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I can relate so much to #Piku, as much as I can understand the difference between Bhaskor and Bhaskar and Kabita and Kavita. Now my auto correction corrects it to the former, so much imbibed is Bengaliness in a Bong. So, much so that, you can take everything from a bong, keeping him anywhere in the globe, but not take away his “bongness”.

As a bong I can say that Piku is a perfect portrayal of present day bongs (though bongs are still the same from ages). Bongs are born foodie and hence gastric problems are quite prevalent. Bongs parents can be as straight forward and open minded that they can randomly quote to a stranger about virginity. Intellectual discussions are the favourite time pass of any bong. Lat but not the least Bong society are quite women centric, gives liberty to female sex.

Deviation from the point, Piku is all about Piku and Deepika already received laurels for that.
Its about that regular girl, who works whole heartedly, takes responsibility gracefully, and scolds vehemently like a mom to his septuagenerian Dad, who is perennially constipated, a character perfected by someone, who needs no introduction.
The movie revolves around the journey of life of a single, 30 year old,successful architect jumping between her needs, and her responsibilities, between tying her hair in a loose bun with a clutch, while it falls apart as she addresses a board meeting, with in between receives messages from her Dad to the receptionist..” 2 days of semi solid motion……”

As Bengali s ‘hum jol khayega’ so is the Bengali life and culture brought alive by other wonderful characters, like Moushumi Chatterjee, who is the perfect mashi to Piku, for whom Bhaskar Banerjee have enough reasons to dislike. Other characters like Piku’s Kaku and Kakimaa.

The film would have made half an impact if it didn’t involve the two male protagonist, Irfaan Khan as Chaudhry. The owner of the taxi service, that fulfils Piku’s dad last desire to visit his native land, Kolkata to Champa kunj, where he teaches him how to live life and get relieved of his constipation.

And Syed, played by our Bengals pride Jishu Sengupta, the boss cum friend turned partner to Piku.
Although, the central theme to the movie, turns around the concept of “Motion se hi Emotion”, it churns out every bit of emotion in the audience. It’s more a metaphor to me. It indirectly talks about holding on and letting it go. The movie is a delight to watch, is a feel good movie, till the scene, where Bhaskor Banerjee leaves us, after finally passing a successful motion.

Surely it wets some tissues, when Piku talks of her late dad.
But the humour is back with a bang,when the family physician, advices Piku that her father had doubt that her trusted friend Suel had constipation.
I hope everyone excluding Bengali s have not missed watch the movie in theatre, because, ‘ We are konjush…miser people’
No offense, Do watch the movie. As I did, the nth number of time.

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