We like each other, we want to be together, but there is no future and  marriage is a definite no. So what should we do? I’m sure this is the  story of  8 out  of 10 couples of current generation.. Our career is our first priority. We date as long as we can and then move onto  our respective paths. That is the only thing we can do  there no other option. But is it really true?

This was the first Tamil movie I watched, enjoyed and now I am absolutely in love with it. It’s the story of Taara and Adithya who like each other but they have very different paths to follow. Taara wants to go to Paris and Adhithya has a job and is not looking for something “serious”. But they just can’t kill their feelings for each other and why should they? So like many of us they start dating and soon they get into a live-in relationship. Both believed that marriage is not for them.

Parallel to this story, the  movie also shows the story of Bhavani and Ganpathy, an elderly married couple.  Ganpathy’s love for his wife, who is an alzheimer patient, amuses them everytime.

However, time doesn’t stop for anyone, no matter whether you are in love or not. Soon Adithya and Taraa have to break up  as they both have to  leave the country. Taara has to pursue her masters in Paris and Adhithya needs to go to the US.

This comes as hard, yet expected, on the couple. They try to enjoy each others company as much as they could and then they call it off. At this point, it becomes the story of many of us who don’t want to give love a chance; we are practical people, aren’t we?

But unlike many of us, they do realise the importance of love. They understand that marriage is not a burden and if they really love each other nothing will be difficult for them, except the separation. They marry each other and still pursue their dreams.

Marriage and commitment are considered as dangerous words. These days. Not to forget, people are scared of them. We think it will hamper our career and don’t see a possibility of a supportive & a stable marriage. However if there is love one should not give up  easily. If your partner is the right person then just say, ‘Ok Kanmani,’ to him/her and be committed to them. Nothing will stop you from living your life.  

Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

Bhopali studying in Bangalore. Crazy at heart! Guest Blogger at Scriptors.
Shivangi Shrivastava