Jagga Jasoos was 2017 Best Edited Film and It won!

Jagga Jasoos was 2017 Best Edited Film and It won!

You may have liked or disliked the last year release of Ranbir Kapoor- “Jagga Jasoos” but few things about the movie was remarkable which no one can deny. Yes! The first obvious thing that comes to our mind was the songs and especially “Galti Se Mistake” and it’s choreography. The second thing which as an audience we tend to forget or ignore is editing.

With a record shoot of 4 years, Jagga Jasoos was a long story to tell and to maintain the pace and enthuse throughout the film only through songs and the beats was a humongous task for an editor. It sounds great that at Zee Cine Awards this year they have recognized the work beyond box office success. Ajay Sharma who was working as an editor in the industry since 2006, gets his due recognition from Jagga Jasoos. Earlier he as edited “Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2” last year. One may ask the question that why such a lengthy film won an editing award? What makes this film’s editing an award-winning work?  Here are 5 Reasons –

Record Amount of Footage-  The film has been shot over a period of 4 years with a lot of patience and hard work.  But this results in the surplus amount of footage to edit which is always a challenge for an editor. Not only to put the everything on the timeline but to be honest towards the story and to maintain the pace is a tough task. You can imagine that it took almost 12 hours to watch just the train sequence rushes of a particular scene out of which only a few seconds ends up in the final edit of the film. Yeah! 12 Hours!


Unique Musical Film – Jagga’s biggest adventure was not on screen but behind the screen. Director Anurag Basu has picked up a challenge of making an all-in-all musical for Hindi Screen for the first time. What does that mean? It means there are songs on the 80-90% of the screen time. So it becomes a film which is going to be a reference on its own. There are musicals in Hollywood but then you cannot edit Indian Musicals with western sensibilities and when you know that there is no reference to the work you are doing, the work becomes difficult. Master Storytelling of Anurag Basu complimented by the editing of Ajay Sharma makes Jagga possible.

Episodic yet Bigger Story – Jagga’s story has many adventures as different episodes. Each adventure different from the other and yet one has to tell the wholesome story in the larger arc. A son is looking for his foster father. Makers have consciously taken a difficult path and they have also faced the heat from many people including the critics and a part of the audience but I am sure they knew what they were doing. It was this sort of storytelling by the editor and the director which makes Jagga a compelling watch to me at least and definitely a unique watch!



Action Based Film – Jagga Jasoos was a heavy action based film and it is a no hidden fact that editing of an action film is always difficult. With multiple shots, certain emotional pointsh shots of micro durations the whole editing becomes a tedious job and when you are editing a film like Jagga, one may tend to lose the perspective due to the tiresome job. Kudos to the editor that he maintained the perspective. Means Jagga slows down also at a certain emotional points which are extremely important for maintaining the emotional quotient of the story.


Children’s Film – End of the day Jagga Jasoos was a children film BUT with lots of brains. So it expects even the child audience to put their brains on the screen and watch it. Maintaining the entertainment, colors, and actions it should appeal to it’s audience which basically has the tendency to lose the concentration after a point. I remember the editor telling me as to how he used to show the parts of the edit to the daughters of Director Anurag Basu just to take their input as what they are liking and what they didn’t like. It easy to cut and edit what you like, it is always difficult to do it what others may like. Right?

As the character of Tooti Frooti explains the two sides of brain in an intial scene of the film, Jagga is definitely made with the Right Side (Creative) of the brain and with lots of heart. It would have been greater to hear that Jagga also won Best Cinematography and Best Actor but that’s just too much to expect from Indian Award Shows. Right? We wish that people will eventually understand the uniqueness of Jagga Jasoos and film will enter in the list of those timeless classics which were rejected initially but becomes a cult later. 


5 Immortal Characters By Hrishikesh Mukherjee

5 Immortal Characters By Hrishikesh Mukherjee

हृषिकेश मुखर्जी के फ़िल्मी रंगमंच के ज़िन्दगी से भरे पांच फ़िल्मी किरदार

हृषिकेश मुखर्जी, सिनेमा का वो दीपक हैं जो तब तक जलता रहेगा जब तक सिनेमा रहेगी. हृषिदा जादूगर थे, सिनेमा के वो जादूगर जिनका जादू आज भी हमको मंत्रमुग्ध करता है. चाहे वो अनारी हो या आनंद, गुड्डी हो या गोलमाल, नौकरी हो या नमक हराम, खूबसूरत हो या चुपके चुपके, अनुपमा हो या सत्यकाम, बावर्ची हो या मेमदीदी, हर एक फिल्म एक सौगात है हम आमजनता के लिए. ये कहानियां उन्होंने इसलिए सुनायीं क्योंकि ये हमारी कहानियां थीं. आज उनका ९१वां जन्मदिन है…आइये मिलते हैं हृषिदा की फिल्मों सबसे जीवंत और अनूठे किरदारों से….

