The story was treated in the most realistic possible manner and why I liked it because each and every performance in the film was beyond words, May it be Riddhi and Delzad who played the young boys from pig farmers of Bihar or may it be Tannishtha Chatterjee and Sanjay Suri. This film is Sanjay Suri’s life’s best performance on par with his performance in My brother Nikhil. The narrative, the cinematography and everything else in the film was par excellence. Its difficult to appreciate films like these because of their low publicity and grounded themes but if you get a chance to watch this movie do go for it, I am very sure you will surely feel the pain of characters specially the mother of the children from lower caste who has to sleep around with Landlord so that at least one of her son can be sent to school. The story has multiple layers and is stark naked truth of Rural society and caste system that still rules the Rural India


4. Saala Khadoos – Powerpunch of Entertainment


Director: Sudha K Prasad

Cast: Ritika Singh and R Madhavan

We all are aware of cinematic sensibilities of Rajkumar Hirani. There must have been sheer entertainment value in the Tamil hit ‘Irudhi Suttru’, that he decide to remake this into a Hindi film. Though this movie may not have been a commercial hit but it was a true delight to watch.

Story :

Adi is a boxer/athlete discarded by the association due to sports politics, he finds an amazing boxer in a fisherwoman Madhi and takes her success and his own glory.

Why was Saala Khadoos a knockout punch of Entertainment?

This movie is a truly entertaining film. It has a truly well-written screenplay, it’s edgy and very enticing. From start to finish of the film it’s a true adrenaline rush. The movie reminds of sports movies like Chak De India. Not only is this a good sports film but also a film that talks about feminism in the best possible manner without being preachy. It’s ideally a kind of movie that should be watched on a teacher’s day with your teachers. You really have to watch this movie if you haven’t yet.


5. Waiting – Truly urban, Truly emotional, Very Mature film


Director : Anu Menon

Cast : Naseer Uddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin

These are some movies that do not carry the illogical drama. Waiting is one of them. It just is about living life and drama it offers to us.

Story :

Tara and Shiv meet at a Hospital, waiting while their loved ones are healing and help and support each other in times emotional need.

Why did we like waiting?

Shiv and Tara both are on the same page. Both their partners are in Coma. Both of them are waiting for their life to come back to normal, but both of them have the different outlook towards life. Life is a drama in itself. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and the biggest truth is life itself. Waiting is a subtle film about tender relationships. It talks about all the aspects of relationships, the ones that we are gifted with and ones that we choose to make. Are matches made in heaven, and what happens when these magical heavenly alliances break before the life ends and push you to an eternal waiting. If you want to discuss all of this, they please rent a DVD and watch waiting. It’s no longer in cinema halls.