#DDLJ Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge or more popularly known as DDLJ by its millions of fans is just not a movie but a romantic epic that has created history. With a budget of mere 4 crores INR, this movie created a history by making 122 crores INR gross worldwide. This epic also holds the record of longest running movie in a theater (Maratha Mandir in Mumbai), with total 1009 weeks i.e. almost 20 years. DDLJ not just made it to the list of 100 best films because of its commercial success. So what makes it so special?

Written and directed by #AdityaChopra this love epic tells the story of #Simran, played by #kajol and #Raj, played by none other than #ShahRukhKhan (#SRK). Simran is about to get married to a man that she has never seen before. Then she met Raj on a Europe trip and they fall in love. When her dad found out about her love affair he gets angry and took her back to Punjab (India) to the man who he wants her to marry. Raj comes to India following her and wins everyone hearts and then they lived happily ever after.

One who has not yet seen DDLJ (which would be really hard to believe) must be wondering, so what so special about this love story? Yes, there was nothing very special in the story but there was something special in Raj and Simran, and other characters. What it actually garners is the growing India, which is modern, believes in living life on its own terms and yet somewhere have the values and cultural depth that was given to the Indian youth. This youth defies the age old traditions but at the same time feel proud to be an Indian. If you see the character of Raj – He is fun loving, drinks alcohol with friends, lie sometimes for fun but at the same time respect his father and can take care of an Indian girl like a real man. The biggest and most important characteristic given to Raj by #AdityaChopra was the fact that even though he loves Simran, he disagrees to elope with her and bring shame to her family. Instead of that he tries to win every one’s hearts. This whole thought is so Indian. Instead of rebel and fighting against people, change them and win their heart. Sounds like Gandhi- Isn’t it? Definitely this one fact was shown in the Hindi film for the first time and hence made DDLJ so special.

Also, other characters like Simran, is a modern girl who lived in London but she agrees to get married to a guy chosen by the father. Though the society has changed multiple folds since the release of DDLJ, even today a lot of girls in India go with their parent’s choices in choosing their life partners. The character of Farida Jalal #lajwanti is also very special. A mother who always wanted her daughters to live their lives like they want to, which she never did. She even asked her daughter to elope with the he love. Last but not the least the character of Simran’s father #BaldevSingh, played by one of the most versatile actors Late Mr. #AmrishPuri – He signifies a whole generation who is so deeply attached to the traditions that at times they ignore logics over it, but in the climax Aditya beautifully showed that an Indian father’s heart wins over the traditions.

This movie has other very entertaining elements like father-son relationship of Raj and his father, played by #AnupamKher, Simran and her mother and sister. The movie characters and their stories have drama, family values, Indian traditions but its soul was the romance between Raj and Simran. Aditya Chopra brought to the screen the most important ingredient in making a love story, the chemistry between the lovers, and Kajol and SRK performances nailed it!  The characters Raj and Simran were very well portrayed and the on screen romance between them tickles hearts of many, even after 20 years most of the youth idolize them.

The first half of the movie was set in Europe with Raj, Simran and their friends played by #ArjunSablok, #AnaitaShroffAdajania and #KaranJohar. The second half was back in Punjab (India). Finally, a very melodious background score with seven unforgettable evergreen songs composed by #JatinLalit made this movie a complete entertainment package.

This movie still lives in the heart of many with its memorable dialogues written by Javed Siddiqui and Aditya Chopra:

Agar ye tujhe pyaar karti hai to ye palatke dekhegi – gave false hopes to many guys that the girl love him.

Bade bade deshon mein aisi chotti chotti baatein hoti rehti hain – helped so many guys to patch up with their girlfriends

Aisa pehli baar hua hai satrah-athrah saalon mein, andekha anjaana koi aane laga khayalon mein– Many girls still waiting for their #Raj (dream boy)

Not to anyone’s surprise this movie made it to the lists of “10 Bollywood movies you must see before you die” by The Times Of India #TOI, “1001 movies you must see before you die,” a film reference book by Steven Jay Schneider (includes only 3 Indian movies), “Top Indian films of all times” by British Film Institute, and “Biggest blockbusters ever in Hindi Cinema” by Box Office India #BOI.

The year it was released, it won national film award for best popular film; Screen award for best film, best director and best actor (male); and Filmfare award for best film, best director, best actor (male), best actor (female), best supporting actor (female), best actor in comic role, best screenplay, best dialogue, best music director, best lyricist, and best playback singer (male)

Whew! I hope no one should wonder why DDLJ is included in #Scriptors #100BestFilms

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