#014 #ScriptorsBest100Films “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect banana padta hai” A super powerful dialogue from a landmark movie #RangDeBasanti directed by #RakyeshOmPrakashMehra and written by #PrasoonJoshi and #RensilDesilva was not just a movie but inspired a whole new generation who do not ONLY listen but fearlessly speaks his mind out. This brave cinema tells the story of the bunch of college men who thinks that “Kuch nahi ho sakta iss desh ka” to the point where they stood up for something that they believe for.

The effect of this cinema was quite visible on the society and youth. The public participation in all sorts of protests and agitations were increased multiple times after this movie released on 26th Jan 2006. First time a social effect of any movie was so visible that not only film critics but the socialites forced to talk about the effect of the movie.

In my film studies days, a student from Uganda mentioned #AamirKhan’s #RangDeBasanti as a film that inspired him to be a filmmaker. The film won many awards.
At #FilmfareAwards it won-
1. Best Film
2. Best Ditrector
3. Best Critic’s Actor
4. Best Music
5. Best Cinematography
6. Best Editing

At #NationalAwards it won – Best wholesome entertainer.
It also got nomination at BAFTA Best Foreign Language Film.

– Saurabh Bharat

Gaurav Bharat

Gaurav Bharat

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