The huge myriad of Bollywood movies that releases every year doesn’t seem to indemnify for the apparent dearth of movies for the kids. The younger ones, who can be easily molded, need to be shown films which embolden them, ingrain good values in them and at the same time, amaze them to the core of their heart. This Children’s Day, let us gift our winsome moppets something special. Here’s a list of ten films every parent need to show their kids:


10) Bumm Bumm Bole:


The journey of two siblings, Pinaki and Rimzim, who share a pair of shoes as their father cannot afford to buy another, forms the crux of the film. This Priyadarshan directorial, starring Darsheel Safary, Ziyah Vastani, Atul Kulkarni and Rituparna Sengupta in pivotal roles, might not be flawless but is the most heart-touching tale of sibling love on the silver screen. Incredible performances by the star cast make the film even more emotionally appealing. It was a beautiful adaptation of Majid Majidi’s much acclaimed Children of heaven.


9) Koi Mil Gaya/ Krishh /Krishh3:


India’s first sci-fi franchise, starring Hrithik Roshan in the role of our own homegrown superhero, ‘Krissh’ series, grabs the ninth spot on our list. What initially started as the journey of Rohit, a mentally challenged boy, who befriends an alien and gets gifted with some superpowers, now portrays the journey of his son, Krishna and how he saves the World using his superpowers. Even the fourth installment of the film will be releasing sometime next year. An out-and-out entertainer, watch this with your kids and lend wings to their imagination.

8) Chillar Party:


The story revolves around a society, whose children take matters in their own hands to save their four-legged friend, Bhidu when a scheming politician decides to get rid of stray dogs. Particularly appreciated for its screenplay, the movie was loved not only by children, but by adults as well. The movie went on to earn rave reviews and win three National Awards as well!


7) Ferrari Ki Sawaari:



A bumpy ride which zooms in on the life of Rusy, who will go to any extent to fulfill his child’s dream of playing at the Lord’s Cricket Ground, even if it means stealing a Ferrari for one day! An invigorating tale of fatherly love intermingled with many humorous sub-plots; this one is a sure-shot entertainer for your little one. Don’t miss it!


6) Makdee:


The story of how Chunni manages to rescue her twin sister Munni from the clutches of the evil witch, Makdee, was received with open arms at the box office upon release. The film, which deals with the issue of superstition, has a lot to offer to the kids. With a solid script and some incredible performances, the movie went on to win many awards, including a National Award for the best Child Artist.


5) Hawaa Hawaai:


The movie depicts the journey of a young boy Arjun, who aspires to be a skating champion and how he manages to beat all odds to emerge victorious. It is one of the most inspiring films seen in recent times; it will make you cry and laugh at the same time. Add to it Partho Gupte’s innocence, which will melt your heart for sure!


4) The Blue Umbrella:



This one is highly recommended not just because it is a Children’s film, but because it is a huge deviation from the regular cluster of films seen in Bollywood these days. Based on Ruskin Bond’s novel by the same title, the movie traces the journey of Biniya, a girl hailing from a remote village of Himachal, who is gifted a blue umbrella by a few Japanese Tourists. This gains her immense popularity. However, things take an ugly turn when her umbrella gets stolen and the prime suspect is a shopkeeper, Nand Kishore Khatri. This National Award Winning film is not just an entertainer; rather it will leave a long lasting impression with its thoughtful climax.


3) Stanley Ka Dabba:


Another film, which won Partho Gupte a National Award, finds a place in the third spot on our list. The movie is about a teacher who forces kids to share their lunch with him. However, one day he realizes that Stanley doesn’t carry a lunchbox with him. The movie is a humorous take on the plight of schools these days and is bound to amuse all the kids out there!


2) I am Kalam:


This award-winning film is something which you should not let your child to miss. The story of a poor boy, who draws inspiration from the former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and harbours a dream of meeting the visionary, is one of the most simple, realistic yet inspiring tale seen on the Silver Screen so far. It is an inspiring window into a child’s dream. Watch it if you want to lend a new meaning to your life!

1) Taare Zameen Par:


My personal favorite and a hands-down winner among all the films listed so far, Taare Zameen Par is an eye-opener for the millions of parents worldwide. The story of Ishaan Awasthi, a dyslexic boy who finds it difficult to read and write at school, gets a new meaning in life when a new art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh helps him discover his true identity. A winner of several awards, this film has made millions of people weep with its unusual and heart-touching content. Such was its impact that the movie was selected as India’s official entry for the Academy Awards Best Foreign Film category!

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

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