आनंद मरा नहीं, आनंद मरते नहीं

आनंद मरा नहीं, आनंद मरते नहीं


दिल्ली से जब आनंद सहगल अपना इलाज कराने मुंबई आता है तो मुंबई में वो एक डॉक्टर को छोड़कर किसी को भी नहीं जानता, बस इतना जानता है, वो अब ज्यादा जीने नहीं वाला. मुंबई आकर वो अपनी बची हुई ज़िन्दगी लोगों से दोस्ती करने में बिताता है. दोस्तों की ज़िन्दगी में खुशियाँ भरने में लगाता है, मरने से पहले यही उसका आखरी काम रह जाता है. वो अपने पेशे से मायूस डॉक्टर भास्कर को ज़िन्दगी का मतलब सिखाता है. वो डॉक्टर भास्कर को ये सिखाता है, की ज़िन्दगी लम्बी नहीं बड़ी होनी चाहिए.

अब आप ही बताइए, जब TO टू, DO डू, तो GO गू क्यों नहीं....

अब आप ही बताइए, जब TO टू, DO डू, तो GO गू क्यों नहीं….

प्रोफेसर परिमल त्रिपाठी

धर्मेन्द्र ने कई शानदार फिल्में की हैं, पर वो अगर किसी एक किरदार के लिए हमेशा किलकारियों के साथ याद किये जाते हैं तो वो है प्रोफेसर परिमल त्रिपाठी, जो की उन्हें हृषिकेश मुखर्जी की फिल्म चुपके चुपके में मिला. फिल्म चुपके चुपके में प्रोफेसर परिमल त्रिपाठी का किरदार यक़ीनन बॉलीवुड के सबसे ज्यादा कॉमिक किरदारों में से है. प्रोफेसर त्रिपाठी के ‘जिज्जा जी‘, उनकी बीवी सुलेखा की नज़र में भगवान् हैं. जैसे एक मयान में दो तलवारें नहीं रह सकतीं वैसे ही एक मनमंदिर में दो भगवान् कैसे रहे. इसलिए बॉटनी के प्रोफेसर परिमल त्रिपाठी, पहुँच जाते हैं जीजा जी …के ‘जीवन में विश घोलने’… एक अत्यंत शुद्ध हिंदी बोलने वाला वाहनचालक यानी ड्राईवर बन के, फिर क्या है, जीजा जी की ज़िन्दगी नर्क हो जाती है और परिमल अपने मकसद में कामयाब हो जाता है.

ये सब तो हम 'निर्मल आनंद ' के लिए कर रहे हैं

ये सब तो हम ‘निर्मल आनंद ‘ के लिए कर रहे हैं


मंजू का किरदार यक़ीनन हृषिकेश मुखर्जी द्वारा रचे गए सबसे आज़ाद ख़याल किरदारों में से एक था, मंजू अल्हड है, शरारती है, बेहद खुश मिजाज़ है और सूरत ही नहीं, दिल से भी बड़ी खूबसूरत है.फिल्म आनंद के आनंद और फिल्म खूबसूरत की मंजू में काफी समानताएं हैं, आनंद की तरह उसे भी दोस्त बनाने का बड़ा शौक है, दोनों ही मानते हैं, की ज़िन्दगी जितनी हंसी ख़ुशी में गुज़रे उतना अच्छा. दोनों ही मानते हैं, की समय की तलवार के साए में ज़िन्दगी नहीं कट सकती, पर ख़ुशी बांटते हुए ज़िन्दगी जीने से वो अपने लिए ही नहीं दूसरों के लिए भी गुलज़ार हो जाती है इतना ही नहीं  मंजू और आनंद दोनों को ही नियम तोड़ने का बड़ा शौक है, और दोनों ही ज़िन्दगी को अनमोल मानते हैं इसीलिए शायद आनंद हो या खूबसूरत,इन किरदारों के माध्यम से हृषिदा आपको ज़िन्दगी के पल पल को जीना सिखाते हैं. ज़िन्दगी जियो तो निर्मल आनंद के लिए, कहती है मंजू.

