Scriptors is a collaborative effort of media professionals that include writers, directors, editors, cinematographers, copywriters, and visualisers. This is an ever expanding team that endeavors to provide the essential film & television content as well as advertising solutions.

As a client you come to us with your requirements and any creative brief, which may involve an idea, an underdeveloped concept, a raw screenplay, a ready screenplay, an unedited footage, or absolutely anything that needs to be transformed into something that looks professional and saleable You may also approach us with the information of your product, service, or brand that needs to reach the market through promotional and advertising paths. We collaborate with you to design the strategy and help you achieve the final output untilyou, as a client, and we, as a service provider, are happy.

We offer services that range from the grass-root level of concept development, log-line, synopsis, and story treatment to more advanced levels of screenplay writing, screenplay doctoring, cinematography, and editing. In the advertising domain we offer services of creating brand identity, increasing brand awareness, and creative marketing through conventional as well as new-age marketing.

Logline is a one or two line “crux” of the entire story. Synopsis is a one-pager description of the story that gives the reader a fair idea of the story without revealing essential climax points. The detailed story treatment is the story narration in detail that explains all the characters, the premises, actions, and the climax. The treatment gives a thorough idea and fairly visualized description of the story.

An ideal screenplay (or script) is subject to industry standards and must be written in that way. There are a few elements that are important and should be included in the script and some elements that may be redundant must be avoided. An element important in one script may be redundant in another. A professional screenplay writer must pay attention to all these aspects that would eventually make a script “an ideal” one. We help you improve your script to better suit the requirements of the story as well as that of a producer.

If you have a talent for any of the services we offer, i.e. screenwriting, copywriting, cinematography, or editing and if you wish to be a freelancer; you can approach us. After reviewing your capability and skillset, we can help you get assignments under the banner of Scriptors. Scriptors will charge you a percentage of your fees.