Luv Ranjan and Kartik Aryan are back with their 4th film together-  Sonu Ke Tittu Ki Sweety. As crazy as the title sounds, the trailer looks equally whacky and hilarious. In one line, A best friend (Kartik Aryan) is trying to break the marriage of his buddy (Sunny Singh) because he wants to “Save” him from this girl (Nushrat).

When this Luv and Kartik first came together in 2012 in “Pyaar Ka Punchnama” – No one was expecting that this new director and this new face can create such magic among the boys that soon the film will gain a cult status. What actually worked there? Well, one can say hilarious dialogues and nice performances but gaining a cult status is something not in one’s control. It was actually the relatability. Each and every boy of the country who has watched the film somewhere able to connect with at least one or more male protagonists who were badly stuck in a relationship. Not only that end of the day the decoding of “Bro Code” by the director and writer Luv was a bullseye. The subtext that a brother cum friend is always standing beside you whenever you are going to face rejection or heartbreak is something that transcends to the young audience fabulously and who can forget the monologue of Kartik which was one of the most reposted and shared video among the college groups.

They tried a bit different thing from “AkaashVani” but failed. Nevertheless, even Akashvani ha a hint of Bromance Cinema a lot with the supporting characters.

Then they are back with “Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2” which became one of the most anticipated films of 2016. “Problem Kya Hai?” whenever someone says this line, one feels like starting the second monologue of Kartik in PKP2. This installment has taken the “Bromance Cinema” to another level where buddies are not only enjoying each other’s company but also standing up in each other’s thick and thin. It was an instant hit!

And now they are back with a bang. This is the time they are not subtle which I am liking it. The trailer itself says that it’s the Bromance Vs Romance. It’s a tough a fight no doubt but what makes it interesting the fact that Kartik and Nushrat are fighting over the guy which is unusual because in previous 3 films of Luv Ranjan, one thing that was constant that Kartik and Nushrat were paired together. Well, who knows maybe this time also they will end up together? Well, that may be a little predictable if that happens.

Nevertheless, This Bromance Cinema is long due in Hindi Films. We had friend’s films where 3 or 4 guys were going and having fun together but getting the nuances and peculiarities correct is now the forte of this Actor-Director couple. Being a girl it’s a bit odd to like this sort of cinema but believes me, inside their heart, every girl must be asking- How come Luv Ranjan decoded me so easily? Well, the answer must be hidden in his past. Who knows? But what we know is that we can watch this trailer a few more times. My only complaint is that Just the word “Chu**tiya” is overused. I am done with that word.

Watch the trailer here:

Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

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