Medical Science is a noble profession, they say. And this noble profession forms the crux of thousands of Indian TV shows and movies. While the former is known for the innumerable plastic-surgeries, reincarnations and the very (in)famous ‘City Hospital’, movies have taken relatively lesser cinematic liberties. However, there are certain movies which have defied all the fundamental theories of the human body and have created their own phantasmal concepts. Let us take a look at some of these movies, which have taken hilarity to an all-new level:

1) When you realize that snake venom is the most ideal homicidal poison:


Movie- Billa No. 786

In the movie, a group of villains decide to kill Mithun. And what’s better than using a poisonous snake for the purpose of homicide? So, they get him bitten by a snake and then dump him off. After some time, a group of people find his body and realize that only the greatest doctor in the World can save him. Just then, a snake appears and sucks the poison out of him. And guess what, our hero regains consciousness!

2) Why opt for Chemotherapy, when you have such a fantastic alternative for treating brain tumour?

Movie- Jimmy

If Mithun conquered death in Billa No. 786, his son Mahaakshay does the same with a bit more swag in the film Jimmy. Mahaakshay gets diagnosed with brain tumour and he has only a few days left with him. However, a severe blow to the head during a fight sequence cures him of his tumour. Wow, don’t you think that’s an amazing alternative to Chemotherapy?

3) Sometimes, even gravity takes a backseat!


Movie- Amar Akbar Anthony

Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna- all of them donate blood (mind it, at the same time) to their mother Nirupa Roy. But what’s even more interesting is that the blood travels anti-gravity into the mother. So if it’s Bollywood, gravity takes a backseat and even the concept of ABO compatibility becomes an exception!

4) Neurologists, are you listening?

Movie- Diya aur Toofan

Bollywood was technically much more advanced than the rest of the World. Or that’s what we felt after watching Diya aur Toofan. When Mithun is stabbed to death by villainous contractors, his brain is transplanted into brain-dead Madhoo. When Madhoo (who has Mithun’s brain now) wakes up after the transplant, the first thing that she notices is her clothes. WTF!

5) When all you need to treat Heart Attacks is a patriotic song!


Movie- Clerk

Ashok Kumar suffers from a heart attack in the film ‘Clerk’. But instead of calling a doctor, he chooses a more economical and ‘paisa-vasool’ approach- two AA batteries and a couple of patriotic songs, and he is back to normal (or even more energetic for that purpose!)

Dear Cardiologists, maybe it’s time to retire now?

Special Mention:

This article would be incomplete without mentioning this particular scene from ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’, which sums up the entire Chutiyapa in just a few minutes. Check out this video and find out why it is the baap of all spoofs!


Source- Holyshit :Medical Miracles

Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth Sharma

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