इट्स सो सिंपल तो बि हैप्पी, बट इट्स सो डिफिकल्ट तो बी सिंपल

इट्स सो सिंपल तो बि हैप्पी, बट इट्स सो डिफिकल्ट तो बी सिंपल


रघु एक बावर्ची है, पर शान्ति निवास के अशांत निवासियों के लिए रघु फ़रिश्ता है. जब वो इस घर में आता है तो देखता है की परिवार रुपी माला के सभी फूल बिखरे हुए हैं, और मुर्जाये जा रहे हैं. वो धीरे धीरे इन्हें एक माला में पिरोता है और फिर चुप चाप निकल जाता है एक दुसरे अशांत घर की तलाश में जहां उसकी ज़रुरत है. आज के समय में कोई भी सुपरस्टार एक खाकी निक्कर वाला बावर्ची बनने को भले ही न राज़ी हो पर उस समय रघु को सुपरस्टार राजेश खन्ना ने शान के साथ अदा किया. ज़िन्दगी में खुशियाँ ज़रूरी हैं, हर कोई अपनी ज़िन्दगी खुश रहने के लिए ही जीता है, ये बावर्ची अनूठा है, ये बावर्ची झूठा है, ये बावर्ची भी आनंद, परिमल और मंजू की तरह बड़ी बकबक करता है पर इसकी बक बक में भी ज़िन्दगी की कई सीखें छुपी हुई हैं. ये बावर्ची बताता है की जीवन की खुशियाँ एक दुसरे को मुस्कुराने में ही हासिल की जा सकती हैं.

जिसका नाम भवानी शंकर हो वो तो पैदा होते ही बुद्धा हो हया समझो

जिसका नाम भवानी शंकर हो वो तो पैदा होते ही बुद्धा हो हया समझो

रामप्रसाद और लक्ष्मनप्रसाद

याद आया कौन सी फिल्म की बात की जा रही है? बात की जा रही है बॉलीवुड की सबसे शानदार कोमेडिज़ में से एक गोलमाल की. फिल्म गोलमाल का रामप्रसाद मुसीबत का मारा है, उसको नौकरी की सख्त ज़रूरत है पर नौकरी देने वाले भवानी शंकर अजीब किस्म के इंसान हैं, जो इंसान को उसकी मूंछ और पहनावे से आंकते हैं, रामप्रसाद पहनावा तो बदल लेता है पर साथ ही नौकरी बचने के लिए उसको अपने जुड़वाँ भाई लक्षमणप्रसाद होने का नाटक भी करना पड़ता है. दोनों को मिलाकर कर अब उसका बस एक ही मकसद है, भवानीशंकर को ये सिखाना की किताब का कवर देखकर ये नहीं बताया जा सकता की उसके अन्दर क्या लिखा है. रामप्रसाद भी आनंद, रघु, परिमल और मंजू की तरह मस्त मौला है, नौटंकी करना उसे अच्छा लगता है और वो भी इन सब की तरह नियम और कायदे कानून में बंधी हुई ज़िन्दगी के खिलाफ है. हृषिदा द्वारा उकेरा गया रामप्रसाद उर्फ़ लक्ष्मनप्रसाद भारतीय सिनेमा पटल का वो किरदार है जो सदियों तक जिंदा रहेगा.

10 Movies Which Depicts The “Dill” of Delhi!

10 Movies Which Depicts The “Dill” of Delhi!

As Prasoon Joshi said – “Yeh Shehar Nahi Mehfil hai”, Dilli is always a fascinating cilli for Mumbai walla Filmmakers and hence many of the films tries to depicts the various sides of this amazing city.

No One Killed Jessica

Kaat kaleja le gayi… Dilli“. Most real and hardcore description of Delhi and people living there. How the powerful people with the political approach can easily get away with a murder in our capital as the privileged high society was not brave enough to say the truth. Raj Kumar Gupta’s thriller is derived from the true incident and shows the cruel and rebellious side of Delhi. nokj_11


2. Rang De Basanti – In this epic cinema directed by Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra takes us on the campus of Delhi University and then throw us on the road of activism which is quite prevalent around the monuments like Jantar Mantar and India Gate. The depiction of the Delhi youth is aptly mad and inspiring at the same time. It beautifully depicts the relevance of Bhagat Singh without getting over patriotic or delusional.rdb-8

