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I was thinking weather I should write this article in English or in Hindi. But I got the answer in the movie itself. Language is only one of the medium of communication and not a criteria of intelligence.

Entering in the world of Shashi (#Sridevi), she is a responsible home maker, loves her family, amazing cook and a “LADOO”maker (AKA entrepreneur). But there is something that she is missing in her life. No, not love, she is missing respect from her husband and daughter only because she is not well in speaking english. That is the point where we all relate our self with Shashi. Once in everyone’s life ┬áthere was a moment when we faced humiliation and feel inferior about our self because we don’t know english or any other language.

Soon she land up in a country where most of people around her don’t know hindi. We only try to find ourself only when we know that we are lost. Shashi joins English Classes in NewYork and that changes everything inside her. She got the confidence and self respect.

Still it doesn’t send the message that learning a language makes you better, it just gives you confidence to feel better about yourself. Shashi chooses to make LADOOS instead in appearing for her final english exams as she said ” Mere favorite subject mein fail hoke dusare subject mein pass hone ka kya fayda” – There is no meaning in excelling in other domain when I am not perusing the thing I am best at. So she chooses to be what she was earlier and not let it grow in her mind that she is superior now.

This story simply enters in your heart and changes the very perspective of seeing the people around you. Few things this movie taught me are:

-Language is a weaker medium of communication and word are always insufficient to express what you feel. Eyes can talk better than lips. Remember how Shashi and french guy had conversation without understanding.

– You don’t need to excel in a language to be a successful person or to be loved. You just need to be “NON JUDGMENTAL”

– Nobody can help you if u can’t help yourself and that is the best way to grow self confidence.

At last I was in complete love with Shashi and her sweet ladoos ( felt sweetness in my mouth when I was watching the movie). Sridevi immortalizes this character. Gauri Shinde proved that how well she can write characters. She must be “Sapna” of this movie who ┬áhumiliated her mother in her childhood, but apologies in best way possible by making this movie. Desperately looking forward for more amazing stories from her box.

A tribute to every Indian house maker/ Entrepreneur. After a long time some hindi film gave you the feel of the world of Hrishikesh Mukherjee again.

This is my first article for Scriptors. I am writing it in english though I am not so well in it. But doesn’t matter after all you can feel what I am trying to say. ” Pehli baar ek hi baar aata hai… aur pehla anubhav sabse special hota hai.”

You get only once chance to do the things for the first time, so its always special.


Saurabh Bharat
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Saurabh Bharat

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Saurabh Bharat
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