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Ayan Mukerjee’s “Wake up Sid” is one of those inspirational love stories which every college going, graduating student must watch. Well … Ummm.. let me reframe it. Wake up Sid is a movie that every grown up and every child must watch. Basically every one should watch it! The simplicity of the movie is very key reason that it will surely makes its way through your heart. Most of the times we as youngsters fail to understand what we really want? And on the top of it if one have a happy-go-lucky and lazy attitude towards life then it will be correct to state that, you are heading towards a shallow and doomed and a dependent life. That is how Sid (Played by Ranbir Kapoor) is, a carefree rich brat who doesn’t care about his future. Yes as being young we should live our life to the fullest but there is a difference between living to the fullest and living irresponsibly.  But ever wondered what about goals of our life? Wake up Sid tells so much about the way of life in such a silent way.

1. Dare to dream – The character of Aisha is simply dreams personified. She wants to be a writer and hence comes to the city of dreams of Mumbai all alone. Struggles and finds her way towards her dream. Independent and Bold Aisha also discovers unusual love in the city. Aisha’s take on life, independence is much inspiring

2. Leave your comfort zone – Life starts beyond your comfort zone. One of my friend is not happy where he is living yet he do not want to leave that place because he can’t see a comfort outside it. He says that there is no other option but the truth is no other option has those comforts which he is enjoying right now and yet thinks that its a usual life. He is very close to Sid’s character. Watching Sid’s story it very evident that stepping out of your comfort zone is the start of the thing called LIFE! though it may be full of struggles, ups and downs but still thats where you will get your story. As Sid discovers himself when he leaves his parents house. It won’t be easy, it will be a journey full of rocks and stones on your way , you would need to start from the scratch but as they say it’s not important from where you start what important it is that you give your hundred percent in it. When you follow these things you won’t be afraid anymore, nobody will question you.

3. Every one is struggling – We are so much occupied by our won struggles that we ignore the fact that every one is struggling in their lives. May be much more than us. Sid’s friend Laxmi explodes in a scene and tells him that even though she passed the college exams, she fails daily to maintain the diet important for her health, which self absorbed Sid unable to see.

4. Keep alive your childhood – Aisha and Sid’s story has so many layers. Though initially we feels that Aisha is a perfect one and Sid is a spoilt brat, later in the story we realizes that Aisha feels jealous from Sid that even though he is struggling equally in the world now, he still able to maintain the innocence of a kid inside his heart. He enjoys the life more than running towards goals. This one fact is equally important for all of us ambitious people. Struggle is important but it should be fun!

5. Open for possibilities – We always have a set dreams, rules and standards for each and every thing in our life but sometimes we fall for things which we least expect. In the first half Aisha clearly mentions that Sid is a completely wrong profile for her but later she realizes that how she is in love with this pure happy soul. Open your heart!

6. Understand the people who cares –  Sid’s mother who want to be his friend and hence starts learning English though she is still embarrassingly bad at it, she is still the cutest mother. Sid’s father who just loves him so much that for him clicking pictures was just to click Sid. Sid’s friends who stood up for him even when he was rude to them and last but not the least Aisha – Who was a partner, inspiration, helper, soul saver. These people can be extremely irritating at times but their love is always visible if you have a heart to see it. Care for these people. Those are the one’s who will forgive you and take your sides even before you take your side.

The movie is filled with all small elements of life which makes it beautiful to live be it Aisha and Sid’s cute love story, Mumbai ki Baarish in the end, the love of your parents, friends and the unsung songs. If you are a Mumbai fan like me you will fall again in love with the city, it has showed the city in its most natural look.

So pick up yourself, find your passion, and enjoy your life with that special person. Wake up kid!!

Shivangi Shrivastava

Shivangi Shrivastava

Bhopali studying in Bangalore. Crazy at heart! Guest Blogger at Scriptors.
Shivangi Shrivastava