3. Dilli 6 – Again a Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Film. There is a saying – “You can take a man out of his city, but you cannot take the city of a man.” Mehra’s Delhi 6 is clearly exemplifying this fact. Though it focuses majorly a particular area of Delhi called Delhi 6, it still brings out the madness and the uniqueness of this metro city. Don’t we all love and sing this song in past – “Yeh Dilli Mere Yaar, Bas Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar”. vfx2

4. Delhi Belly- A gangster, Some Diamonds, A box of shit and madness of Delhi Nights. This madcap screenplay of Akshat Verma took a long time to get picked by producers but it definitely a satirical take on Delhi’s culture. Coming closer to the “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron” ‘s humor level, Delhi Belly may not be the most realistic picture of Delhi but somewhat is definitely relatable.  1336279623

5. Khosla Ka Ghosla- This fabulous National Award winning satire written by Jaideep Sahni is no less than a masterpiece. It marvelously explores the aspirations of a middle-class family living in New Delhi and how this capital is captured by land mafias. From a great ensemble to the depiction of the city, Dibaker Banerjee nailed it in this movie. maxresdefault-1

6. Do Doni Chaar – Do you remember Duggal Sir’s scooter going around on the roads of the city of Delhi? Well if you have watched this one of the best-written films by Habib Faisal you can’t forget Duggal Family, their colony and their aspiration to get a 4 wheeler. Again the middle-class picturization of the city is perfect and entertaining in this super entertaining flick which was a comeback of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh on the cinema screen after a gap of decades.do_dooni_chaar_660_061613050437

7. Rockstar – Though this love story of a Rockstar travels many parts of the world, there is a huge part shot in Delhi and it beautifully captures the spots where lovebirds try to spend their time in this bustling city. Don’t you start singing “Ting Ling Ling” from “Katiya Karoon”.


8. Band Baja Baarat – You can’t finish talking about Delhi If are not talking about the Big Fat Wedding Functions of the city. Lights, Music, Dance, Booze and madness writer Habib Faizal picks everything of Delhi Weddings and put it in a narrative of Bittu and Shruti. From Janakpuri to Chhatarpur Gardens this film covers it all.


9. Aisha – Where most of the films cover the lower class and middle class of the capital, Aisha is a beautiful take on relationships of the upper-class society of Delhi. Aisha and her bunch of friends is a clear depiction of what city’s rich youngsters are usually up to and yes also the class theme weddings plus shopping!!!!poster7

10 . Oye Lucky Lucky Oye – Another gem by Dibaker Banerjee which captures the twisted side of Delhi through the eyes of a thief. You will not only get on the roads of Delhi but also inside the houses of Delhi along with Lucky.683

Have we missed anything? Please let us know in the comments!


Biographies That Should Have Been Made In Bollywood

Biographies That Should Have Been Made In Bollywood


We all know that our Film Industry is struggling with the lack of original ideas and concepts. Even India’s official entry for the Academy Awards – Oscars for this year – Newton is facing charges of plagiarism as it has a lot of similarities with Iranian Film – The secret Ballot. In the industry where writers are at the lowest of the food chain of filmmaking, it is very difficult to find original stories but India is a country of more than a billion and if we just try to pick real stories like – “Neerja” and “Dangal” there will be enough original content to conquer the invasion of International Entertainment.

So let’s find out what we can do –

1. APJ ABDUL KALAM- The story of a Newspaper boy from Rameshwaram to the President of India is definitely is a story that needs to be told. A man, his determination, his passion and his simplicity is something that inspired and transcends to every Indian and even to the people outside India. This is one story we would love to see coming alive on the screen.  former-president-apj-abdul-kalam-5-pti21

2. SATYENDRA NATH BOSE – was an Indian physicist from Bengal specializing in theoretical physics. He is best known for his work on quantum mechanics in the early 1920s, providing the foundation for Bose-Einstein statistics and the theory of the Bose-Einstein condensate. A Fellow of the Royal Society, he was awarded India’s second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan in 1954 by the Government of India.The class of particles that obey Bose-Einstein statistics, bosons, was named after Bose by Paul Dirac. Can we expect “A beautiful mind” sort of science drama here?physics-t-shirt_feature-image-635x800

3. MAJOR DHYANCHAND – Though Shetty Sisters (Aarti & Pooja ) have acquired the rights of making the movie on this sports legend of India Major Dhyan Chand long time ago, the development of the film seems dicey and looks like it’s still a dream to see some one playing this great sports person on screen. We all know that National Sports Day is celebrated on the birthday of this forgotten hero of our country who face to face clash with Adolf Hitler was one of the most dramatic incidents of his story. We all are waiting for this story to be told soon. 600999-dhyanchand700

4. RAVI SHANKAR- World Class Musician. The face of Indian Classical Music. 2 Marriages, Failed Relationships. Father of famous world-class musicians and their rivalry. From Grammy to Bharat Ratna, Pandit Ravi Shankar’s life story is definitely a story of a true artist. But can we get the rights from his daughters?The late sitarist, composer and musical ambassador Ravi Shankar, who died Tuesday at age 92.

