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“Jiyo muskurao, haso, khush raho kya pata kal ho na ho.”

Nobody’s life is ever perfect, we will always be surrounded by some or the other setbacks in our life. But I guess that’s the thing. Having an expectation of life which ia always cheerful and without any problems is so irrational and illogical. It’s a silent struggle which everyone goes through, but the ones who fight it with smile actually live their lives, others just survive.

“Kal ho na ho” is story of Naina Catherine Kapoor, a young depressed girl. She has lost her father and her family members are always fighting. Burdened with emotional and financial problems she does find her solace in her best friend Rohit, But still she she takes everyday as a burden and baggage, hates to fall in love. Struggle has taken a troll on her and she has completely forgot how to smile. Over the years she has developed a feeling that love always hurts. Isn’t it similar with many of us who feels that their life is pointless and there is no reason to be happy and trust people again? Be it because of our heartbreak and family issues. We just keep probing ourselves – “Why me?”.

The character of Aman portrays someone who has a positive attitude, makes everyone happy, spread joy and most importantly bring back the smile to Naina. While watching the movie you get a feeling that there should be a Aman – an angel in your life too. When everything was falling into its place, there were feelings’ growing for each other too which brings a love triangle between Rohit, Aman and Naina. Kal Ho Naa Ho gives me so many forms of love between the characters that it still affects me deeply –

Letting it go – What I feel is that it’s much more than the ambit of love triangle, it’s about how a guy who loves a girl so much is letting her go to someone else because he know he won’t be there anymore. We heard this lines so many times, but KHNH actually shows it – Letting people go is also the part of your love for them. Such situation gives an apt for life; it never turns out the way we want it, as Aman due to his illness is never going to make it, but still choose to spread joy,

Courage – Rohit shows courage by loving a girl who is enormously in love with someone else. This needs immense amount of courage.

Loving Life – Most crucially Naina who was left again heart broken choose to live happily. This choice may sound easy to all of us but when we are thrown in to such conditions we generally choose to sulk and cry but Naina sheds her share of tears to move on and live life happily that Aman teaches her so beautifully.

Acceptance – Story of Jennifer (Naina’s mother) sets an example of epitome of love; by loving her step daughter to the core of the heart it shows a strong character of a woman and her capability to love beyond her hatred. Forgiveness is another form of love. Accepatance is even bigger tah just forgiving.

In the title song – Kal Ho Naa Ho, Director Nikhil Advani and Writer Karan Johar beautifully shows a sequence where Aman lives the life of Rohit for a day. In Rohit’s vision it may not be a perfect life but When Aman lives it, it’s so much more for him. For Aman who is dying single day of Rohit’s life is so beautiful. We always look at other people and think that they are blessed and so happy and at the same time ignores what is there in your today. There can’t be a more beautiful way of showing this.

The movie’s main plot does spread its message through a love triangle, but what as every individual should learn is that be it student, parents, relationships etc life will always trouble you with problems, there will be both moments of happiness and joys. As the lyrics of the very famous song goes “har gadi badal rahi dhoop zindagi, chauh hain kabhi kabhi hain dhoop zindagi”. Similarly life is like a collection of all seasons it is on us how much rain, summer we want. The touch of dharma productions makes it a larger than life movie the mixture of Gujju and Punjabi, a funny neighbour, pop star grandma adds to the laughs. So any given day you think it is over just remember you have got this day, live it to the fullest because you never know whether you have got tomorrow’s sunshine or not.

Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

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Shivangi Shrivastava