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Arjunt – “Zaroori nahi hai har kahaani ka ending happy hi ho.”
Rahul – “Inhi kahaaniyo mein kahi, hum apni khushiyan dhundte hai.”

What better reason to catch a Friday release every week, than this and for a movie like “Kapoor and Sons”, it got to be more than once. It might be too early to add this film in my favourite list but I think that do not need to think more for it.
For it is mostly a trip down memory lane of remembering sibling rivalry, that remains the same even after years pass by and as a person, who left home long back, a chance to revisit your home, in your memory.
Quintessentially a family film, it has each one of us imbibed in it.

Each character, portrayed by veterans like Rishi Kapoor as Dadu, Rajat Kapoor as Harsh Kapoor, Ratna Pathak as Sunita, and new comers Siddharth, Fawad and Alia, as Arjun, Rahul, and Tia, deliver a performance as believable as real. Fighting their own battle, the film teaches us to be kind and accepting as everyone we meet is fighting a harder battle be it in a family.

From the mother, who deals with her own broken marriage, to her expectations, being broken from her perfect son, to prioritizing one son over the other.
To a perfect son Rahul, played by Fawad, who is a responsible, reliable lad, hiding his orientation to his family.
Arjun, played by Siddharth, dealing with his own insecurity and trying to compete for his parents love and appreciation.
Tia, the chirpy girl, played by Alia Bhatt, who hides her pain of losing her parents at an young age.

And Rajat Kapoor, in the role of dad, juggling between his family’s expectations , and dealing with his financial crisis,
The star of the film definitely is , Rishi Kapoor , as Dadu, under his heavy prosthesis, celebrating life at the fullest, and giving us all reasons to cheer in life.

The film is a tell tale of people we know, people we are and people we see around us.¬†Those who still don’t intend to watch the movie, should at least take back the carry home message. Reserve, some time to call your parents and grandparents. They deserve more than that stop complaining about your parents love. We are each born unique. Never miss an opportunity to hug a loved one. Do not hold grudge. Forgive and express more often. We never know what life has in store next because when it comes to family and friends, love like there is no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again.

Lastly, this movie can’t be missed by die hard fans of Fawad Khan, like me, who quoting a friend, of mine…” could, write poetry,¬† through his eyes”…

Enough now. Go. Watch the movie. (Weeps)

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