5. ISMAT CHUGTAI- Ismat Chugtai popularly known as Ismat Aapa was a fierce Urdu writer who was not afraid to talk about female sexuality at the repressed times. Surrounded by the controversies of her writings, Ismat Aapa was never apologetic about her work. We all know the famous case of “Lihaaf” and the proceedings of it. This liberal Muslim woman was a voice that definitely needs to tell again on the screen. ismat-large

6. GURU DUTT- We all say that screen is inspired by the real life, but in case of Guru Dutt, his life imitates his own film “Kagaz Ke Phool” and “Pyaasa”. The legendary filmmaker had a successful career but failed love life and he finally ends up his own life. What leads to that? Why he also said -“Yeh Duniya Agar Mil bhi Jaye toh kya hai?” Aren’t we all still curious about him?gurudutt

  1. 7. SANJIV KUMAR – Very fewer people know this fact that this brilliant actor was in love with Hema Malini and even proposed her but after a period of time Hema has chosen Dharmendra over him and he lived rest of his life unmarried. Though he played a lot of old aged characters on screen he himself died young. This one-sided love story of a great actor is definitely something to look for. sanjeev-kapoor

8. CHAVI RAJAWAT – You may not be heard of her but her story is no less. After doing MBA Chavi left her job and came back to her roots, her village Soda in Rajasthan and fought the election to become the youngest sarpanch ever without getting affiliated to any political party.  The development work that she has done on the grass root level is really inspirational. Can we see this as a “Swades 2” but this time with a female lead? 


9. RANI KARNAVATI – Again a story very few people know. This brave queen of Gharwal region fiercely protects her kingdom from the invasion of Mughals. It was pretty famous that she used to cut the nose of anyone who used to intrude. Her folklore is pretty famous in Uttrakhand. Sanjay Leela Bhansali / Kangana Ranaut – Are you guys thinking for a collaboration? This might be the best. nak-kati-rani

10. KISHORE KUMAR – A singer, A comedian, an accidental Actor, a flamboyant personality, romantic and extremely moody, quirky and talented. Kishore Kumar was a true artist but an amazing human being. Her relationships and friendships were always talks of the tinsel town. Last we heard that Anurag Basu wants to make this biopic with Ranbir Kapoor. We just hope that Jagga won’t disturbs this collaboration. kishore-kumar-eccentric

The Scenes That Got Deleted From Final Cut

The Scenes That Got Deleted From Final Cut

You may have watched these films many times but do you know that sometimes due to various reasons the editors and makers of these films have taken out some scenes from the final theatrical release? Well sometimes they are not just required and sometimes just because of the excessive length of the film, editors have to take such harsh decisions. We have handpicked here 8 of such scenes which you would love to watch!

  1. TAMASHA – IMTIAZ ALI – This one scene between Ved and Tara brings out the complexities of their relationship so beautifully that it leaves you speechless for few seconds. Ranbir Kapoor prooves that why even after so many debacles at Box Office, he is the best we have got.


2. DEAR ZINDAGI -GAURI SHINDE – Gauri Shinde who won Best Debutant Director from her first film English Vinglish always writes her own films. In her second venture she picked a story of an utterly complicated character which you may find a bit irritating and unlikable sometimes but in this particular scene which was edited out of the final cut, she says what we all want to say at the certain point of time in our lives. Alia Bhatt nailed it!

3. ENGLISH VINGLISH – GAURI SHINDE – We were just talking about Shinde but we can’t finish talking that without talking about English Vinglish. There were so many moments in this beautiful film and many of them just can’t make its final cut. The journey of Shashi (Sridevi)  is as adorable as these edited scenes.



4. YEH JAWANI HAI DIWANI – AYAN MUKHERJI – Though one may think that Ayan’s better-written work was “Wake Up Sid”, His second venture “Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani” has it’s own moments. One very beautiful moment was edited out of the final cut. Loved the philosphy yet simplicity of this scene.



