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Writer Nitesh Tiwary and Director Ashwini Iyer Tiwary this weekend brings a heartwarming tale of Chanda (Swara Bhaskar) and her daughter Apeksha (Ria Shukla). Where Chanda works as a maid (We call them Bai in North India) and have dreams that her only daughter do become something substantial like Doctor and Engineer while Appu is a realistic person who thinks that “Doctor ka beta doctor banta hai aur engineer ka beta engineer”. The banter and struggle dreams and realism is the story of Nil Battey Sannata. You may or may not find it as a perfect film, but the heart of the film is at right place and it touches your emotional chords perfectly. There are many reasons why you should not miss this beautiful film –

1. Gareeb Wo Hota Hai Jiske Paas Sapney Nahi Hotey –

In the climax Chanda tells her Daughter that it is very difficult to dream when you are alone and poor, but the real poor person is the person who do not have dreams. The hard working Chanda never stops dreaming where as Appu never understood her dreams. Chanda though belongs to lower strata of society, though she always manages to dream big for her daughter and that makes her special and richer than any one else.

2. Don’t Tell Them – Show Them  –

Parents have two ways to guide their children. Either tell them, preach them or else Show them. Chanda as usual tries to tell and preach Appu about studies but when Appu do not take her seriously and quite adamant about being a “bai”, She picks up the second way. To show her how to study – Though this is even more difficult path for Chanda as she is the sole bread earner of the family and she also have to collect more money for Apeksha’s Maths Tutions, Chanda still choose to come to Apu’s school and learn. This is the point where then changes in Apu starts appearing. Setting up an example is always more powerful than preaching a dialogue.

3. Do not give up –

Even in the darkest and most hopeless times, do not give up. Things will change. Either by Luck or by hard word. Luck is unpredictable while hardwork is not. So keep working hard like Chanda. It may inspire others also. As Chanda inspires her own daughter and her friends.

4. Education System –

Nil Battey Sannata very politely comments on the education system of the country. Higher Education is getting day by day farther from the lower class of India. When Appu says “Doctor ka beta doctor and engineer ka beta engineer”, some where we know that she is kinda right and hence feels kinda heart broken for Chanda. Even writer did not attempt to show that Apu is perusing for the medicals or engineering because We all know that it will take the story to unbelievable level and how sad it is! When Chanda goes and talk to the Coaching Centre owner, he is ready to give subsidy to the brilliant students who actually do not need coaching. I wish the policy makers of our country watch this cinema to get the inspiration.

5. Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera –

In the scene when Ratna Pathak Shah takes Chanda to get admission in the same school of Apu, she finds an article on the wall of the principal where it is written “Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera”. It’s never too late. It’s actually never too late. Through NBS Nitesh Tiwary gives this beautiful message also.

6. Simplicity –

As Hrishida said in Bawarchi  – It’s hard to be simple! Ashwini Iyer picked up the harder path. Nil Battey Sannata never delves into any sort of extra complexities. It’s a simple tale, told simply and hence becomes a beauty. The simplicity of characters breaks your heart and then gives you hope. When Apu’s classmate tells Appu  – “Wo apne sapne tum par nahi thop rahi, Uska toh sapna ho tum ho”, It brings tears in your eyes. From dialogues to treatment  -NBS never misguide you. It sticks to it’s point.  Even the music of the film compliments it perfectly.

7. Performances-

Swara Bhaskar is always a delight to watch. But here she excels as Chanda and you take her home with yourself. Swara as Chanda is so effective that from now onwards you can never see the help at your home without thinking about her. That’s the power of an honest performance. Her lingo, body language, insecurity and emotions are just perfect. It’s not going to be a surprise to see Swara wining National Award for this performances. All other characters played their parts aptly and hence make NBS a delight to watch.

We always keep saying that Hindi Film Industry rarely brings good stories with honesty. Here it is – Please go and watch it so that the makers will decide to  bring more such cinema to you.

Baki agar aapka bhi maths mein dubba gul tha toh ye dekhni ki banti hai!

Saurabh Bharat
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Saurabh Bharat
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