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A story that defines love beyond nationalities, religion or any boundaries. Love is sacrifice – This was shown in the most sensitive way and as a sole motive to show how much one person can love the other one. #VeerZaara – Directed by Yash Chopra and leads played by #ShahrukhKhan( squadron leader Veer Pratap Singh)  and #PreityZinta (Zara Hayat Khan). The young Pakistani lawyer Samya Siddiqui played by Rani Mukherjee. Guest appearance was by Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini who played Veer’s foster parents.

An Indian air force rescue officer, squadron leader Veer  falls in love with a Lahore based Pakistani girl who belongs to a very reputed political family. Unfortunate circumstances lead one after another separating Veer from Zara for 22 years. The reunion was made possible by young humanitarian ethical lawyer from Pakistan- Samya Siddhiqui.
The love has been shown in different versions here-

Selfless Love- without any lust factor,no physical intimacy, beyond boundaries & religious barriers – The love between Veer and Zara who sacrificed 22 years for each other’s dreams. Veer left his air force job just to meet Zara at Pakistan.He came to take her away with him to India but realized that it was too selfish of them to just think about themselves and convinced zara to go and marry as per her parents’s wish to Manoj bajpai.The scene where zara cant part away from veer and keeps running back to him still brings tears to my eyes. Veer end up signing for a fake identity as a spy from India and get jailed  just to protect Zara and her family from any defamation. Whereas Zara shifted to India for ever to full fill the dream of Veer’s dad to run a school for girls.

The simplicity of Veer-Zaara is something that touches me deep down. The way without talking in circles he confesses his love and tells her at the station that –“Sarhad par ek aisa shaksh hai jo aapke liye aapni jaan bhi de sakta hai”..the honesty that shahrukh gets with little teary eyes is one of the finest scene of the film. The adaab that Zara does just before boarding the train as if she wishes to meet again.

Love between mother and the son– The scene between Veer and Zaraa’s mother is the highlight of the whole story.

-“kya tere des ka har beta tere jaisa hai?” and he says “nahi! magar mere des ki har maa apake jaisi hai”. Shows the universal language of mother’s love.  And zara’s mom herself realizes that zara wont get a better guy than veer but due to family situation the reunion is not possible and so before he leaves back to India she meets him and says- “mera mazab mujhe ijazat to nahin deta magar main dua karungee ke aagle har janam main Zara sirf teri ho”.

Love for the mother land– Zara’s bebe/nanny has a last wish that her ashes should be drowned at India as that’s her origin from where she belonged to.

Love of a friend- Shabbo played by Divya Dutta takes huge risk and calls Veer –“aap zara se kitni mohabbat karte ho?” And that one question made Veer prove his love for Zara.A film where it shows that the enmity between two countries might be among certain group of people but still there are many who have respect for each other’s mother land .Where people, whether they are Indians or Pakistanis can have same value system and love each other with same intensity and just be kind fellow humans.

Love for one’s profession and ethics– well played by Rani Mukherjee where despite of her first case against very well known lawyer played by anupam khar she believes in her morals principles and follows her heart.
Amitabh and hema malini played a small but impressive part .
The climax where Rani finds Zara and Shabbo in India in the same house where Veer used to stay with his parents, now converted into a school and open for all and Zara and veer seeing each other after 22 years and going back to india from Pakistan-the land where they got separated and veer despite of what he suffered still takes last blessing from land of Pakistan and heads towards India border. Each scene is very beautifully shot depicting emotions very aptly.
The movie leaves its hangover effect for a long time and like rani even we feel like asking to our selves-“ yeh insaan ke roop main khuda hai ya khuda ke roop main insaan”
The songs were awesome and specially the last poem-
“Main Qaidi number 786 jail ki salakhon se bahar dekh ta hoon.
Din, mahinein, saloon ko, yug mein badal te dekh ta hoon.
is miti se mere bauji ki kheton ki khushbu ati hai
yeh dhoop meri matti ki thandi chaas yaad dilati hai
yeh barish mere sawaan ke jhoolon ko sang sang lati hai
yeh saardi meri lodi ki aag sikh ke jati hai

woh kehta hai yeh tera desh nahi
phir kyun mere des jaisa lagta hai
woh kheta hai mein us jaisa nahi
phir kyun mujh jaisa woh lagta hai

mein kedi number 786 jail ki salakhon se bahar dekh ta hoon
sapno ke gawn se utri
ek nani pari ko dekh ta hoon
kehti hai khud ko Saamiya aur mujh ko Veer bulati hai
hai bilkul begani paar apno si zid woh karti hai
uski sachi baaton se phir jeene ko maan karta hai
uske kaasmon vado se kuch karne ko maan karta hai

Mein kedi number 786 jail ki salakhon se bahar dekh ta hoon
mere gawn ke raango mein lipti ek nayi Zaara ko dekhta hoon
Mere khwabon ko pura karte
khud ke khwab bhool chuki hai woh
mere logo ki sewa karte
apne logo ko chor chuki hai woh
uska daaman aab khushion se bharne ko jee karta hai
uske leya ek aur zindagi jeene ko jee karta hai

Woh khete hai ke mein, mera desh uska nahi
phir kyun mere ghar woh rehti hai
woh kehte hai ke mein us jaisa nahi
phir kyun mujh jaisi woh lagti hai

mein kedi number 786 jail ki salakhon se bahar dekh ta hoon
Woh khete hai ko woh koi nahi teri
phir kyun mere liye dunya se woh larti hai
woh khwta hai ke mein us jaisa nahi
phir kyun mujh jaisi woh lagti hai”

Veer- Zaara will remain my favourite forever!

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