5. LAGAAN – ASHUTOSH GOWARIKAR – This Oscar Nominated movie was no less than a master class of cinema. Though was a sports cinema but it has theatrics and music at the right place which makes it as Bollywood as anything else. Watch this piece of the scene where the ensemble is singing and practicing for the cricket match.


6. SHOLAY – RAMESH SIPPY – So here comes the most awaited one. We all know everything about this cult classic. There is nothing which is unknown to the Indian Cinema lovers about Sholay. We all knew about the alternative ending of Sholay but have you watched it? Here it is!


7. BAND BAAJA BARAAT – MANISH SHARMA – If we look back to this film, it was a very important film as it gave us the two biggest stars of the present time – Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma. The story of Shruti and Bittu has many relatable yet adorable moments but some of them were taken out from the final cut. Here are they.


8. KAL HO NAA HO – NIKHIL ADVANI – Many would disagree with me, but I think this was the best-written film by Karan Johar. The ensemble and the performances everything was so lovable. We can’t get enough of Kal Ho Naa Ho. So let’s have some more. PS: You will see Zohara Sehgal and Kamini Kaushal also.


9. SWADES- ASHUTOSH GOWARIKAR – There are only two types of people in this world. One who likes “Swades” and one who does not understand Swades. There was a very beautiful song composed by AR Rahmaan – Aahista Aahista which was not in the final cut of the film but I highly recommend you to listen to this before you go to bed. Nostalgia Guaranteed!


Tells us if we have missed anything.




The Cinthol Man

The Cinthol Man

Some men have got charisma so strong that they can make millions of other men jealous. Indian ladies, for decades have been mesmerized by magnetic personality of this hunk and have nagged their lovers and husbands for not using a certain soap endorsed by this magnetic personality…Trust me that was charm of Vinod Khanna, who was not only one of the best looking actors of Hindi Cinema but also was one of the finest actors that we have known.

Physically he might have left us today but his works have already made him an immortal. We pay homage to this great actor today and we will talk about his 3 roles that will make us remember him till end of times…

Amar (Amar Akbar Anthony)

Inspector Amar from Amar Akbar Anthony

Inspector Amar from Amar Akbar Anthony

Amar is one of the characters that comes to your mind first when you think of Vinod Khanna. A cop with heart of Gold, who fights the goons, and has soft corner for a con woman forced to live a life of crime. He makes an effort not only to save her but also brings her out from the life of misery.

My Aunt had once said that…When he sang…’Tere sang jeevan ki dor bandhi hai’ in the mellow voice of Mukesh in the song ‘Humko tumse ho gaya hai pyar’, he literally made girls of that era fall in love and day dream about him.

Shyam (Mere Apne)

Gulzar's Shyam

Gulzar’s Shyam

Gulzar Saheb is known for recognizing talent, he has cast best of actors in the roles with which they proved their mettle. He did a small cameo ffor him in Parichay but Shyam is one of those characters of Gulzar that was made immortal by amazing performance of Vinod Khanna. In my humble opinion, this was his life’s best act. His persona matched to the well written character which fitted him like hand in a glove. Shyam has anguish, anger and pain, emotions that you take home after you have finished watching this film. Hats off to Vinod ji for this.

Amar  (Qurbani)

Powerpacked Performer

Powerpacked Performer

He played Cop Amar in ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ and an exact opposite Amar in this one, in one of the most powerpacked action laden film yet romantic acts of his time, Qurbani will be recalled as one of his Bilingual films, made both in Hindi and English, in this movie he shared space with Zeenat and Feroz but again he made girls drool over him inspite of other two sharing his space on screen. His dialogues from Qurbani have been acted and copied by almost every stand up mime, and is indeed his most memorable action roles.

Our Heartfelt condolence to his family, he was indeed a great actor and an amazing father.

Our Heartfelt condolence to his family, he was indeed a great actor and an amazing father. We will miss you.



Its everything from ‘Mirzya’ to ‘Magadheera’

Its everything from ‘Mirzya’ to ‘Magadheera’

Raabta is the upcoming movie which features Sushant Singh Rajput , Kriti Sanon and Jim Sarbh (Who has won majority of last year debutante awards for ‘Neerja’). The trailer of this movie dropped in a couple of days back and did leave me speechless. I was quite confused…and the reason was ‘EVERYTHING WAS CONNECTED’…

Trailer starts with like a regular cheesy boy meets modern girl masala flick and I was about to skip it then all of a sudden I started getting visuals from ‘Game of thrones’ with glimpses of ‘Mirzya’.Suddenly I felt that I had reached some kind of a fan made trailer who had very well mixed up various movies.

