So the year started with underwhelming “Padmavati” with no “I” in the end. But What exactly worked for me was “The End”. Not that I am saying that film was so bad that I was waiting for the end, I want to express that I really liked the “Never Ending” stairs and magnificent trademark walk of Bhansali’s actress on a grand background score. PS: I am not being Sarcastic here. I really liked it. Though watching it again on Amazon Prime make me pause the video and give me a chance to count the stairs which disturbs the geography and maths at the same time. Also, that made me realize that “Jauhar Kund” use to be like a well (In Hindi -Kuan) in which the ladies used to jump after getting it on fire, but Jumping is so “Ugly” so let’s make them walk. Right?


Okay! so I digressed a bit. Coming back to the second super hit of the year – “Sonu Ki Tittu Ki Sweety” which happens to open with some really “Big Numbers” (PS: These numbers thing is another topic I would love to digress even more but let’s save that for some other time). Everyone including some big critics who happens to dislike the film cannot deny the fact that the film was quite funny. Though to me it was close to Sasu Bahu Drama which I watch on Indian Television every day, just the variation was that instead of Saas and Bahu, they (Luv Ranjan & Rahul Mody) replaced it with Lover and Male Lover…  ummm Sorry, Girlfriend and Boyfriend…. Uh ho! Sorry again… Girlfriend and Best Friend! Yeah now this is right according to the story! Though this deviated yet entertaining “Saas Bahu” Drama hits the chord precisely and audience proved that they like watching movies only for the entertainment.

if the charity would be a criterion, no criminal will be punished.

But still, quite a substantial part of Film Critic world claimed that SKTKS is extremely misogynist and sexist. It portrays females in a very dark light just like almost all of the Ranjan’s films (Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1 and 2). But I logically disagree. PKP Series really had some vicious and manipulative female characters but Sweety played by Nushrat Bharucha was not even close to those characters. Weirdly by the end of the film, my sympathies titled towards her.  Reasons? Well, let’s think about it. (PS: There can be certain spoiler ahead)


What exactly Sweety has done wrong? – In my opinion, Nothing. She loved Tittu and when she has found out that Sonu is an over controlling friend, she just confronted Sonu. Mostly she was just reacting to “actions” done by Sonu (Played by Kartik Aaryan) and that also in a minimalistic pattern. She believes in Vegetarianism and she believes that one should have a certain lifestyle. And yes! She tries to prove that her way is the right way. But then who doesn’t do that?  She has pre-marital sex with Tittu or you can say she lure him to have sex with her but then again. That doesn’t make her character evil at all. She hasn’t “Raped” him!

Whereas if you compare her from Sonu and other men of the movie, she will come across as someone who is actually doing right. To me, Sonu was a jealous friend who had a pre-conceived notion about Sweety and hence he tries every trick in the book to break Tittu and Sweaty apart. From bringing her past to luring the ex-GF of Tittu, Sonu literally turns into a layered character who was so much in love with Tittu that he lost his objectivity of why at the first place he is doing all this?

“Arrey koi itna bhi achcha ho sakta hai kya?” Sonu said this at one point and hence writers make it very clear that Sweety is actually sweet and Sonu is paranoid. Even the other men of the story. They lie to their partners. They manipulate them and even swear on to save each other’s asses. They bitch and gossip around. Even tries to make evil plans just like some vamp of the Indian Television. Some may think that the character of First Girlfriend was shown as a “Gold Digger” but wait! What happened in the last, Ranjan beautifully redeem that character through Sweety only.


I think, over here the writers Luv Ranjan and Rahul Mody was pretty clear what he was trying to do. I think they started to revive their image when they started writing by showing this vicious side of males but then obviously the success of PKP2 and the cult status of PKP overpowers this thought and they tried to make their female protagonist Sweety a Humanised Version of Devil. But I think this is the only place they failed. They made her SAY that -“I am Devil” again and again but there was no action to justify that. In the end, when she tells the truth to Tittu regarding the ex-GF sudden appearance more than the devil, she becomes “Madhuri Dixit” of Beta to me. Even when Tittu asks Sonu in the very climax- “When did you get to know that She is a devil”, Sonu replies – “She herself said that!” I mean seriously. Man! She might be joking. You need to have some action to support her verbal claim but sorry I was not able to see that claim. I even felt sad for her because she somehow chose a wrong gullible man who has no thought process of his own.

Even after saying all this, SKTKS was a superb entertainer and I have no doubts regarding that. But unlike previous Ranjan’s work, this one was not Misogynist but yes sexist in a bit different way. It tarnishes the image of men and shows that they are hypocrites who claim that “Females usually play mind games and manipulates” whereas they themselves as no less! Somewhere Kartik Aaryan made this character so palpable and relatable (Especially through “Tera Yaar Hoon Main?” Song ) that we may end up giving our sympathies to him. I might be wrong or may be right, in both cases, Ranjan never claimed that he has taken an oath towards gender balanced cinema. Neither we as audience ever behaved like that.

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