Mirzya Again….

First thing that came to my mind were the Mirzya hairstyles (Which are very smart BTW) and the costumes are so much like Mirzya.The trailer and its action choreography so much resembled Mirzya’s trailer that I was quite stunned for a moment, Not to blame but Mirzya was a stunning looking film apart from being a boring one…

Mirzya to Magadheera

Mirzya to Magadheera


Well for those who have not watched Magadheera, it is an extravagant Tamil movie revolving showcasing a reincarnation story  which also has a lovestory as a central plot. Raabta seems to a love story cum reincarnation story just like Magadheera. Lovestory in the center stage of-course is because  lovestory is what Indian audience cannot live without, it has to be there… ‘Janam Janam ka Pyaar’ after all…!

Here is the trailer of Magadheera ( 😀 Please do not laugh, this was a superhit movie in South India, The Hindi dub is atrocious )

Whats good about the trailer


This is one thing I like about this trailer, the unforgettable love balled ‘Raabta’ from the forgettable action flick ‘Agent Vinod’ has lent this movie its theme song and also the movie’s name. ‘Raabta’ is an urdu word which means ‘Connection’, the word which probably is trying to tell that this is a story that was connected through births.

Jim Sarbh

Jim Sarbh looks astonishing in the trailer and looks so convincing in the trailer that probably he is the only element in the trailer that might convince me to go and watch the movie Raabta. He is intense and takes over Sushant in terms of act that he puts forward. He is indeed a talent to watch out for.

Meri Pyaar Bindu (Chapter 2) – Trailer Review

Meri Pyaar Bindu (Chapter 2) – Trailer Review

So…yesterday Yashraj released Chapter 1 of the trailer of ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’, Yashraj’s next movie that is to release on 12th of May 2017. While the first chapter was ‘Cheesy’ feelgood trailer, this one is a bit different…

Second Chapter of this trailer is called ‘Gabbar aur Samba’

No points for guessing WHO IS ‘THE’ GABBER, This trailer is a Parineeti Chopra show. Nostalgia which is the central emotion of this movie, as the director Akshay Roy has quoted yesterday, this part of the trailer focuses around ‘Nostalgia’ of the college days…the track in Back Ground is ‘Duniya mein logon ko dhokha kabhi ho jaata hai’

Continuing from last trailer, Bindu aka Gabbar is a Brat now. She knows how to get things done. She is seen bossing around the love-struck Abhimanyu aka Samba in this trailer and sets up the mood of the next trailer, and also gives a hint that while Abhi is in love Bindu has completely friend-zoned Abhi…Now what is an answer we will get in Trailer 2.

‘Gabbar aur Sambha’, is in a few ways better than the last one. Its smart, funny and sassy… Parineeti makes this one a joy ride. Not to say that this trailer will remind you of Parineeti’s previous performances…Ladies v/s Ricky Behl and Ishqzaade. Not in a bad way though because Parineeti carries sassy girls character with each.

Third part will drop in tomorrow…Lets talk about it tomorrow…



On the launch of this trailer at Yashraj Studios, today we interacted with Bindu  (Parineeti, Who was looking really hot in yellow) and Abhimanyu (Ayushman, who was sporting a morepankhi dhoti and shimmering gaudy shoes and a Bengali Kurta and was looking really dashing) and director of the movie, Akshay Roy (Probably one of the most soft spoken and down to earth directors that I have met in recent past), More on this later…now we will talk about the innovative promotion of the movie, Meri Pyaari Bindu.

Meri Pyaari Bindu ! What is it all about…

Ayushman says that this movie is story of a writer, Abhimanyu Roy and his nostalgia about his soulmate and only love of his life, Bindu. (Nostalgia just like that of Phantom cigarettes and fatafat candy, Kismi toffee bar and keema samosas)

Akshay adds that this is not a love-story essentially. Its about the emotions between soulmates.

Theatrical trailer of ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’, is broken up into 5 parts, first of which released today. Its one of its kind promotion for a movie. Why?

Its journey of Abhimanyu and Bindu with a span of 35 years as shown in the film, 1983 when he first saw Bindu from ‘Khidki’ of of his ‘Baadi’, in Kolkata, to present times, when Bindu is no where around and he is writing his story…in chapters…!


First part of the trailer is called ‘Samosa and Chutney’…and in the background is the haunting tune from the movie Howrah Bridge, Aiye Meherbaan…


This first part is sweet and cheesy, which has a trademark Yashraj feelgood factor, with a special Maneesh Sharma, tadka added to it… It will remind you of ‘Dum laga ke haisha’. (Probably because the element of old bollywood musical charm attached to both of them)

So far so good…

We have watched all the five chapters of the trailer, We wont give out any spoilers of part 2 which will release tomorrow…we will come back tomorrow with more on Meri Pyaari Bindu and will talk about another Nostalgic Memory about Bindu from Abhimanyu’s memory lane.



A few years back, short films were classified as a passing fad. Either they were made by film making students as their assignments, which were mostly shabby and clumsy, or they were made keeping in mind the festival circuits and were made specially to cater to certain film festivals to garner applause to the film makers who did not have enough money to make an entire film. If given a chance to make a feature film, who would have wanted to make a short film. To keep it concise we can say that the market for short films was ‘Short’ of viewers. With telecom companies launching cheaper data plans and popularity of broadband, these films in last few years have found a market. Short films found viewers and then found people who were keen to make some good short films, that weren’t made for awards or grades in college, but to tell a story for the new chunk of web audience or shall we call them the ‘You tube’ audience in India. Some of these films were bold, some were beautiful and some were moving. Today we are going to talk about a channel on Youtube that has finished two years and ‘Fool’s day’, they released their 18th film, ‘Khujli’ starring Jaggu dada and Neena Gupta. This channel is called Terribly Tiny Talkies…and we today pick our Seven most favorite films out of the ones that premiered on this channel, which has some of the best ‘Slice of Life’ stories to tell.

(Surya Balakrishnan’s ‘Arre Baba’ stars Girish Kulkarni and Gauri Deshpande)

Released on Mother’s day, This a Marathi short film about 5 and half minute in length. How much can you tell in that small a duration. Can you talk about life of two people in 5 minutes. This short and sweet story starts with a father picking up his daughter from school. The man has lost his wife and thus daughter has lost her mother. Can father be maternal, does he have empathy to understand the mood swings of his ailing daughter who is entering her teens. This is the story of a father who chooses to be both a father and a mother to his daughter. Is he able to do so…

This film has subtitles so, even if you do not know Marathi, you will not have an issue understanding it.Watch the movie, Show it your Mom and dad, and thank them for being there for you while you were growing up.


Srinivas Sunderrajan’s ‘Mamta Tonic’ stars Suhita Thatte, Shabnam Vadhera, Kiran Thapar and Atika Chohan.

A mother takes up a life of Hardships from the time she conceives us.  She lives rest of her life to see us thrive, protect us. She does whatever it takes to nurture us and give us a life. This is one story that you have to watch for its sheer brilliance of story telling. This is story of a sales woman who sells a tonic, door to door to support herself. This is one of those films that will leave you in tears. Watch this one as if I say anything else, I would be giving out spoilers which I don,t want to. Be ready to be surprised.


Karan Shetty’s ‘Cuddly’ stars Neena Kulkarni and Shruti Vyas.

However advance the technology gets, however rich you get, there is no place where you can find peace other than in the lap of your mother. You agree, dont you?


Harsh Dedhia’s ‘Dry Day’ strives to blur the thin line that separates two men, across generations.

Story of a father who is now at a distance from his son growing up and away from him in the same house. While the father seeks reasons to come close to his son, the son notices struggle of his estranged father and finds a reason to fill the trench of generation gap and make an effort to become friends with him. Simple sweet story that we all will relate to. Must watch.


Watch The Last Day, by Adhiraj Bose, Starring Namit Das and Tahir Bhasin

How does it feel to say good bye to some one who has lived with you more than your longest relationship. This is story of two friends who have become soulmates. This film has layers of relationships that run under the last conversation of two friends about to part. Their relationship is more pure and serene than love itself, after all this is one relationship that God allows us to choose, and if we make the right choice we become soulmates with our friends. You can call it whatever you want, name it whatever you feel like.


Watch Bunny, by Vasan Bala.

Lovers, A girl and a guy pop sleeping pills around a bonfire. You won’t believe what happens next. This one is a love-story, a thriller and drama, all in one. I cannot disclose anything else or I shall give out spoilers.  So…watch it.


Written and Directed by Sonam Nair and features Jackie Shroff, Neena Gupta, Rani Patwar, Archak Chhabra

What happens when Girdharilal and Roopmati decide to scratch a 25-year-old itch? Secret desires come out, hidden fantasies are revealed, long-lost fire is rekindled, and things can’t help but get a little…kinky.